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Biography Irten'ev Igor
photo Irten'ev Igor
I was born in Moscow in 1947.

My parents were so-called typical representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia. His father, Moses Davidovich, - historian, mother, Irina Pavlovna, the first education as a historian (with his father before the war, they graduated from the Moscow Historical Archives Institute), the second - an expert on the physiotherapy exercises.

Until the early 70's lived in, again typical of Moscow communal apartment in the Marxist street than my acquaintance with the powerful teachings and limited. This two-storey wooden house long gone, for that matter, and the patriarchal suburban Taganka. It is now a full-weight center, and when I was in first grade, one family, moreover, Jewish, two houses away from us, to keep a cow.

There already parents. His father died in 1980-th year, mother - in 1995.

. After the end of the fourth school of nowhere not long delayed: twist in any office, . entered the correspondence department of the Leningrad Institute of Cinema and almost simultaneously came to television as a mechanic servicing filming techniques,
. He worked in the department of the Chronicles, for twenty years, traveled all over the country, not the slightest inclination to engineering is not experienced, so the diploma has not proved useful. But for six years pushed for active military service, what I painfully took place from 1972 to 1973 in the Trans-Baikal Military District.

Married quite early in the twenty-one. Laura Zlobina we spent four years is fun and easy, and parted, maintained a good relationship for life. The same relationships maintained and his second wife, Sonia Irtenev, although we lived far longer and parted, respectively, much heavier. Our daughter, Jana is now twelve years old, and say that my father, she only sees on television, it would be a understatement.

The third, and hopefully the last, my wife, known, vainly I note, journalist Alla Bossart, we have been together for nine years, and Faith, which will soon be twenty, I was the second daughter.

My father was a great lover of poetry. He wrote himself, quite smoothly, but, on the natural modesty, did not attach much importance to this, in any case, no attempt did not take into print, not counting the few publications in the newspapers front. Home we had a very good poetry library, many books were autographed. For fifteen years I have read all of this farm several times, but strangely escaped juvenile stihopisaniya disease, at least its most severe for those around the lyrical variety.

. Write started at thirty with a small, post - almost simultaneously
. The debut took place in 1979. In the weekly "Literary Russia". While humor was in charge of the brilliant author of the famous "Club 12 chairs" "N" Vladimir Vladya. He published my tales "transcendents in the tram," becoming, so to speak, the father of literary godfather. The stories I was writing until the mid eighties along with poems, while Andrew Heap, for whose seminar I went to and whose opinion I value so far, not gently explained to me that the poems I have obtained hunting
. In 1982 I gave up television and a couple of years working in the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, the department feuilletons Leo Novozhenova.

. In the mid-80's met with a group of poets in common with my direction - a talented, . but sooner dead Nina Iskrenko, . Yevgeny Bunimovich, . Yuri Arabova, . Vladimir Druk, . Victor Karstic, . Dmitry A. Prigov, . Andrew Turkins (it now also is dead), . Timur Kibirova and other well-known writers of today,

All together we have created, in defiance of the then Union of writers have done a lot of noise in the perestroika years club "Poetry", which lasted until the early 90.

Inherent in my social temperament this was not exhausted. For eight years, I edit the Journal ironic "Shop", established by Michael Zhvanetsky. This was replaced by former chief editor of Seeds Livshin, now living in a g. San Diego, California. The magazine that has little in common with the traditional comic bodies. This is truly a literary, as his detractors claim, elitist, stylishly decorated books, print, in which for many - a matter of prestige. For us, my friend, the main artist of the journal Andrei Bilzho, a subject of pride, a way of expression and uninterrupted source of headache. Since the editing of 'shop' reasonably be regarded as social work, to maintain living standards in the upright position had to seek the possibility of permanent earnings.

. Thus, more than four years every week I appeared on screen in the popular program "Total", which invited me to another friend of mine, Victor Shenderovich, making up for me a gloomy image of the poet's truth-"

Two years - from November 1999 to October 2001 the first - I wrote a weekly editorial column in a popular internet publication 'Gazeta.ru,' for which in 2000 was awarded the Union of Journalists 'Golden Pen'. Last year I was invited to a newspaper called 'newspaper', where I work now.

. After the memorable events connected with the destruction of unique old NTV, along with my comrades, I was first on TV-6, and now on the FA
. From such a rapid movement, to be honest, my nervous system is somewhat scattered.

. If our government during this period accumulated more important state task than getting even with disagreeable oligarchs, the future of the new transmission "Free cheese is entirely dependent on its creators.

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Irten'ev Igor, photo, biography
Irten'ev Igor, photo, biography Irten'ev Igor  Leading, photo, biography
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