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Alexei Vorobiev

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Biography Alexei Vorobiev
photo Alexei Vorobiev
I could be born anywhere: in Germany, or, say, in Austria - where my father worked for many years attache diplomatic representation. But I was born in Russia on Feb. 13, 1973, and the first victories and failures experienced just in Germany and Austria.

In the 90 th finally arrived back in Moscow, and it already had a new life.

It is said that from childhood very quiet, serious and diligent. (Where are all gone? - I'm joking.) Smiled for the first time (at least, before the eyes of the parents) in 7 years. I even remember how my mother gasped in surprise. "Effectively," - I thought. Take this discovery until now.

From childhood he loved to be in the center of events. He participated in nearly all the battles, sports and social. Often won. Studied at the "excellent". But while parents almost every month, was summoned to the principal's office. I suspect, because of the excessive free-thinking offspring in a stay abroad.

Always irritated if something is not understood. It got to the ridiculous. While studying in Vienna, entered into correspondence physico-mathematical school Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in Moscow. Dowell a mathematics teacher to nightmares. I could see her in 3 hours of the night and ask them to explain the essence of the problem and propose a solution. And so, 7 days a week.

Politics is always very interested in. In high school, even led a political discussion club "Meridian".

In the 90-m to return to Moscow - joined the famous Baumanku (MVTU them. Bauman). Six years of full-time students. Then I have it all seemed a nightmare. But he defended his diploma at the "excellent". Until now able to fluently pronounce his name: "Development of parallel numerical procedure of synthesis of linear control systems with constraints on the module in the space of states on the basis of transputers T805". Already at the 2-year student realized that this is not my. Most clearly - when a friend who worked in the newspaper, asked him to fulfill some task. I fulfilled. Liked the atmosphere of creative fever.

At the 3-th year, something happened for which I thank fate.

Students. Money, as always, not enough. Underworking loader in stock the day after school and during the night watchman - a special pleasure does not deliver. Needed a job. Telephoned former classmates. I say: there is a vacancy in the department of finance. Come back in a month. I am horrified: in finance do not understand! On the same day signed up (oh, Lord!) Courses Accountants. In the throes graduated. Received a certificate. I arrive at the appointed time for an interview in the same department of finance, and now it turns out that - economic news department of one of the largest Russian news agencies! Somehow took. And further, briefly stating the.

In the Interfax news agency in the 93rd year. Passed all reporterskuyu career ladder.

In the 96-m invited to a TV. Again all had to start from scratch. Language television was quite different. He worked as a correspondent for financial news on NTV, then on RTR, has not yet been invited to lead their own project in the TV-6. They had to learn almost all specialties from editor to lead. In the end, led the entire service information of the morning broadcast on the channel.

With the advent of TV-6 team of journalists from NTV became the leading first morning, and then to the FA - daily news releases.

About me: I hate stupidity. Sharply against all the intrigues and gossip. Irritating. I'm glad when it is possible to be more days with his family is still small. What I'm home - not for me to judge. But I think I'm at home the same Alexey Vorobyov.

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Alexei Vorobiev, photo, biography
Alexei Vorobiev, photo, biography Alexei Vorobiev  Leading, photo, biography
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