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Comments for Vasily STRELNIKOV
Biography Vasily STRELNIKOV
photo Vasily STRELNIKOV
Senior program 'Quiet Time', the official voice of the channel MTV Russia.

The official voice of the channel MTV Russia receives his salary for the fact that someone from the audience likes what he does. Appreciates a sense of humor and catch 'Voice of Ecuador'.

In people appreciate sense of humor
No value False, whining, pessimism
He loves all the Internet because it provides an opportunity to communicate with people close to real time. Vasya has its own web page - www.strelnikov.ru. He likes to catch the distant foreign stations, such as radio Saipan, 'Voice of Ecuador'. For this he has a fleet of radio as a cobweb scattered dacha. Likes to watch satellite TV.
My favorite cuisine of China and the U.S.
Favorite writers Richard Bach, Douglas Adams
Films 'The Shining', 'Big Lebowski', 'Possession'

Vasya - workaholic. With regard to personal life, then Basil is a constant friend, though he considers himself a confirmed bachelor, and believes that everything (including family) - his time.

Vasya loves his audience and thank them for their support.

By and large, I get my salary just because, apparently, someone from the audience likes what I do.

Vasya was born May 14, 1962 in the remote city of New York. Attended an ordinary American school in the town of Chevy Chase, Maryland.

As a child I was a sort of rebel, a loner. Childhood dream - to become a DJ on the radio, TV presenter or a rock star.

In 1975 he went to the Soviet Union. After a brief stay in a state of culture shock begins to learn at SHRM (school for young workers)? 127, located in Degtyarnaya Lane in the heart of Moscow, which inmates called SHZM (School of golden youth). For two years there is a real school of life. Since that time, Wasi left many good friends, with whom he occasionally met.

After school, walked to the camera faculty fighting positions, but not entered, and went to work at the Mosfilm fotolaborantom. Since then, the picture remains one of the hobbies.

In 1980, the State Television and Radio Russia decides to create a Soviet analog of the Air Force. And seventeen Vasya immediately after the trial gets a place in the English-speaking announcer Editorial newly formed World Service Radio Moscow (World Service of Radio Moscow). Soon there of its own international pop-music program 'Club radio applications', which subsequently received the name 'Weekend with Basil' (Vasily's Weekend). At this time the Soviet Union are beginning to attend 'stars' of world value, and Vasin task is to 'reach them'. Since the program began to appear an interview with 'stars' foreign music - ABBA, Carlos Santana (Carlos Santana), Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel) and other. Smart Basil made an impression on the meeting with Annie Lennox (Annie Lenox): It is very wise woman!

. Since English for Wasi, in fact, is the native language, he offered to conduct training at Central TV channel education program 'English language' (co-production with BBC)
. Parallel, . within the studios 'FilmEksport' articulate and duplicated in English films such as 'Cruel Romance', . 'Courier', . 'Come and See', . as well as cartoons and 'Mystery of the Third World', . 'Well, . wait! ", . 'Vacation in Buttermilk' (by the way, . where he voiced the famous cat Matroskina), . which, . he said, . tried to convey to the English-speaking audience the subtleties of Russian humor, . Russian intonation, . because the intonation always different!,

. On his account the creation of the first Soviet official radio hit parade - Tass Top 20, which was compiled in a survey of music stores and on the basis of viewers vote
. Hit Parade was published in various newspapers, and his radioversiya issued in Russian and English languages.

In 1990 he was invited to the radio station Ekho Moskvy conduct interactive program "Evening Zoo '. In 1992, Vasya becoming a DJ and program director of 'Radio 7 - Moscow'. One of the most vivid impressions of that period considered a report from the Ostankino during the October coup in 1993. In a live broadcast Vasili left the din of firing, lying on the ground and under cover of bulky cellular telephone of the first generation.
. I thought that this only happens in movies, and waited for this moment before my eyes glide across the whole of life, but flashed just one thought: 'Why do I still miss that girl this morning? "
. Fortunately, Vasya safely got out of this history, and in 1996 went to 'Europe +', where he mostly dubbing movies
. In February 1997, he offered to run the air 'Radio Classics', the program director which he becomes.

The first meeting with MTV Vasya took place in 1982, when he worked as an announcer on the English-language Radio and Television. David Fyodorovich Tukhmanov asked Strelnikova with a request to translate texts of foreign songs. 6 hours to give the composer Vasya watched tapes with ether MTV US, going into what they sing 'stars'. Prior to that he was not faced with MTV, and the first impressions were so positive that Vasya not even notice how time has flown by.

. In 1989, Vasya as a focal point shooting was lucky to work with a team of American and European MTV News during the grand festival in Luzhniki
. It was there that he met the legendary American lead MTV News Kurt Loder (Kurt Loder), as well as a man who later became his idol - the leading MTV's Most Wanted, Ray Cox (Ray Cokes).

. Summer of 1998 he offered a job at MTV Russia
. It deals with the translation of foreign programs and dubbing the promo video - in general, become the official voice of the channel. In November 1998, Vasya begins to program 'Weekend Whim'. Vasya himself describes the style programs as 'Wellness insanity' - the term they were with his friend Sergei Voronov, the leader of the group 'Crossroads', invented long ago and successfully applied it to anything trudnoopisuemomu.

. In this world so many problems that if someone at least 10 seconds, we'll force a smile - is already good.
. Home Basil Strelnikova

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Vasily STRELNIKOV, photo, biography
Vasily STRELNIKOV, photo, biography Vasily STRELNIKOV  Leading, photo, biography
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