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H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich

( Writer, playwright, winner of the award named after KS Stanislavsky)

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Biography H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich
photo H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich
Born February 10, 1933 in Kazan. Father - Gibelman Mikhail N. (1908 g.rozhd.). Mother Efimov-Tyurkin Claudia Tarasovna (1911 g.rozhd.). Wife - Butrova Tatyana V. (1952 g.rozhd.), Ph.D.. Children: Tatiana (1956. born.), Natalia (1966 g.rozhd.), Dmitry (1973 g.rozhd,), Alex (1985 g.rozhd.)

Pre-war childhood Michael Roschina passed in Sevastopol, in Crimea. It was a happy and memorable. Perhaps that is why he is still so close to my heart takes everything that is happening. Other impressions of childhood were not so rosy: the war, evacuation, train, bombing - all left their mark on the memory of the brutal. When the dispute is being plotted who should be considered a veteran of the war, and who - no, Roshchin strongly proves that even a child, who was then in the womb - a war veteran.

. A long time, . already a mature man, . he wrote one of his best pieces, entitled "Echelon" (1975), . where they will try to recreate their own childhood experiences and talk about women, . with the dignity that bore on their shoulders all the burdens of war.,

. "Damn the war - our finest hour!" - With pain exclaims the author of this play that went round the many scenes of the world
. She put the Moscow Arts Theater and the "Contemporary", in Houston and in Budapest ...

But all this will happen. After the war the family moved to Moscow, where his mother was born. Lived together and fun to Rogozhskoy Gates. School friends, were the most faithful and reliable, preserved for life. When the boy was 16 years old, his father died, leaving his mother with three children. Everything changed abruptly, and after graduation went to work Roshchin milling machine at the factory - he, a senior, must help her mother, whom he loved and adored always. She was a remarkable woman, the soul of this Moscow apartment building, where the constant pleasure to come all - and already well-known and more obscure friends son. By the end of his days fondly remembered her Oleg Efremov, like drop by the flame (the good Taganka number) and for her to sing his new song Vladimir Vysotsky - later also had friends who became a writer Roshchina.

. He is always himself knew that it would be a writer
. I never wanted to become either a pilot or a sailor - which was strange for a boy Sevastopol. He did a very, very early began to seriously read, and read a lot, voraciously, learning a writer. Since childhood, often ill, which is believed to be a writer, too, sometimes forming. Even working at the plant, published in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, "her first story, of course, a timid and helpless, but it brought so much joy and gave some confidence. School on Taganka, . friends, . first love, . Plant, . communication office Minchermeta - all went into a piggy bank of memory, . all will be explained later in the novels and stories - "Memoirs", . "Shura and Prosvirnyak", . "Maritime Trade", . "My teacher Grisha Panin", . "My grandmother and granddaughter", . not to mention brought the greatest fame play "Valentin and Valentina" (1971).,

. In 1953, M. Roschin entered the Gorky Institute of Literature
. At the end of the 1 st year married the darling of the Institute Natalia Lavrent'eva, who was a student at the graduation rate, and they decided to leave Moscow to work in the province. Roshchina transferred to the correspondence department, and they stood litsotrudnikami a small regional newspaper, the Volga city of Stalingrad Kamyshin area where built while textile mill. Much has been written and everything: essays, satirical articles, editorials, replies to letters from readers - perform all routine newspaper work, which certainly has a good journalism school. In addition, being away from the capital, they plunged into the thick of life with all its problems nepridumannymi. Despite the congestion in the newspaper, Michael Roshchin continued to write and for itself, "and already in 1956 in Stalingrad publishing his first book of short stories" In a small town ". In 1957 he returned to Moscow on his course, he had already authored a book and having their shoulders substantial experience as a journalist. In 1958 he graduated from the institute and at the same time, tragically killed in a car accident his wife.

. In the years 1958-1960 Michael Roshchin working editor of the essay and the publication in the journal "Banner", . many travels around the country, . printed, in 1960-1963 years - the legendary editor of the prose at the time of the "New World", . directed by A. Twardowski, from 1965 to 1967 Roshchina manages a department of literature in the wording of an innovative magazine "Tatarstan" ( "Radio and Television"),
. In 1966 he became a member of the Writers' Union.

. First play-comedy "The Seventh feat of Heracles", which immediately after reading it wanted to put the main theater director named Stanislavsky B.Lvov-Anokhin, written as much in 1963, but delivered only 25 years later
. In 1988, the staging of this play on the stage of "Contemporary-2" carried Mikhail Efremov, though it was going to put more Efremov Sr. during his stay in the "Contemporary". What scared strict censors in this comedy on the mythological story? It told about, . as Heracles came to the supposedly prosperous prosperous country Avgiya - Elida, . stinking, . however, . shit never peeled Augean Stables, . the country, . where all the subjugated goddess lies Ata,
. The play does not lose, unfortunately, its actuality, and to this day.

. In the next play, . "The brigade" (1965), . are captured in a small southern town government vigilantes, . kind of "special detachment", . which replaced the police as he wants and deals with human beings: affront, . dictates standards of conduct and, . sly izmyvayas, . kills people in all human,
. Usurpation of power is intoxicating and gives a sense of permissiveness. Of all the forces it to try to confront the young heroes of the play, came to town. But indirectly, the rust and corrode their souls, inclined or other internal bargaining. "The brigade" never saw so far limelight. True, the 2000, both pieces were finally published in two volumes of selected works Roschina, published by "peak".

MM. Roshchin started with pieces of sharp, socially relevant and at the same time permeated with lyricism. This highly taken note, he did not change further. However, the author of a theatrical feel allowed, finally, only the third piece - a tale "Rainbow in the winter". In 1968 it put in Leningrad TYuZe Z. Korogodsky.

Play "Valentin and Valentina" needs no introduction, as, perhaps, and the comedy "Old New Year", which now means are shown on TV every year on January 13. This was the same fine tradition, as shown in the New Year's Eve movie "Enjoy Your Bath" E. Ryazanov. Although "Old New Year" before his set in 1973 in the Moscow Art Theater Oleg Efremov, spent about 7 years.

There was, perhaps, the city in a country where there would be a drama theater and did not come to play "Valentin and Valentina". She was extremely popular, with it, actually, and began the glory playwright Roshchina. Its first set almost simultaneously, in 1971, "Contemporary" (dir. Fokin) and MAT (dir. A. Efremov) and have followed them - G. Tovstonogov, R. Viktyuk and other. As the play was filmed and the film (directed by G. Natanson, 1987).

Generally Roschina put a lot. It's no joke to say: five plays were only on stage "Contemporary, five plays - on the stage MAT. He collaborated with the best directors - O. Efremov, A. Efros, G. Volchek, V. Fokin, R. Viktyuk, V. Pluchek, G. Tovstonogov, Z. Korogodsky. In his plays, beat almost all the prominent actors of the country, many of them brought fame. One has only to call such actors as A. Kalyagin, E. Evstigneev. V. Innocente, K. Raikin, V. Gaft, A. Mironov, A. Papanov, A. Vertinskaya, M. Neelova, T. Lavrov, A. Pokrovsky, O. Volkova, E. Vasilyeva, M. Zudina, as in memory float they created the brightest images. Characters plays Roschina differ astonishing authenticity, genuineness without bytovizma, the ability to love passionately and as passionately hate. They lived and continue to live among us. Often without knowing it, people in real life, talking replicas of the pieces Michael Roshchina. Widely staged in addition to the above and play "Hasten to do good", "Repair", "Husband and wife will remove the room", "PEARL Zina", "Galoshes of Happiness", not to mention the numerous re-enactment and authorized translations. Double Publication is issued compilations of dramatic works Roschina: "Plays" (MA: Art, 1980) and "Hasten to do good" (Moscow: Soviet Writer, 1984). Being a truly theatrical author Michael Roshchin, of course, could not be married to a famous actress - and Lidiya Savchenko, and Ekaterina Vasilieva left a mark on his life.

. However, it turned out that Roshchin-dramatist has eclipsed somewhat Roshchina-writer
. He always continued to write novels and short stories, . and his book "From morning till night" (1968), . "24 days in Paradise" (1971), . "The River" (1978), . "Stories from the Road" (1981), . "Southern branch" (1982), . "Ferris wheel in Kobuleti" (1984), . "Strip" (1987), . "At the dapple-gray horse" (1988), . "Favorites" (1988), . despite considerable at that time runs, . instantaneous variance, . becoming a rare book,
. Most of them are devoted to the young heroes, the formation of the human person, the entry into life, conflicts with the less than ideal reality, and of course love. Roshchin amazingly thin writes about love, continuing Buninskaya tradition in Russian literature. Being himself a man who inspired this amorous and feeling, Roshchin and her prose reveals their own enthusiasm for life, thirst for love and admiration for the woman. But with some understanding of Russian nature and with what gusto the Russian language written by many of his stories! One can think of "Bunin at Yalta," "syndrome Sushkina," Garden "," July "," Raisa ". His prose attracts filmmakers, known adaptation of his stories "fatal mistake" (directed by N. Khubov), "Schur and Prosvirnyak" (directed by N. Dostal).

. In 1978, when M. Roshchin flew for the premiere of his play "The train" in Houston, where she was put G. Volchek, his plane was bad, and instead he found himself at the premiere of the operating table
. Heart surgery on him to make himself famous Dr. DeBakey. It also became part of the experience, which awaits further reflected in the planned and only partially published in the "New World" book about America "open heart."

Despite the emerging ailment, Roshchin - a person active and unsatisfied. Together with A. Kazantsev in 1993, he publishes "The playwright, regularly conducts seminar Young Playwrights' Festival in Lyubimovka". And most importantly - still the main cause of his life - he wrote, without losing the taste for this occupation. In 2000 he finished a new play called "Silver Age", . which became a self-titled 2-second volume of selected works of the writer, . publishing house "Peak", . where 1 is the first volume - "The Garden of continuous bloom - includes stories and diaries of the writer, . so-called "Blocks",
. Tale is left to other publications under the cover of "Favorites" (Moscow: Terra, 1999). And one more significant event: the appearance in the series "Life of Remarkable People" book "Ivan Bunin" (2000), which, as he says Roshchin, he "wrote one year and all my life". Its peculiarity is that it is not just another biography, this book is the writer of the writer, the creativity, the secrets of craft, of infinitely dear to both of them in Russia.

MM. Roshchin awarded behalf KS. Stanislavsky (1999), was awarded the Order of Honor. Is a member of the writers, theatrical figures and journalists.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography H. ROSCHIN Mikhail Mikhailovich  Writer, playwright, winner of the award named after KS Stanislavsky, photo, biography
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