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Biography LARSEN Tutta
photo LARSEN Tutta
Leading software 'News Block', 'Dance Chart', 'Sense and Sensibility', '20 most-most '.
. Favorite movie movies Kusturica, Gus Van Sant, fincherovsky 'Fight Club', 'American Beauty', and Caro Zhene:

. Tattooed Tutta not afraid to experiment, unpredictable, natural, dynamic and modern
. Free in communication, it is always in the center of attention of journalists, fans, friends, viewers. Loves to travel, good wine and Kusturica's films.

In the music I have been doing since childhood: studying at music school in the class of classical guitar. When I was engaged in rock climbing and mountaineering - was the soul of the company around the campfire, sang songs Vizbora. Music was first, then music video. Unfortunately, 'Thaivox' no longer exists, but the music does not want to leave. Now I'm looking for people that could begin work on new projects. Already there are some interesting proposals, which will soon begin serious consideration.

She is not afraid to experiment, it is unpredictable and natural. Dynamic and modern, free to communicate, Tutta Larsen, always in the center of attention of journalists, fans, friends and viewers.

In real life name is Tanya. Tatiana Romanenko was born on July 5 in the city of Donetsk. School years, five years at a music school for guitar, then a trip to Moscow and the delivery of the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, in 1996 - the protection of the diploma specialization 'of economic journalism and advertising. "

. In 1994, an intern in the advertising department BIZ-Enterprizes.

. It worked for many young people, all dreamed of making music
. Therefore, when run BIZ-TV, all the bums out, wandered around the office BIZa, are trying as broadcasters. That's what I was in the air.

At BIZ-TV Tani conducted a program of heavy music 'Black Friday' and 'News BIZ-TV'. Alias Tutta Larsen appeared at this time. History young fox red Ludwig Larsen and young chickens Tutti Carlson, heroes of Scandinavian tales, gave birth to a new character.

It was invented, but at the same time, literally condescended to me from heaven. Having once, it remained with me forever, I hope, for life. It became a kind of magic spell - I went on the air under that name, and my teleobraz in the eyes of spectators turned out to be inextricably linked with him.
. In addition to the VIZ-TV Tutta worked on 'Muz-TV', became part of the night air on the radio 'High' in the author's program on alternative music 'Pepper in life'
. At present, continues to lead the night air on the 'Maximum'.

In September 1998, Tutta becomes vj of MTV Russia. She first appeared in an interactive program 'Day Caprice'. Audiences also remember her as a leading sponsor of the program and 'Adrenaline', which tells about the alternative music. In the past, singer of the group and Jazzlobster Thaivox. In addition to the hard work on the air, Tutta wrote songs and performed with concerts. The first and only album of her group came out in 1998 and was called Newbodyforms.

We have successfully worked vj in several programs.

The most famous in the world of music television requires a certain level of. Nice to be part of this whole.

In 1999, Tatiana was invited to the shooting of the youth series 'Simple Truth', which played itself.

There I first realized that shooting a movie - is hard work. Looking at his fellow teenagers from different schools of theater, I came to the conclusion that if we ever get around to act in films, I will need to seriously study.
. In 1999, Tutta took part in the recording superekspressivnoy song 'Heaven' Group I
. F. K., which hit the hit parade MTV '20-ca's most

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  • Teller for LARSEN Tutta
  • In the biography says nothing about the parents. I read an interview in 7 days, it seems the girl's big problem in relationships with men because of the lack of her own father.
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