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MIRONOVA Maria Andrey

( Actress)

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Biography MIRONOVA Maria Andrey
photo MIRONOVA Maria Andrey
Born in Moscow. Studied at the High Theater School. BV Shchukin and VGIK, who graduated in 1996. (MA course Gluzskij). Since 1996. works in the theater Lenkom. Playing in the productions of "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" (Fanshetta), "Two Women" (Vera), "City of Millionaires", "The Barbarian and a heretic," "The Taming of the coaches'. Shot in the film "The Incredible Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "The Wedding" (directed by P. Lungin).

Daughter of Andrei Mironov, Maria Mironova, remarkably similar to his father, went in the footsteps of their parents. She even individual, subtle intonations and mannerisms touchingly recalls his famous father.

As a child she had so much passion, that my grandmother Maria called her granddaughter "holes in the hose". "You see, there trickle, trickle here, as a result of that?" - Said Maria and showed just two fig. Despite the fact that Masha was a theatrical family, the actress nobody prepared.

The famous father's daughter in the movie is not "pushed". Blond, blue-eyed Masha is the best suited for the role of Becky Thatcher, Tom Sawyer's girlfriend. And when Masha starred as Becky Thatcher in the film "Tom Sawyer", the Pope did not say a word.

Masha Mironov: "In my childhood I and all my peers were impressed by the movie" The Three Musketeers ", and I asked my father to introduce me to the main musketeer country Mikhail Boyarsky. He seems to really jealous of me to D'Artagnan! And finally introduced to Kuklachev. Kuklachev, of course, not Boyarsky, but a backstage tour, accompanied by a million cats, I still remember.

My father was strict at the same time soft and pliable. But I never heard from the pope: "Shut up, you're still a little!" Once we drove to the cottage to her grandmother. I looked: the speedometer needle rose past hundred. I say: "Dad, you exceed the speed". He was silent, but the rate lowers. Drove a little bit - and again on the odometer 100. I again ask to slow down. Pope as silently reduces. And so all the way: I had laid siege, and he silently obeyed. Because they knew: here I am right, but he did not.

Sometimes he would come to me in school. Then all the classes stopped - teachers, too, poured out of classes to look at Andrei Mironov. This was just the time when he was at the zenith of fame. And at the same time my father was a very humble man. Every time out on the stage as the first time ... I'm often at them with my mother in the theater, although his father did not like when I went behind the scenes. Mama said that he was nervous when I watched a man ... "

In 1992, Masha's son, named after his grandfather, Andrei Mironov.

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    MIRONOVA Maria Andrey, photo, biography
    MIRONOVA Maria Andrey, photo, biography MIRONOVA Maria Andrey  Actress, photo, biography
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