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Xenia Turkou

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Biography Xenia Turkou
photo Xenia Turkou
On the question of where I was born and lived, always say: "This is where Anna Karenina threw herself under a train". This gives added significance and romance - just do not want to disappoint the prosaic name of "city railway". Moreover, Anna Karenina is really here and lay down on the rails.

In my childhood I dreamed to do biology - have read books J. Darrell and class in the sixth completely lost his head from the idea to create your own zoo. In the country, planted caterpillars in jars, crawling with ants and a magnifying glass for studying the behavior of water striders. The desire to engage in biology class has disappeared for the ninth, but the interest remained, still happy to re-read Durrell and secretly dream that someday I will be on the air about the nature.

Segment called "TV" started with 10 classes, when I went to school 627, in the lyceum classes "at the Ostankino television and radio" - so they then referred. The school has always been an activist - played in all performances (a favorite role - Natalia Pavlovna of "Count Nulin"), . she put them with an enviable constancy from year to year, led all the skits and evening amateur, . starting with high school and finishing fifth year at college, . what now recall with nostalgia, and I think, . that the work is sometimes not enough of something resembling,
. Education at the University, by the way, also graduated from the performance on stage - led jubilee evening 50 years of journalistic.

Faculty graduated in 2002, with highest honors, is now going to graduate school, to study the Russian language - this is another my passion. Very much I love reading, love poems, I know by heart and an incredible amount of writing itself (but few who read their).

She graduated from music school guitar class.

On television, as a patriot, watching everything that is on your channel. On the other - news, movies, and still can not live without the cartoons.

. The most important news I think honesty, promptness and always - a sense of humor.

. And, finally, the most important thing - a couple of words about the work.
. Prerequisites to become a journalist after all were still in childhood
. Problems I was worried neshutochnye. In the nine years of age, I enrolled in an urban circle yunkorov and wrote an article about the Russian-Estonian friendship in the local newspaper "The Banner of Communism" (all this, of course, under the heading "The Young Journalist" or something like that). Well, serious work began only in the university. First I worked on cable television one of the districts of Moscow, was there, they say, "and sued, and the reaper ...". Rented plots, carried live shows and even children playing transmission. Then he worked a correspondent on REN-TV. And then begins, perhaps, the most bright and happiest period in his life - city news "today in the capital, which made the team NTV, but they went out on TNT.

. There I came after practice on NTV with their classmates, many poreporterstvovala, and again led the morning esters
. It was a cozy, very kind and full of art world, such a greenhouse, from which grow not want. But take adult decisions had to be very soon. After the events at NTV, I decided to be with those who went to the TV-6, now FA.

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  • when you see such as Xenia appears inexplicable feeling of pride that there is such beauty in our country, and regret that we have no chance to even come close to how she ney.a zavisnikov.krasivym is difficult, but a lot of fools.
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    Xenia Turkou, photo, biography
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