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Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo

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Biography Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo
photo Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo
Senior Program '12 Angry Viewers'.
. Andrei Grigoriev, Apollo, . known under the alias 'Red', . played in the Broadway musical 'Metro' mad Russian, . work of show programs in the 'theater mode', . and go mad, fans from around the country, . As a full third 'Simons International',
. After that, Andrew was made an offer to become the leading transmission on MTV. The proposal was accepted.

Andrew (all known as 'Red') was born in Sochi, July 26, 1970. Already in childhood, our hero imperfectly, that is simply doomed to get to the scene.

Childhood excellent. A lot of pleasant memories remain. Here I remember once my mother took me to a music school. We came, and I wanted to write a cello class, but when I saw this terrible instrument, I said: No, I would never going to play is. I went to the piano class: I was shining career pianist, but I do not want to hump-backed instrument, constant movement is closer to me, so I danced a lot.

. In school Redhead studied because of its great natural gift of beautifully even speak about what he had a very vague idea
. While the mathematics and English language had hitherto been slow.

Before finalizing the nine classes, Grigoriev, Apollo entered Teacher Training College, which finished a few months he worked a primary school teacher. Since then, by his own admission, he is afraid of children.

Then Ginger worked of show programs in the Theater mode. Absentia entered GITIS to pop department.

In 1989, Andrew has been recruiting a dancing crowd to the clip of 'Lube' 'Do not play the fool, America!', Which was filmed in Sochi. Producer and composer of 'Lube' Igor Matvienko said to myself: 'talented guy, extraordinary'. When he left, the composer left his phone number with the words: 'You'll be in Moscow call'. Andrew took the opportunity only six months, when the session came to pass in GITIS.

. In 1991, Grigoryev, Apollo has applied to participate in the casting for the musical 'Metro' and was among two dozen actors selected for production
. Of these, eventually planned to select two for the main company, preparing for a lengthy tour on Broadway. Andrew was lucky - he was elected. It is in 'Metro' they met with Igor Sorin, which quickly became friends. Roles that were to play in the musical future of the two 'Ivanushka' can not be called outstanding.

We played two mad Russian. On stage, we were allowed to do whatever we want, to play the balalaika and accordion.
. On a long tour in New York, then in Warsaw, and then return to Russia.

. In Sochi, Andrei drawn up for the post of director of the Theater mode
. But he came back not for the money, but driven by the desire to translate their ideas. In 1994, the premiere of his play, which coincided with his birthday, Andrew invited Igor Matvienko. The premiere was a success, but the next day he agreed to the proposal Matvienko move to Moscow and to do the musical project. Project called 'Ivanushki International'.

Began rehearsals, recording songs, make videos. At the end of 1996, the first album the group called 'Of course he'. More than five years of its existence Ivanushki shot 11 clips, released 7 albums, gave defy counting the number of concerts, interviews and a few dozen times more autographs.

. At the end of 2001 the leadership of the channel MTV (Russia) and the producer of the program '12 Angry Viewers' Andrew was made an offer to become the lead of the transfer
. After brief negotiations, the parties agreed with the 26 th January 2002 Andrei Grigoriev, Apollo is a permanent leader of the talk-show. Talk shows - generally the most difficult for TV genre. '12 Angry Viewers', the second year in a row entering the three best talk show host country - even more serious challenge. But Andrew is ready to accept it, but the staff and officials at Russia's MTV believes in his television future.

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Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, photo, biography
Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo, photo, biography Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo  Leading, photo, biography
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