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Bolshova Anna Leonidovna

( Actress)

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Biography Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
photo Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
Sports passions: trainers, aerobics, alpine skiing
. In the morning, dousing cold water
. Convinced vegetarian
. Cosmetics enjoys
. Knows how to sew and knit, loves to cook complex dishes to cookbook
. Voice: soprano
. The wheel two years, the owner of the 'Ford Escort'

. Anna Bolshova born January 21, 1976 in Moscow into a family of physicists

In 1995 she graduated from RATI (BG Goloubovsky course) and immediately was invited to the Drama Theater. Gogol, which played in the plays "Comedy of Frol Skobelev (Varya)," faithful wife "S. Maugham (Marie Louise), etc..

In 1998, invited to Lenkom on Pannochki role in the play "Hoax", plays Anne Boleyn in the play "The Royal Game, Conchita in the play" Juno and Avos ".

She made her debut in cinema in mnogoseriyke - 'With a new happiness! ". Recognized in the street after it became the series 'Request Stop' - where Anna Bolshova played a prudent wife of Dmitry Pevtsov, from which he could never go to Olga Drozdova.

Anna benevolent, smiling, self-confident. She is one of those people that love at first sight. She says she always knew that would be an actress.


If someone does not know: Anna Bolshova - the second woman in the country after Olga Drozdova, with access to the body Dmitri Pevtsov. However, she insists that her husband is not jealous Olya. And they live soul in. But this is far from the "stop" ...

What bed in prime time on ORT!
- Anya, she feels a woman in the embrace of a national sex symbol?

- Dimka I know long time, we did work with him in 'Lenkom'. Dima - a good partner, familiar, native. Very funny watching us with Olya on any party. Speaking to me about Dima, Olga always calls it 'our'. Incidentally, the role of a 'stop' us with Olya quickly approved, but the men had problems. And when Dima still have a major role, we are very happy with Olga: "Our approved '. And with the start of filming, we started with Dima real family life.

- With kisses and bed scenes?

- You what! It's ORT, prime time, children are watching! Extremely Puritan almost platonic hugs and kisses. During the love scenes we Dimka always amused each other. Spoil the children. One day we were filming 'marital' kiss. Berthelot us, turned round and in the end brought back to the camera. And let's reserve team for doubles. Filmed, and 'Stop' is not in command. Well, we do not stop, yet disciplined artists. Dotselovalis to command 'Cut' and then burst out laughing. Kisses was so much fun that we were blowing each other in the mouth. Who's Who in front of ...

- Probably, in such an atmosphere many gaffe occurred!

- Yeah, we also offer blohoiskateley! In the same scene, my heroine Natasha then goes into earrings, then without. So in some, in others. Just between the shooting takes a long time, and all forget what had. Emerges is already at installation. We directed Janick Fayzieva lot of fun, inventing excuses: 'It's nothing, took off on the road - is'. Or, for example, took off in the summer a small stage, as Natasha somewhere rides. And suddenly it turns out that in November should dosnyat how she got there. That's terrible, because I was there in a slender dress! When assembled the two parts, long laugh: traveled with her hair down, and arrived at the scene with a pencil, and even in a raincoat.

Bitch in tears
- Because you were invited to a cameo. How come you're so 'stopped' to 'stop'?

- 'Stop' - my second kinorabota (after the series 'With a new happiness'), but consider it a debut. All artists - experienced, popular. Who am I with them? No one knows Anya Bolshova. At first I was 'Other' on the role of Cathy, which almost did not marry the hero Andrew Rudensk, one series. But we talked with an assistant director and I dropped: 'I've got to' Lenkom 'three main roles - the young mistress, Anne Boleyn and Conchita'. He pribaldel from the list: saw that episode too small for me, and offered to try Natasha. I even a script at that time had never seen! Well, I say: let your Natasha.

- How are you allowed that Natasha has become a brat?

- Recently a woman from the group looked at the material, and said: 'I hate your Natasha'. I'm in tears, rushed to the director: 'Janick, we lose that good old Natasha! I lose the love of the audience! " But Janick reassured me: 'Do not worry, they cease to love you at first, then will empathize with, and then fall in love again. Because Natasha was not until the end will be bad '.

My husband - my brother
- And you bitchiness character?

- My drawback - too much self-confidence. Stubborn, as many as the most disgusting.

- With her husband conflicts do not exist?

- My husband - the perfect couple. He knows everything, and I - right.

- And who is our husband?

- He has no relation either to the theater or to the cinema. Married six months, a familiar one and a half years. Anton working with computers and more, by the way, is a student.

- Children in the immediate plans are?

- No, we still too early. I am 25 years old, her husband - 18. Another ten years have in store. But I have a little brother, David, half godika. Typhoon, a meteor! Nurses his entire family on stage and still tired. We have a family, as in a fairy tale: My husband's mother married my father. Therefore, our parents both mother and father, and stepmother, and stepfather, and step-mother and father in law. Parents met first, and then we Anton. This summer four of us went into a joint honeymoon in Italy and France. At first I was friends with future stepmother. And then we met with her son. Once saw each other - all became clear.

Interview with Anna Bolshova

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  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
  • Bolshova Anna Leonidovna

Photos of Bolshova Anna Leonidovna
Bolshova Anna LeonidovnaBolshova Anna LeonidovnaBolshova Anna LeonidovnaBolshova Anna Leonidovna

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    Bolshova Anna Leonidovna, photo, biography
    Bolshova Anna Leonidovna, photo, biography Bolshova Anna Leonidovna  Actress, photo, biography
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