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Chernysheva Alla

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Biography Chernysheva Alla
photo Chernysheva Alla
I was born in the center of Moscow - in a three-storey old mansion where another was born, my great-grandmother. High ceilings, antique window frames, the remnants izrastsovoy furnace and the lack of hot water these were the first children's impressions of the environment.

At home in the evenings we would often appear noisy adults mother's and father's work colleagues. Parents journalists. House radio Pyatnitskaya, where they were working, 15 minutes by tram. And the staff of the two editions of the Public Broadcaster often come to us after work. Another baby impression - his mother's night shift, at 5 o'clock in the morning at the door waiting for her company car. Mother was editor of information and left to cook news. I thought that with me this will never happen, ironically, now get up in their work week even earlier.

When I was five years old, we moved to another apartment. Working parents moved away and the fruit only arise in their conversations. In general, about journalism had been forgotten. My childhood was kind of chaotic. My passions and interests have changed a little too often: Books, . foreign language (the school was with an English bias), . theatrical circle (rehearsed, nearly the whole class, . put one piece "Snow Queen", . I played Gerd), . kinokruzhok (nothing removed),

Russian, literature, foreign language were favorite subjects. I wanted to become a translator, even went to the preparatory courses in the Institute of Foreign Languages. But in grade 10 suddenly changed her mind decided that I would go to the journalism of Moscow State University.

In my first year in parallel with studies in various ways trying to make a living gave English lessons to school children. Then he wrote little notes the information in newspapers, radio broadcasts and even prepared to answer calls listeners to live a well-known television programs. However, I graduated from journalism with highest honors and work book. Already worked on television. Ibid, at the University met her future husband. He is also a TV reporter.

In 2000, came on NTV, worked in the program "Today, in the capital, overlooking the TNT, doing reports for the program" Today ".

After the split, I chose the NTV TV-6, then FA. A year ago I was leading the morning news shows, while trying to remain a correspondent and withdraw coverage.

I want to be objective news, interesting and dynamic. After all, under our news stories people wake. And very pleasant when not fall asleep again.

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  • not important for Chernysheva Alla
  • my sister =)
  • not important for Chernysheva Alla
  • uouuo for Chernysheva Alla
  • k; i;;
  • Shchukin Natalia for Chernysheva Alla
  • Alla privetik.eto Natasha remember together sprouting babies. you Andryusha I girl, Sasha, walk on shkole.ya moved to Gelendzhik to muzhu.pozvoni. I perezvonyu.pozhalusta. is one vopros.89286617050
  • Igor for Chernysheva Alla
  • Always good to see you on the screen. You are very beautiful and you have impeccable taste (in any case, clothing).
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    Chernysheva Alla, photo, biography
    Chernysheva Alla, photo, biography Chernysheva Alla  Leading, photo, biography
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