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Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich

( Musician)

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Biography Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich
photo Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich
. Make car - Mitsubishi PAJERO
. Drink - milk, beer
. Feature Film - "The Three Musketeers" (France - Italy)
. Movie Star - Catherine Deneuve, Alain Delon
. Rock Band - The Beatles
. The song of his own composition - "Soul"
. Guitarist - Jimi Hendrix
. Vocalist - John Lennon
. Place on earth - Moscow
. Writer - F
. Dostoevsky
. Maxim (a phrase, a joke) - the latter (fresh)
. Animals - Vietnamese monkey
. Color - Black and White
. Time of year - summer
. Number - 9
. Sport - football

. LEGEND national rock 'n' roll
STAR Russia pop ...
The musician, who gave his professional debut 25 years, who gave the world more than two hundred magnificent songs ...
Musician, recorded and released, perhaps, the greatest number of albums - 18 studio license, 4 live, 4 together with other performers and dance project, 12 collections. Plates which differed in selling millions of copies.
The man who grew up on the songs and brought up several generations ...
One of the best guitarists of the country, multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, has long become a truly People's Artist ...

Vladimir Kuzmin was born May 31, 1955, Mr.. in Moscow in the family of a naval officer and a teacher of foreign languages. The school - an A student, fond of music since childhood, he studied at the music school for violin, wrote his first song at age 6. Self mastered the guitar while in high school began performing in various amateur groups. While studying in the sixth grade, he organized his first rock band, and two years later sang cover songs "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones" at school parties. At 17 years young Kuzmin sat down for a novel. This lesson he devotes a whole year. The novel is located in the three books. It was half-fantastic action movie about seven days in the life of the then peers Vladimir. Vladimir arranged reading of his creations for friends. Novel he still had not seen the light.

At the end of the school Vladimir entered Moscow Railway Institute, but after the second-year leaves, realizing that his true calling - music. He entered the music school, where learning to play the flute, violin, saxophone. Vladimir is looking for himself in various amateur VIA. In 1977, at the end of the first musical college experience on the professional stage was to take part in the VIA "Hope", where Vladimir took the place of guitarist. Shortly thereafter, Kuzmin was invited to the more popular "Gems", where he worked for almost a year.

. It was there, thanks to Vladimir Presnyakov senior, he finds his own unique guitar style, moving on strings saxophone passages.

. In 1979, together with Alexander Barykina, Vladimir Kuzmin, gathered for the first part of "Carnival", which quickly achieved a phenomenal popularity in Moscow
. Of the "Gems" moved in "Carnival" bass Yevgeny Kazantsev, and drums for the new group got the ex-drummer ARSENAL Basil Izyumchenko, which is soon replaced by Vladimir Boldyrev from Riga ensemble Modo ". By the time Vladimir was about its own musical material, ideas, songs. The repertoire of songs mainly comprised Kuzmina, which largely determined its creative person. One year later, "Carnival" has recorded ten full songs, formed in the future in a very strong magnitoalbom "Superman", which distinguishes the romanticism of "new wave" and the excellent work of musicians. Hit songs are "empty word" and "sudden standstill, and the firm" Melody "in 1981, produces three songs from the album selected minions, which has a circulation rapidly bought up. This was the first record, which was written "Rock Band"! At that time it was a great achievement.

The first tour "Carnival" was a great success. "Carnival" has become a serious school for Kuzmina Executive. Musicians found work in the Philharmonic Tula. But soon, after another change of the composition, the band split. The reason - the divergence of views with music by Alexander Barykin own desire to put their ideas and findings. Barykin later brought an entirely new group under the previous name "Carnival".

. In May 1982, Vladimir Kuzmin, already a famous musician in the country, organized a rock-group "dynamics", which included former members of the original "Carnival" (Sergey Ryzhov - bass, Yuri Chernavskii - keyboards, Yuri China - drums
. Previously, all three played in the VIA "Red Poppies"), and at once - a resounding success. Nestled in Tashkent circus, Dynamic began work - made a tour of the country for several months, the band recorded two albums, quite unexpected as the nature of music performed, and on the kind of texts. In the first concert program "Dynamics" and tape the album was traced and stylistic diversity of music - from blues and rock 'n' roll to reggae and "new wave". Kuzmin shifted into the language of their songs observation of reality, . somewhat naive, . but sufficiently accurate, . peeped and captured from nature scenes and stories, . not without humor describing certain life situations, . incident, . everyday life of adolescents or professional musicians (he called it all "musical feuilleton),
. "Soviet Rock" Kuzmina originally distinguished professionalism, our underground in those years, in general, not peculiar. Their love, and seriously. Clockwork rock n roll "dynamics" have always been very close to the people - in the 80's their "Concert in the Kirov" sounded from every window.

. Autumn of 1982 Chernavskii left the group (the following year he, together with Vladimir Matetskiy recorded at the time of the famous "Banana Island", . musical ideas which have been acquired yet "speaker"), . and Dynamic three recorded sound track of popular musical tale of Yuri Antonov "The Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi" and "The New Adventures of grasshopper Kuzi", . a hit of the year, . song "The roof of your house",
. Vladimir Kuzmin, how great an instrumentalist, invite to its sessions Yuri Antonov - to participate in recording the songs to a few plates, underground band "Center", "Tune". In October 1982 the group has to take its leader, Alexander Kuzmin (keyboards, bass, vocals; after some time it will take a stage name. Telegin).

Antirokovaya policy of the Ministry of Culture, organizational complexity and the impossibility of normal creative work put the first point in the history of the group: the fall of 1983 "Dynamic", as such, ceased to exist. Vladimir Kuzmin finds out: he declares himself the soloist, and "Dynamic" is unnamed accompanying band (hereinafter "speaker" will remain an accompanying band Vladimir Kuzmin). Already in November Kuzmin assembled a new staff, which included his brother, Alexander, Sergei Yeudachenka (keyboards) and Yuri Rogozhin (drums). The Group recorded another album, "Take It With You". Once again, the concerts "Dynamics" consistently held with the full notice, the group gathers Stadiums. Dynamic as the best ensemble in 1983, and all his musicians are top lists. Each year the name Kuzmina falls into the top ranks of the charts, it is called the best guitarist, composer, instrumentalist.
In 1985, Vladimir is involved in recording rock operas Alexander Gradsky "Stadium", "Tune" released his first solo record-mignon "Voice". But the fate of the second "Dynamics" repeats the fate of the first: the autumn of 1985, . began to lose one after another of its members, . it splits, . and Kuzmin - unexpectedly for many became a soloist of the group (Theater song) Alla Pugacheva "Retsital and stage partner of the famous singer,
. This collaboration can be called a turning point in the fate of two artists. At this time, they often appear together on television screens, Kuzmina songs began to sound on the radio, progressive Leningrad television takes a few video clips for the songs of Vladimir. Instead of songs written in rock 'n' Roll style, came to ballads, love lyrics and traditional pop numbers, bringing the commercial success. Kuzmin wrote for Alla Pugacheva great songs, which become rapidly popular hits, perhaps the best of those who have ever performed a singer, and works in one part of her concert show. "Tune" released in 1987, his first solo disc giant Vladimir Kuzmin "My Love". Vladimir Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva in 1987, was recorded by a cycle of songs "He, she and rain, which would produce a firm" Melody "individual concept album. The record never to be released. Part of accumulated musical material, . supplemented by other songs, . Kuzmin had to produce a separate album, . called "Romeo and Juliet", . released on "Melodies" almost simultaneously with the plate "While not come Monday",
. The idea conceived in 1987 cycle only partially been realized in 1997 in the album "Two stars".

In March 1987, Mr.. Kuzmin decided to revive the name "Dynamic". The new group consists of fairly well-known professional musicians: Alexander Stepanenko - sax (ex-"Bravo"), . Valentin Lezov - bass (ex-Arsenal, . "Rock-atelier"), . Alexander Goryachev - guitar (ex-"Gulliver", . Brigada S "), . Alexander ( "Bach") Bahurets - drums and Alexander Telegin - he continues to play keyboards, . and later, . When the band takes bass, . He plays the bass guitar, . keyboards it replaces Igor Len (ex-"Nicolaus Copernicus", . ART-LIVE "),
. Dynamic and again many successful acts, records records. Panel again on top of the world. Musicians know the whole country. This period was the peak of popularity. Kuzmin writes one of his best album "Tears in the fire, magnitoalbom immediately diverges in the country. In 88 year, participates in the recording of vocal suites V. Presniakova (Art) - V. Sautkina "Horoscope" (album was released in 88 пЁп╬п╢я┐ firm "Melody"). For Vladimir this very unfortunate time. Such attention to prevent it, like any talented person, engaged in creative activities, he is looking for peace, new bright impressions, fresh musical ideas. In the early 90-ies, Vladimir, accompanied by a plume of rumors and gossip that goes to the United States (in California). Here, with local musicians in the nightclubs he played traditional rock 'n' roll and blues, improving the skills of ownership guitar, Vladimir outplayed all of Hendrix, Clapton ... Kuzmin, and in America with great results - "Speaker" to "twenty" the best club teams of California. In 1991-92. America Kuzmin recorded two English-language album, which took part in both American musicians, and musicians of his "dynamics".

In late 1992, Vladimir returned to Moscow. In 1993 he recovers Dynamic: almost all of the guys from the old left to live in America. The group came Alexander Stepanenko (soon he will return to the "Bravo", . but to this day continues to cooperate with Kuzmin as a session musician), . Alexander Goryachev (in 1997 he goes to work, first in "Rondo", . and then in the collective Valery Meladze) Sergey Tyazhin (bass), . Andrey Gulyaev (keys), . Andrew Shatunovskii (at `98 goes to the concert band Alla Pugacheva), . its my drums Alexei Maslov,
. In 93 пЁп╬п╢я┐ Alla Pugacheva helps organize tour of the former Soviet Union. And on this tour was even better than before their departure to America. Since then, like this and it went. Scenes, sites, cities, and numerous performances, constant sold out.

Much time had passed since then, changed trains, were born the new songs have been ups and downs, but Kuzmin continued to do what he is close. That is why his work has always found his listeners. Songs Kuzmin learned with the first chord - musician features peculiar way of performance, typical of his style only. All songs are autobiographical, Kuzmina, to the subject he touches gently, carefully and sincerely. A kind of "trade mark" Kuzmina become ballads. Svoi lyrical songs himself Vladimir compares with a lump in my throat with excitement. They worried, worried, make you think. They are like a breath of fresh air, fresh and invigorating. Kuzmin has a wonderful feature to gather around him the best instrumentalists vysokopofessionalnyh country. Many musicians who have played in the "dynamics", have their popular solo projects.
In the mid-90's Bill creates his own studio, which, for work, spends lots of time. He was re-released all their old albums on CD-ROM, produced collections, which includes new, previously unreleased songs, along with the musicians "Dynamics" writes music albums. He released the album "My friend, good luck", then "the attraction of heaven," "Seven Seas", "Wicked Angel". Each year, Kuzmin released one album, makes a video and will present a concert program, which tours extensively. He reached the professionalism, when no longer able to write weak songs, his songs always take the top of the charts of various radio stations. To date, the songs of Vladimir removed more than 20 video clips, of which 12 to 97, the studio "Union" released on video under the name "Wicked Angel". Kuzmin versatile musician, in keeping with the youth music culture, he is experimenting with electronic music, recording dance remixes of their songs.

. Kuzmin continues to work productively - is of use for more than 200 new songs that are waiting to write songs for women's projects, paper projects of another English language album
. So the point in the creative biography of Vladimir Kuzmin set is still rather early. Rock 'n' roll is still alive!

. Discography:

. Numbered studio albums:
. Speaker (double) 1982 CD-MC-MA
. Take the 1983 CD-MC-MA
. Wonder dream 1984 CD-MC-MA
. My love 1985 CD-MC-LP-MA
. While not come Monday * 1986 CD-MC-LP-MA
. Romeo and Juliet ** 1987 CD-MC-LP-MA
. Look at me now 1988 CD-MC-MA
. Tears in the fire 1989 CD-MC-LP-MA
. Dirty Sounds 1991 CD-MC-MA
. Crazy About Rock'n'Roll 1992 CD-MC-MA
. My girlfriend luck 1992 CD-MC-MA
. Attraction of heaven 1994 CD-MC-MA
. Seven Seas 1996 CD-MC
. Sinful Angel 1997 CD-MC
. Our best days of 1999 CD-MC
. Network 2000 CD-MC
. Rocker 2001 CD-MC
. Rocker 2 2002 CD-MC

. total of 18 studio albums

. Concerts (officially released on filmed):
. Concerto in g
. Kirov (double) 1982 CD-MC-MA
Concerto in g. Lytkarino. Festival "Robin Hood" 1994 CD-MC
The "attraction of heaven" (double)
( "Heaven attraction - Live" and "Dynamic. 13 years later ") 1995 CD-MC
Vladimir Kuzmin, and "Dynamic
in Russia, Germany and America.
Recorded at concerts in 1992-1995. 1995 CD-MC

only 4 live albums

Individual projects Vladimir Kuzmin
(published as full albums):
Vladimir Kuzmin, and DJ Grove.
Dance remix. 1996 CD-MC
"Two stars".
Vladimir Kuzmin, and Alla Pugacheva 1997 CD-MC
SEA. "I will not forget you never".
Alexander Stepanenko.
Instrumental version lyrical hits Vladimir Kuzmin. 1997 CD-MC
Vladimir Kuzmin. "Dance all night.
New remixes of old hits. 1998 CD-MC

all 4 albums

Note: in 1998, recorded but not yet released, the album project "Alyosha"
. Collections (officially released):
. Rock 'n' roll is alive! - Volume 1 1996 CD-MC
. Rock 'n' roll is alive! - Volume 2 1996 CD-MC
. Rock 'n' roll is alive! - Volume 3 1996 CD-MC
. Collection of the best lyrical songs - Volume 1 1996 CD-MC
. Collection of the best lyrical songs - Volume 2 1996 CD-MC
. Collection of the best lyrical songs - Volume 3 1996 CD-MC
. The Greatest Hits - Volume 1, 2 (double) 1997 CD-MC
. The Greatest Hits - Volume 3, 4 (twin) 1997 CD-MC
. The Greatest Hits - Volume 5, 6 (double) 1997 CD-MC
. The Best (double) 1998 CD-MC
. Speaker
. A series of "Legends of Russian Rock" 1999 CD-MC
. Vladimir Kuzmin, and "Dynamic
. A series of "Encyclopedia of Russia's rock" 2001 CD-MC
. total of 12 collections
. Concert magnitoalbomy:
. Concerto in g
. Kuibyshev (Samara) 1994
Concerts in the CCM of. Lenin g. Leningrad
records of the Leningrad rock club
(aware of the 6-concert magnitoalbomah) 1984-86
Live in DC "Jubilee", r. Leningrad 1987
Live in DC "Jubilee", r. Leningrad 1990
Concert in BKZ "October", Mr.. St.Petersburg
. program "Femme Fatale" 1996

. Note: Abbreviations - CD - CD, MC - audio cassette,
. LP - Vinyl, MA - magnitoalbom
. Site Ofitsiallny Vladimir Kuzmin

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  • May God grant you health and strength Volodya to you more than once pleased us your fans with new songs, live music, life texts.
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    Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography
    Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography Kuz'min Vladimir Borisovich  Musician, photo, biography
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