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Komolov Anton

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Biography Komolov Anton
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Senior programs 'Cheerful morning' and 'The corkscrew rule'.

Born in Moscow. By his own reasoning, is a true representative of the color's intelligentsia. He tries to carry the title proudly. The biggest challenge in their work considers the belief that the morning should be cheerful.
. Castaneda's books, Kuprin, Hemingway, Remarque, Bulgakov, Dostoevsky, Zweig, O'Henry, Paulo Coelho
. Movies Absurd Comedy: 'Hot Shots', 'Naked Gun', 'Ace Ventura'
. Of the recent films - "American History X ',' Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'.
Favorite actors Jim Carrey, Edward Norton, Dustin Hoffman, Alexander Kalyagin
Favorite actress Sharon Stone.
Apparel Index - comfort.
In humans involves honesty, professionalism, sense of humor, intelligence
In people do not like lying, obsession, inflated self-esteem
Eating Everything but tasteless.
Favorite fairy tale 'The Kid and Carlson'

Born April 4, 1976 in Moscow. In a typical Soviet child, for any age went to school, where he returned the same day, but was forced to attend the above institution for many years (even in good weather). The last two years, ie 10-11 grades, received education in Physics and Mathematics Lyceum. At the end of the Lyceum entered the Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman, where he managed to establish itself as a versatile student preparation. The training was in team of the University of sopromatu (sopromat - is the resistance of materials, if someone does not know). A team member KVN MSTU. Bauman, who in the 97/98 season triumphantly walked the league of KVN Moscow. Then Anton and could not even imagine that after some three years, will sit on the other side of the scene: in March 2000, he took pride of place among the jury members of the Higher League. Even Anton played in the second team of the University's basketball team. To this day, is a sports lifestyle and continues to play basketball.

In 1999 he was bestowed the title 'engineer' specialty CAD (computer aided design). By his own reasoning, is a true representative of the color's intelligentsia. He tries to carry the title proudly.

From December 1994 to July 95 th worked on the radio 'Maximum' freelance reporter and part-time - the operator of telephone sets. In August, 95 th debuted on radio station "Silver rain 'as a leading information programs. In March 1997, went to 'Radio Classics', which was one of the top morning show 'Pirate Radio'. With the arrival of new boss was informed of its insolvency, in connection with which sadly left the 'Classics' and with joy in his voice and hope in his eyes came to the 'Hit-FM' where he worked as a DJ until April 2001.
. On television, Anton first appeared in 1997, debuting as the lead in the BIZ-TV
. Since the opening of MTV Russia in September 1998, he became the leading programs 'Big Movie' paired with Jana Chourikova and Playstation with Tanya.
. Early on the morning of July 5, 1999 to replace the program 'The Morning Factory', . entirely of clips music videos, . broadcast goes fundamentally new interactive show, . designed to make this morning explosion, . charging viewers cheerfulness and fun for the whole day,
. The program 'Cheerful morning' emerging inimitable duo of Anton and Rustle. For the first time the lead is allowed to live just about anything - they behave quite natural: the rush to the studio, . make fun, . quarrel, . tolerated, . weep each other on shoulder, . dress up in any costumes - from the striped pajamas pajamas to folk tales.,

. In summer 2001, Anton Komolov, joined forces with the rustle became a producer with her new program 'The corkscrew rule'
. Now, in addition to work in a frame on the shoulders of new producers formed and numerous administrative and organizational problems:

In 1999 Anthony was awarded a special prize 'stylish tricks' as the most stylish TV presenter. In 2001, Anton Komolov Shelest included in the top three nominees for the award TEFI in nomination for 'Best Leading entertainment program', along with Maxim Galkin ( 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire') and Yuri Stoyanov and Ilya Oleinikov ( 'Town'). Also in 2001, Anton won media 'Seal of Excellence-2000' as the 'Best TV presenter'.

The hardest part of my work - most believe that the morning should be cheerful!

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Photos of Komolov Anton
Komolov AntonKomolov AntonKomolov AntonKomolov Anton

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Komolov Anton, photo, biography
Komolov Anton, photo, biography Komolov Anton  Leading, photo, biography
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