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Nina Arkhipova

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Nina Arkhipova
photo Nina Arkhipova
Born May 1, 1921 in Omsk. Father - Nikolai Arkhipov Matveyevich, served in the cavalry. Mother - Maria Arkhipova. Spouse - Menglet Georgy Pavlovich (1912 - 2001), People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate. Daughters: Golubentseva Natalia (1942. born.), Honored Artist of Russia, more than 30 years working in television, laureate TEFI; Ermakova Elena (1953. born.), English Teacher. Son - Gorbatov Mikhail Borisovich (1953. born.) doctor kardioreanimatolog. Grandchildren: Nikita, Dmitry, Alex, Michael, Catherine. Great-grandchildren: Alexander, Fyodor, Ivan.

As a child, Nina Arkhipova loved to sing, dance, play the piano. Living in Zamoskvorechye, she often visited the theater, but soon began to think seriously about the acting profession. However, when it's time to be determined in life, she decided to become a lawyer. But the idea of theater, Nina still has not left: after school, decided to try his luck once in two directions, by submitting documents to the Faculty of Moscow State University and a studio theater - with Vakhtangov and the Maly Theater, as well as GITIS. Passed the exam and was accepted everywhere. Love of the theater, a thirst for "submit" outweighed. Nina Arkhipova chose the name Shchukin Theatrical School in the Theater named Vakhtangov. Her favorite teacher was strict and well-known Cecilia Lvovna Mansurov, which not only placed it on its feet as an actress, raised and educated, but also managed to convey his pupil reverent attitude toward the theater.

. Another student, Nina Arkhipova entered the "big stage" Theater behalf Vakhtangov: Beata has played the mother in the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" E
. Rostand (1943), Katya in "blue shawl" In. Kataev (1943). But perhaps her favorite performance was a musical F. Hervц╘, Mademoiselle Nitouche "in which she performed in the group" swallows ". The role she liked, and just a few ideas she knew by heart the whole play and secretly longed to play the main heroine Denise - a role performed by the stars - Galina Pashkov and Ludmila Celikovskaya. His Majesty the case in the person of Ruben Nikolayevich Simon played in the fate of the young actress critical. Denise began her first major work on the stage (1946), which brought her great success, love, public, new roles, recognition of the press, but the slightest sign samoupoeniya absolutely rigorous and extremely critical attitude to their work

. From the first steps in the Vakhtangov Theater, . When you just start the creative life of Nina Arkhipova, . in youth, . Denise beauty and charm of "Mademoiselle Nitouche", . its lovely, . living deep inner life and very strongly looking at this harsh and cruel world of Maria Nude from the "Great Emperor" In,
. Soloviev (1946) was born uniqueness of her acting mannerisms - lyricism, gentle humor, home and psychological credibility. At the theater Vakhtangov actress played a major role in the "New Year's Eve" A. Gladkov (1946), a maid in the "straw hat" (1947), Zoe in the "Before" and. Turgenev (1947), as well as roles in "The Curse cafe in. Shkvarkin (1948) and "Last Day" Brothers Tour (1948).

. Life was such that the two theaters were to Nina Nikolaevna family - Theater Vakhtangov, traditions which it has once and for all, and the Theater of Satire, in which she plays a scene from 1951 to present day
. In the artistic heritage of the actress more than 100 roles - in the theater, in film, television. Only in the Theater of Satire played about forty: a very different, but always imbued with kindness, femininity, charm and joie de vivre.

Organic, soft scenic appearance, natural lyricism - these facets of talent NN. Arkhipova obvious and could bring to life a number of uniplanar theatrical heroines. But luck did not leave her, and directors discovered the irony in it, deep drama, and sometimes sharp specificity. The audience remembers the lyrical, dreamy princess April of "Magic Rings Almanzora T. Gabbe (1959) and played behind her Hezionu Heshebay in the play "The House, where broken hearts" B. Shaw (1962) - paradoxical, ironic woman with a tragic sense of the world, with an amazing combination of vulnerability and courage

. According to People's Artist of USSR Mikhail Ulyanov, . "it is so heavily involved conflicting character traits, . that surprised, . in this dear woman could give such an exact, . a merciless vision of the tragic ... "Or another role - Yvette Pottier in the play" Mother Courage and Her Children "B,
. Brecht (1972) - acute, eccentric figure role Solved Vakhtangov fury and brilliance. The role is played with startling candor, courage. And next to that character - a charming, surprisingly charming Erzhi in the play "Awake and Sing" M. Dyarfasha (1970). Sweetheart, . helpless eccentric, . something funny, . somewhat naive, . downtrodden, . she suddenly returned to her from the love of her husband, . faith in it, . from the warm rays of attention blooms in charming woman, . in which the ashes of mistrust and forgotten suddenly lit a fire of joy and happiness of love,
. Role Erzhi played in a duet with Georgy Menglet proved to be surprisingly important in the actor's fate Nina Arkhipova. A lovely song "What ails you, dear Pista, what is the matter?" has for many years to the original card of this great actor pairs.

NN. Arkhipov was the first performer of roles in theater productions of the plays in satire. Mayakovsky. Those, . who were able to watch performances of "Bath" (1953) and "The Bug" (1955) recall a touching and lasting Zoya Byerozkin ( "The Bug") and sweet, . simple, . not space, . Phosphorescent woman ( "Bath") - the role of, . brought the actress widely known not only in the Soviet Union, . and abroad (in 1963, . 70-year anniversary of the birth in,
. Mayakovsky, these performances were shown on the stage Palace de Chaillot and the Theater of Nations in Paris). Staged Valentin Pluchek argues that the solution of these complex images prompted him acting personality Nina Arkhipova.

One of the most interesting roles played NN. Arkhipova, - Valentina in a play "jack Capercaillie" In. Rozov (1980). Modest, "shrunken" woman who had lost faith in justice and at the same time, not crushed. In a small episode of her visit to an old school friend pressed such humanity and at the same time, this inflexibility of this seemingly small, seemingly already tired, and would stand like a woman. Another heroine NN. Arkhipova - Signora Frola in ironic play "It's so" L. Pirandello (1994) - a quiet, soft, quiet is involved by the will of the circumstances of the absurd comedy that finds the strength to survive the scary world of "masks" to save himself after the crushing blows of fate. High drama reaches an actress in the role of Kolomiytseva in the "last" M. Gorky (1987-1988). This role is very dear to her first job with a wonderful actor aq. Papanova put this show as a director. With Papanova actress associates and joint work in the film Gennady shelves "Odinozhdy One" (1975).

Among the roles played NN. Arkhipova on the stage of satire: Clotilde in the play "Mister Dyurua" to "dear friend" Mr.. de Maupassant (1951), Donna Elvira in the play "Don Juan, or the Love of Geometry" M. Frisch (1966), Ella in Tempe-1929 "H. Pogodin (1971), Svekrov in the play "my darlings" A. Smirnov (1985); roles in: "Where's the street where this house" and. Dykhovichnyi and M. Sloboda (1953), "Honeymoon" and. Dykhovichnyi (1954), "Le Baiser de la W. Gerdt M. Lvov (1955), "Lying on his long legs" E. De Filippo (1957), "The sword of Damocles" H. Hikmet (1959), "12 Chairs" and. Ilf and E. Petrova (1960), "Nude with violin" H. Coward (1960), "blind luck" A. Kuznetsova and D. Stein (1960), "The Catcher in the Rye, J.-D. Salinger (1965), "Process of Richard Vaverli" P. Schneider (1966), "Old Maid" and. Stock (1966), "Intervention" L. Slavin (1967), "My house - my fortress" J. Cooper (1969), "The time in captivity" A. Stein (1970), "pill under the tongue" A. Makayonok (1972), "Little comedy big house" G. Gorin and A. Arkanov (1973), "Dear cabinet" E. Chebalina (1977), "Her Excellency" C. Aleshin (1979), "The Concert for theater and orchestra" Nat. Gorin and A. Shirvindt (1982), "Kramnegel" P. Ustinov (1983), "Be quiet sadness, quiet ..." A. Shirvindt (1985) and others

With its bright appearance NN. Arkhipova still a student received many offers to act in films, but the management of the school did not encourage. Her finest hour in the cinema was a picture of Boris Barnet's "Generous Summer" (1951). The Role of Faith peas - a real professional work - brought the actress a great success, trips to festivals, including in the first Soviet delegation at the International Film Festival of India (1952), the new proposals. Later she starred in the films "Telegram" (1972), . "Oh, this Nastya!" (1972), . "Odinozhdy One" (1975), . Fiery Bridge "(1976), . Family Zatsepin (1977), . "Morning walk" (1980), . "Quarantine" (1983), . "Two Hussars" (1984), . "To proceed with the investigation" (1987), . "Extend, . lasted, . enchantment "(1987), . "Ascension" (1988), . "Burnt by the Sun" (1994) and others,

. Nina worked a lot on television and radio
. Among its most famous roles - Gertrude of the television drama "Martin Eden" by Jack London and his wife Jules Maigret in a series of TV movies based on the works of Georges Simenon). With great warmth she says the actors - their partners in this television movie - N.O. Gritsenko and B.M. Tenin. NN. Arkhipova - a frequent visitor and participant in many popular television and radio.

In 1988, NN. Arkhipova awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR. She was awarded the Order of Friendship (1996), medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow".

In 1996, the actress has a new repertoire of interesting role - my grandmother in a police comedy Robert Thomas "Eight Loving Women". Nina, who never was afraid of "age" roles with gusto plays a mischievous, sly heroine, intrigante and mistifikatorshu. In her own words, the magic of theater to it is the great art of reincarnation, the ability to live many lives in different eras, countries in the guise of women of different social strata and age. "The main thing - believes Nina - that the audience smiling and sad with your heroine, understood the reasons for her behavior and left the room serene.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nina Arkhipova, photo, biography
Nina Arkhipova, photo, biography Nina Arkhipova  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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