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Alexander Gelman Isaakovich

( USSR State Prize Laureate, an honorary Doctor of Humanities University Peperdayn (California, USA))

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Biography Alexander Gelman Isaakovich
photo Alexander Gelman Isaakovich
Born October 25, 1933 at the station Valeni Tarnovo region of Moldova. Father - Gelman Isaac Davidovich (1904-1981). Mother - Manya Shaevna Gelman (1910 - 1942). Wife - Kaletskaya Tatyana Pavlovna (1937. born.). Children: Marat Gelman A. (1960. born.) Gelman Pavel (1967. born.).

Childhood Alexander Gelman noted the tragic events. From 1941 to 1944 he was with his parents was in the Jewish ghetto in the city of Vinnytsia region Bershad. Of the 11 people in a large family living there were only two - Alexander and his father.

After the war, A. Gelman sooner started his career. Finished proftehshkolu trikotazhnikov in Chernivtsi in Ukraine (1948-1951), worked as an assistant master at the Lviv hosiery factory. Then, after studying at Lviv Military College after Shchorsa (1952-1954) served in the Soviet Army. He was commander of the unit 410 th Coast Defense Regiment, the Black Sea Fleet (1954-1957), then commanded by a separate unit 39-second communications hub Kamchatka Flotilla, Pacific Fleet (1957-1960). Demobilized, Alexander Gelman worked as a milling machine at the Kishinev factory Electrachshgritsark (1960-1963) and also studied at the Kishinev State University. However, to complete his studies he was not able. In 1963 he moved to the Leningrad region, where for three years as a dispatcher 99-second CAM 46-second trust "Glavzapstroya" on the construction of a large refinery in the Leningrad region Kirishi. From 1966 to 1970, AI. Gelman worked as a correspondent Leningrad newspapers "construction worker" and "Change", then seriously engaged in playwriting. In 1970-1976 he was a member of the trade union committee of the Leningrad playwrights.

In 1970, Alexander Gelman, together with Tatiana Kalecki wrote the script, which links to the Lenfilm "the film" Night Shift ". His next script (also co-authored with T. Kalecki) - Xenia, beloved wife of Theodore (Lenfilm, 1974) - received an award at the All-Union Competition. In 1975, the screens released movie "The Prize" (Lenfilm, 1974), put the script playwright. The film had a wide public resonance. For this work, AI. Gelman was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

. A new scenario playwright "Feedback" as if continuing a conversation, . initiated by the "Premium", . - The deep contradictions of the socialist system of production relations, . the high moral value of human life position, . perceiving the interests of business as something deeply personal, . blood,
. In 1976, the Lenfilm was staged self-titled movie, won the recognition of the audience and critics. Sam AI. Gelman was awarded the prize for best screenplay at the XI All-Union Film Festival in Yerevan.

. In future scenarios Alexander Gelman were set telefilm "We, the undersigned (studio Gorky, 1982) and the painting Zinulya" (Mosfilm, 1986), and in 2001 at the RTR premiered the film "Gorbachev
. After the Empire ".

In 1975, AI works. Gelman was opened a very important page. On the basis of his first screenplay "award" the playwright has created the play "The protocol of a meeting", which in the same year set the stage for George Tovstonogov famous Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Gorky. A year later, a play set and Oleg Efremov at the Moscow Art Theater. Since then, over 24 years lasted for creative collaboration with Alexander Gelman theater, . on stage by Oleg Efremov were staged his play: "Minutes of a meeting", . "Feedback", . "We, . undersigned ", . "Alone with all", . "The Bench", . "Zinulya", . and "Mishin Anniversary, . written by Alexander Gelman in collaboration with American playwright Richard Nelson.,

. For many years, AI
. Gelman was a member of the artistic board of the Moscow Art Theater, in this capacity he took part in the drama section of the famous troupe of two theaters - the Gorky Art Theater (headed T.V. Doroninoj) and the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater (headed O.N. Ephraim).

In addition to the Theater, the play the playwright went to dozens of other theaters of the country. Some of them, particularly "Alone with all" and "Bench", have been translated, published and delivered to more than 30 countries. The play "The Bench" in different years was on the stages 6 theaters in France.

. In 1985, the publishing house "Soviet writer" has released a compilation of plays the playwright, some pieces out separate editions published by "Art", published in the journal "Theater" and "Modern Drama"
. The most famous pieces AI. Gelman, since 1980, were included in the curricula of the modern Russian drama.

Second after the dramatic profession AI. Gelman was journalism. Since the beginning of perestroika he became interested in politics. He became one of three co-chairs of the Foundation Board of the newspaper "Moscow news" at a time when the newspaper has played a prominent role in establishing transparency in the country. From 1988 to 1999 he worked in the newspaper as a political columnist, published in its pages their articles and essays.

In 1989, AI. Gelman was elected deputy of the USSR Union of Cinematographers of the USSR. Entered into the first legal parliamentary opposition - the Interregional Deputy Group, headed by aq. Sakharov, and after his death - BN. Yeltsin. He was a member of the Committee on Human Rights, and appeals by citizens.

Participation in the activities of the opposition did not prevent the good relations with ms. Gorbachev, on a personal recommendation in 1990 at the last Party Congress, AI. Gelman was elected a member of the CPSU Central Committee. Sam Alexander Isaakovich was at that time in the United States, where he lectured at the University of California Peperdayn. Upon returning to Moscow he immediately wrote a statement about giving up her post as a member of the CPSU Central Committee and the exit from the party.

In 1992-1993, AI. Gelman took active part in the work of the Constitutional Council, which drafted the text of the current Constitution of Russia.

In recent years, Alexander Isaakovich fascinated by the work in the internet network magazines. The newspaper VESTI.RU until recently, he led a weekly column "Alone with all."

Currently AI. Gelman returned to drama. In 2000 was published his new play "The Pretender" ( "Professional Victory"). The playwright is working memories, some of which - "Childhood and Death" - already printed on the pages of the almanac "Dialogue" and "General newspaper.

In 1991, AI. Gelman was elected an honorary Doctor of Humanities University Peperdayn (USA, California). For many years he was a member of the editorial board of "art cinema", is now part of the editorial board of "playwright". Since 1976, he was a member of the Union of Cinematographers, a member of the Writers' Union, a member of the Union of Theater Workers. During the 8 years was one of the secretaries of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, more than 10 years, leads summer seminar of young playwrights in Shchelykovo in 1998-2000 courses taught at the University of scriptwriters and directors Goskino RF.

. On his free time, Alexander said Isaakovich as follows: "When not writing - reading
. We can say, and vice versa: when not reading - writing. No other hobbies. That's really what appeared in my life online. But here doing the same thing: either write or read. I love walking through the city ... "

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Alexander Gelman Isaakovich, photo, biography
Alexander Gelman Isaakovich, photo, biography Alexander Gelman Isaakovich  USSR State Prize Laureate, an honorary Doctor of Humanities University Peperdayn (California, USA), photo, biography
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