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Biography Sergey MAYOROV
photo Sergey MAYOROV
My name is Sergei Mayorov. November 24 I turn 34 пЁп+п¦п¦. Friends say that I became a wise and calm. I wonder. Because the sign of the Zodiac I Sagittarius, and Eastern Zodiac - Monkey. Friends I have many. I love them, they say that I also did a guy.

I was born in a small town near Moscow Monino. This is the 33rd kilometer of Gorky Highway. My Motherland is known that there is Air Force Academy. YU. Gagarin and the Air Force Museum.

Parents are directly related to aviation. Dad - a pilot, my mother all my life taught our friends in the socialist camp in Russian language and the basics of survival in our difficult circumstances.
As a child I dreamed of the sky. But once in school came to an assistant film director with "The front of the rear of the enemy". Seeing me, she said: "this face should be shown to millions". This woman became my godmother in the movie, and I - "Star episode". Acted in the films "Particularly important task," "Front without the flanks," "Bouquet of Violets," "Father and Son".
When I was 12 years old, was invited to appear in "Yeralash". But after two kinoistory mother said: "Enough!" Forget about movies, physics better teach ".

My school diploma was funny. "Excellent" for literature, Russian language, history, geography, biology, social studies. "Three ways" in chemistry, physics, algebra and geometry. "Fours" no!

By profession I - stage director. Graduated GITIS (RATA). Now I - 4 th year student of Psychology Department of Moscow State University. I'm trying to get a second degree. On television I led in 1992 by Anna Shatilova - a famous television presenter and my teacher. He worked as a correspondent in "Cinema", the editor in the information and journalistic program "Good Evening, Moscow, author of" theme with Vlad Listyev, chief editor of the morning program "Good Morning, Russia".

. 96, the company launched a particularly good period in my life
. I became an author and presenter of the daily program "News of show business" on NTV. The team we had a wonderful - Kostya Ignatov, Nikolai Baboshkina, Olga Dementieva, Olga Kaymakova, Ksyusha Tereneva, now Mashkova. Much of this team works in the "public people". Guys, I love you!

After the crisis, 98-th a living with small advertising companies. Trained in America. I think that 6 months of training on CNN did not pass for me for nothing.
Returning home, he went to work on the radio. Last month, has mastered a profession DJ. 2 years was a leading line of live broadcast on "Radio Retro". Director of "Retro" Valery Stroganov said that I can create a good mood. Thank you, Lera!
If ever again be without work (on television is the norm), return to radio. I do not need will be there - look for the work of teachers or landscapers. I love to dig in other people's gardens, as a mole or a mouse shrew. However, special skills not yet acquired: in the spring in the garden of his old friend managed to plant a carrot so that it made its way to the light in August. And I thought, the deeper and plant - the larger will.

His idols in the profession, I think Anna Shatilova, Yevgeny Kiselyov, Vlad Listyev. This style is mind is the intellect.

TV watching is always - is part of the profession. But in the air like little. A good project "Traveling Naturalist". Moderator - super. Do not miss "a colorful ribbon" Ursulyak, "Itogi" Kiselyov. I like everything that makes Svetlana Sorokina. And still love cartoons, especially our Soviet. "Carlson" and "flying ship" - Masterpieces.
A lot of work. I start at 10.00. Finished in 3.00. Working with a team of "public people" - fun. In the project a lot of talented young guys and girls.

Almost no free time. Work, work, work. Sometimes, watching a good movie and listen to your favorite Tony Bennett, Toni Braxton, Nat King Cole, Cesar Evora, Garou.
About family. I am divorced. Children no. But there are three godparents daughter - Nastasia, Olga and Elena. I love them. I gave them a brother and sister.

Today, I think the main thing in life - true friends and a couple of good stories to tell them.

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  • Lactarius for Sergey MAYOROV
  • He is a leading class, clever and obayashka! I would like to write an article about him for a very influential journal.
  • liska for Sergey MAYOROV
  • I love Sergei Mayorov! I'd love to talk with him "alive", to accept and listen to it pleasant to look at him! "Darling, similar to Carlson.
  • Olesya for Sergey MAYOROV
  • sun, I love you!
  • pioneer for Sergey MAYOROV
  • call me. 89161711579. vanyavkin
  • pioneer two for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Sergei Mayorov п°п·п?п·п¦п•п¬! I am pleased to now go to the store for "ice" fish.
  • Zemlyachka for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Sergei! You are our pride! Alumni LPA? 8, 1988.
  • liva5 for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Seek you in touch, looking for ... And I can not find .... Please register ... Fans are asked to ... www.vkontakte.ru
  • lada for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Dear Sergei, trust you - be kind, pay attention to my letter. I am a woman of middle age, with a pleasant delivered golosom.seychas I have a serious illness for the computer to work to earn nelzya.Realno voice, but someone told me: "actors out of work, you do not expect that probeshsya". Agree, beautiful voice is rare! "I must work, otherwise the legs will stretch. As I am a philologist. To work I can. I have a sense of humor, sociable nature. Waiting for a call to m. 8 9037390545
  • Saharok for Sergey MAYOROV
  • I simply adore this talented and kind-hearted man necks! Charming and open!
  • Anton Manuilov for Sergey MAYOROV
  • A good biography, good-looking man. I'm writing a mini-work on "subjects of - personality - Journalist. Dialectic concepts. The modern practice of journalism and as an example of you. The "History in the details" ... a great little excerpt about the work of: "The lead author of program" Stories in the details' as pleasant and voice data, and external (visual and auditory contact with the audience), which is important. "
  • Tatiana for Sergey MAYOROV
  • m-п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦, well, and where's, the famous pedulische? 8 and Pioneer Camp East, and I have our pictures Well! You. sezh. as usual. filtruesh bad ..
  • Alex for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Excellent program! Sergei, you're the best! I am proud that he studied with you! On the course you were a modest, zastenchivy. But Levert was right when he said that we have your autograph will take .... Well done!
  • Anya for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Kolosalnoe fun! Watch and listen to be forever!
  • Izzy for Sergey MAYOROV
  • nothing, nothing, sometimes looking at. everyone is happy ... especially children.
  • Makar for Sergey MAYOROV
  • And what happened? The last six months some bustle in the air? We are looking for that I myself, after 7 years of ether? Who made nervous?
  • Liza Minnelli for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Marvelous! Ene wake up tomorrow I'm afraid to see him again I stayed here.
  • enog for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Jackass is no one reads a great kid majors
  • Nana for Sergey MAYOROV
  • kisses him
  • Gleb for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Smart guy, good show! Hello Kamyrinoy, it is a pro!
  • Elaine for Sergey MAYOROV
  • and loves musicals
  • bomb for Sergey MAYOROV
  • mug is open, you believe him
  • Elaine for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Do not give birth, and face!
  • Omsk for Sergey MAYOROV
  • In our town, he is in "manual" chart of the most popular, 23 seems
  • Gulsina for Sergey MAYOROV
  • I am very fond of Sergei Mayorov. I'd love to vstretitsya, chat with them live. I can look at it indefinitely, or miss a single transmission.
  • Andrew for Sergey MAYOROV
  • what address.
  • Nurgisa for Sergey MAYOROV
  • Hello Sergey! My name is Nurgisa, I'm from Kazakhstan working on the 31st channel, dubbing. The voice of "Stories in the details" in the Kazakh language. I like the channel and I would like to talk to you ... my mail address nurghissa@mail.ru
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