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Zosimova Lena

( Leading)

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Biography Zosimova Lena
photo Zosimova Lena
Leading program 'Banzai! " on MTV.

. Favorite writers Maupassant, Sholokhov
. Dislikes Pelevin
. Movies' Stealing Beauty 'and '9 + weeks',' American Beauty ',' Fight Club '
. Favorite actors Keanu Reeves, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt
. Favorite Actress Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek
. Music Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Mylene Farmer, Bob Marley, Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Vladimir Presnyakov, Alexander Marshall, a group of 'Oscar' and 'Once'
. Born on September 11
. From his childhood dream to become a singer. In the years 1987-89 she studied at the School of Music in piano. In the years 1989-91 - in the choreographic school. At the same time took private lessons in ballroom dancing.

In 1991 she graduated from Lena High School. In 1992-93 took private vocal lessons. In 1993 - Lena recorded his first three songs: 'Girlfriends', 'Line of love' and 'Thin Ice'. On the song 'Playmates' clip was shot in the shooting which took part Bogdan Titomir, and the clip was directed by Gregory of Constantinople. Clip hit the music charts channels BIZ-TV (2x2), ORT and TV-6.

In 1993-94 Lena has toured the country. In 1994 she released her first album, 'All ahead', which included the song 'Girlfriends', 'Disco' (in the clip was shot Lena and Vladimir Presnyakov), 'Do not be mad', 'Line of love' and 'Thin Ice'. In the video for the song 'On the south bank of the' action took place in the palace of the Sultan, played by Igor Vernik.

Prefer to spend leisure time with friends on the nature. I love boating, horseback riding, scooters. If she could, at the first opportunity to send to the south - the sun, the sea.

The second album by Lena Zosima 'Not my fault' was recorded already in America in 1995-96. It includes songs 'not jealous', 'Me and You' (the text for which Lena wrote myself). Video for the song 'Hold me', also included in this album, was shot at the Kiev station, the director was Andrei Lukashevich.

In 1996-98 are numerous tours to Russia. In 1998, Lena is planning to record their third album, begins with the individual work, deciding to be herself a producer and director. But suddenly a crisis erupts, and dreams about the new album had to be postponed until better times:

In September 1998, Russia had MTV. Lena is engaged in administrative work, familiar with the new television environment, the staff and making plans.

In anticipation of emerging issues as soon as I want to say that the Pope is to me, as an ordinary employee MTVR. No concessions.

In early 1999, appears on MTV program "Banzai!" Telling about how stars behave in unusual conditions for them: famous people try their hand at the profession that we dream about as a child. The idea of the program belongs to Lena and her two friends.

Lena is now once again actively involved in a solo career. In the spring of 2002 it plans to release a new album and wants it does not consist of songs, one-day.

If I'm lost for such a long time, you want to return with dignity, to make a quality product. But with MTV, I will not go away! Television itself - it is very interesting.

Moreover, according to latest reports, Lena prepares to MTV a new project.

Photos of Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena
  • Zosimova Lena

Photos of Zosimova Lena
Zosimova LenaZosimova LenaZosimova LenaZosimova Lena

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  • and where you can find more pictures?
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  • want poster Lena Zosimova
  • not a fan for Zosimova Lena
  • Lena Zosimova - schmuck in boots.
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  • Complete garbage! full bezdarschina and shame 90-xx years, pathetic proshmandovka
  • Valery for Zosimova Lena
  • Lena - very nice. And the voice of a good compared to the current "manufacturers," etc. It's a pity that long it is not visible. Lena, we remember you and love! Come back! :)
  • Chef for Zosimova Lena
  • zero mediocrity! Litter!
  • Yaitsetryas for Zosimova Lena
  • This was pivitsa hos Titamira, . a factory stars 90s - in a word shit nineties, which was very small and lost among large kakashek Russia srach-pop, . was still Stashevsky - this Petka advertised his first and last album with a kazoy, . shorter than it was this kind of advertising econom 2 turd in a television commercial! Personally, we are the youth of that time under kolbasilo MODO, . that is relevant still, . which Zosimova utuhlo a year ... By the way, I accidentally thought about it, . looked KVN 97goda New Armenians pinned something about this Shmarov and I decided to have it in pozyret inete, . proved that she still Banzai any means is not in vain Titamiru dick sucked!,
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  • Fool, . less need to envy, . if he miserable and worthless nonentity. No it does not suck, . especially, . Titomir that by that time grows old, 3 as - after 93, almost did not sing. Her father was the director simply Biz-Enterprises, . then ?+T-+ pv.,
  • den for Zosimova Lena
  • Fool, if you own insignificance and mediocrity - nefig envy. For your information: Titomir by that time too, 3 as grows old - after 1993. He almost did not sing - who needs it? "No it does not suck - it just dad was the director Biz Enterprises, then - ?+T-+ Eng.
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    . A Titomir shob you knew went to America supposedly unwound, and the crap like that then! And if you understand that she sings better than the same Titomir! So neher insult her !
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    . No vain joked:) KVN FOREVER!
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  • As for Lena can say one thing, in bed, she just super.
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  • Just a nightmare. Slop singer parschivaya article. But what she could be "active tours" if it is nowhere in the state of people gather. That's disgraceful and otstoische.
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  • Mo-Do - this is of course, abruptly Lena. But also suck. Some fag there singing Schitalochka Ein zwei-polizei. He was no longer young, so quickly went out of fashion and became neaktulen. But Lena - it is something! Such voiceless and mediocrity, and it is hard to find. Attacks about Titomir stupid. Rather he served it ... in such a denzhischah
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  • Lena
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  • Lena Zosimova wonderful singing +T its
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