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Smeyan Pavel

( Actor, composer, singer)

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Biography Smeyan Pavel
photo Smeyan Pavel
Born in Moscow on 23 April 1957 in a family film-makers. Primary music education in children's music school? 7 Moscow. Continue in them LGU. Gnesinyh to pop department. After studying saxophone. Served in the Moscow association of musical ensembles (MoMA). Worked in the Philharmonic Amur, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad and Moscow regions, Rosconcert. Permanent duty station - Moscow theater 'LENKOM'.

Professionally involved in music and composition began in 1977. Since 1978 - work in a group of 'Victoria'. In 1980 Smeyan left the group and continued his musical path with the group 'ROCK STUDIO', as one of its founders. In the same year he published his first publication of author's music in cartoons, E. Hamburg's 'Dog in boots' and 'Paradoxes in the style of rock' ( 'SOYUZMULTFILM', 1980).

In 1981, the record company 'Submit' for the first time published author's songs musician - flexible and rigid (vinyl) minions group 'ROCK STUDIO'. In the same year, Paul Smeyan plays a major role in the rock opera "Juno and Avos' theater 'Lenkom'. As admitted later he laughed, he thought it most important event in his life.

1990 - a new twist of fate and a new group 'APOSTLE N1', cooperation with which it was very brief and lasted only until 1991. In 1991 Smeyan writes its author's solo vinyl disc-giant 'APOSTLE N1' ( 'Submit', 1992). And in 2002 issued a solo CD 'Paul to laugh.

Singer's voice can be heard in many films. Between 1980 and the first to present a time to laugh sang songs and voiced the role in more than 20 films and cartoons, . including: 'Trust, . That Exploded ', . 'Mary Poppins, . Good-bye! ", . '-Martial affair', . 'Train out of the calendar', . 'Valentin and Valentina ", . 'Your way, . girls! ", . '32 December ', . 'In the airport', . 'The Island of lost ships', . 'At Deribasovskoy good weather, . Brighton Beach's Raining Again ',

. Musical talent Smeyan was used also in computer games: 'Medi Evil 2' and 'C-12' (computer games for the Playstation Sony), 'Steel Boys', 'Empire Earth' (Windows PC).

. In different years as the lead singer and took part in such popular programs as Central TV: 'Morning-mail', 'Wider range!', 'New light', 'Old TV'
. Repeatedly presented to the annual festival held in the USSR 'Red Carnation', in the jubilee concerts and copyright Maxima Dunayevsky, Yuri Saulsky, Yevgeny Doga. Actively concerts with a solo program, and in mixed concerts in Russia, CIS countries, the United States, toured with the theater 'LENKOM'.

. In the theater 'LENKOM' actor sang in the musical-drama 'Til' and 'People and the birds', as well as in such well-known rock operas, like 'Star and Death of Joaquin Murety', 'Juno and Avos'
. In the concert hall setting 'Russia' opera 'Giordano' Smeyan performed one of the major parties and played a major role.

. Recent work - the recent rock-opera libretto by Yevgeny Yevtushenko 'They're coming white snow' and the author's modern two-act opera "word and deed, written on the novel" Prince of Silver "
. Paul Smeyan made in creating the opera director, author of the libretto, music, poems, dialogues, and also as a producer. He also voiced by the voice of the author, Basil, butler, guardsmen, voice and performing piano party.


In spring 2009 the doctors put Smeyanu diagnosis 'cancer'. After the course of chemotherapy for some time he spent in Moscow. Later, thanks to the efforts of friends and relatives was sent to a prestigious hospital in Germany, where in late spring, he underwent surgery. However, surgery did not affect the outcome of the disease.

11 July 2009 in a clinic in Germany, Paul Smeyan died at the age of 52 years. He is survived by his wife and year old child

. Roles in the theater

. Til
. People and birds
. The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety
. 1981-2007 - Juno and Avos
. Giordano
. Word and Deed
. 2004 - Warriors of the spirit
. 2007 - Rock Opera 'They're coming white snow'

. Filmography

. Actor, singer song

. 1981 - Dog in boots
. 1982 - Paradoxes in the style of rock
. 1983 - Mary Poppins, Goodbye!
. 1983 - Military Field affair
. 1984 - Trust, which burst
. 1985 - Train schedules outside
. 1985 - Valentin and Valentina
. 1992 - your way, girls
. 1992 - At Deribasovskoy good weather, in Brighton Beach's Raining Again
. 2003 - New song

. Composer

. 1985 - I have it like me

. Discography

. 1992 - Apostle N1 (Vinyl)
. 2001 - Paul Smeyan (CD)
. 2003 - Actor and song
. Paul Smeyan (CD)

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Photos of Smeyan Pavel
Smeyan PavelSmeyan PavelSmeyan PavelSmeyan Pavel

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Smeyan Pavel, photo, biography
Smeyan Pavel, photo, biography Smeyan Pavel  Actor, composer, singer, photo, biography
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