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Gennady Bachinsky

( DJ on the radio `High` leading morning show)

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Biography Gennady Bachinsky
photo Gennady Bachinsky
January 12, 2008 known teleradioveduschy Gennady Bachinsky was killed in a car. Gennady was killed in an accident on the highway Schelkovskoye. Gennady he had been driving, "- told Interfax on Radio Mayak, where he worked as a journalist.

Car accident occurred at about 16:00 Moscow time in the city Kalyazin. According to preliminary information, the journalist, who was driving a car Volkswagen Golf, traveling in the direction of Sergiev Posad, tried to overtake a truck and drove to the lane of oncoming traffic, collided with a cargo-car Volkswagen.

From injuries Bachinsky died on the spot. Second car 3 people injured. Woman among them died subsequently in hospital from complications. Bachinsky was 36 years old.

Source: http://newsru.com

Bachinsky was born Sept. 1, 1971, in the city Yarovoe Altai Krai. Gennady has c children loved listening to the radio, turn the tuning knob of long and medium waves, and through interference analyze voices from the worlds of others. "

The interest eventually grew into a serious hobby: school Bachinsky enrolled in radiokruzhok. However, study Gennady went to St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering.

. Studying at university, Bachinsky started playing in a rock band and simultaneously organize student concerts
. Anton Marushchak, the institute buddy Bachinsky, and now program director of Radio Maximum, says that Gennady arranged festivals of student rock bands LETI.

. Much later Bachinsky again demonstrated his organizational skills, creating together with Sergei Stillavin company, Biz-production "
. "We are doing a party in general for all people, from those who walk on all scholarships, and ending the oil bigwigs", - said Gennady in an interview.

In the radio Bachinsky always attracted by the opportunity "to promote its theme". That he was able to fully realize in his first job - in the studio of Radio "Open City". The musical program he put favorite alternative rock music.

Soon work on the radio Bachinsky called Andrew Temkin. Together they did a weekly program "Music Police" on the radio "Polis".

Gennady has worked six years at another famous St. Petersburg radio station - "Modern". It was here that he met his future partner, Sergei Stillavin unchanged.

Over time, the friends got the idea to the morning air. While radio was only one morning show - "Larks on a wire" on the Moscow Maximum. The show begins at six in the morning and transfer to the "modern" at seven, therefore, as admitted Bachinsky, he succeeded on his way to work listening to "Zhavoronkov" and gain experience.

. Gennady argued that the popularity of their show came after he made a "successful subtitles" to the song by Stevie Wonder "I just call to say I love you" - "Purely phoned to say that I love you", which became the main "chip "their duet.

. On the radio "Maximum" was invited to lead in 2002
. His choice of the director of "Russian Media Group" (the management company radio) Sergey Kozhevnikov explained: "The radio station now has lost some of its positions" radio two capitals ", . but with the advent of Bachinsky and Stillavin, . - And they both Petrograders, . - We hope to strengthen their position in St. Petersburg.,

. Their "Morning Show" was directed at a student audience, but eventually listened to them and adolescents, and people of mature age
. It fell very much to the creative potential of leading. Bachinsky was the author of numerous jokes and jokes that made his show popular. He was completely absorbed and vnutriradiynoy 'work: did the' Maximum 'new' shirt, "new" jingles ", etc.

. On the radio "Maximum" Bachinsky stayed on June 29, 2007, and then began work on a major transfers in the studio "Mayak"
. Here he managed to work out only six months.

We Gennady Bachinsky survived by his wife and two children.

Source: http://www.rian.ru


This interview with Gennady Bachinsky was taken about a year ago. Since then much has changed. Bachinsky left MAXIMUM radio and entertainment TV channels. 'Morning Show Bachinsky and Stillavin' moved on Radio Mayak, and lead to abandon the role of hooligans, and the program has become less shocking. More interesting to read what he said Gennady year ago, before you make these changes in their professional ...

. Dear visitors!

. We offer you a new exclusive interview with the famous showman Gennady Bachinsky
. Unfortunately, the format and volume does not allow us to place all the prepared article, so we begin the publication of material that will be available only at.

Such a complex interview I had never been. I suggested to the priest to participate in this conversation, and immediately had to answer to the puzzled question: "And what has this orthodoxy?". Someone could not, someone refused to. Yes, . really, . difficult to assume, . that Gennady Bachinsky - the famous "bespredelschik", . leading daily "morning show Bachinsky and Stillavin" on radio Maximum, . as well as many entertainment programs on TNT - could give a serious interview with an Orthodox magazine,
. But my main difficulty was absolutely not the. And that, doing this story, I had to play the role of a public prosecutor. Do I have the right to blame someone, . except myself? Advise, . propose solutions, . which in itself can not understand, . to explain everything? This conversation, . so sharp, . how friendly, . so biased, . how sincere, . left me deep impression,
. And the first thing he calls - a closer look closely at their own lives, to re-focus on those domestic issues that I see a long, long time I want to change, but lack the determination to:

. - Preparing for the interview, I asked in an Orthodox Internet Community to write questions that people would like to ask you
. To quote a few typical statements:
"Sometimes we have to listen to their morning talk show, because the son listens. The impression is stable: all the jokes on just below the waist, above the callers simply mock, Stebaev (can not find another word) and "dipped". The caller in this silly giggle, sympathy, too, so do not cause. Quite possible that the guys are smart, but the level of their program prohibitively low. "
"They give the impression of intelligent people, adults and witty, and for below the belt jokes, not all see the normal expression of normal people. Recently, they invited Kuraev, conversation was sufficiently serious. All they know - with whom you can Stebaev, but with someone interesting to talk. "
Radio Maximum nearly every morning on his way to work and listen to that Bachinsky can be Orthodox, has long thought. His orthodox (?) Appears infrequently, occasionally in his speech skips some phrases, ideas, concepts on which you can make an assumption about his religion.
. "Orthodox or not, but what he does on the radio produces nasty impression."
. "I'm glad to not hear this heinous" anthem bydlyachestvu ", which I think is his" show ", but sometimes have marshrutkah
. And as it is compatible with Orthodoxy - the mind is not understandable ".
"I think the guys had more brains than just earn money. They seem to understand perfectly that there is vulgarity, and exploit the richness of media vulgarity.
"No, not real, they vulgar ... Just provocative style. Not so straightforward, and it is good - it is a pity that it does not understand all of the forces. "
. So, be mapped on all these statements in two questions: whether or not you Orthodox? And if yes, how is your show combined with the Christian self-consciousness?

. - Yes, I am an Orthodox
. I was baptized a student knowingly. In school, of course, was a pioneer and member of the Komsomol, and believed in everything that we talked. As a child I lived in the Altai region, arriving the same in St. Petersburg, plunged into a powerful wave of freedom. Classic story: escaping from under the wing of a parent, I absorbed all the freedom-loving tendencies. In particular, then began evangelization of the population, I remember, at the hostel some Baptists came and gave me a Bible. Then one of his acquaintances was baptized, and I am on this wave, too, baptized. Defined in this way that I'm Orthodox, I immediately forgot about it. And when, after a considerable time, became acquainted with church tradition, I found that being baptized, I have many years knew nothing about the faith. I must say that the years with my baptism, and before the arrival in the Church was very full of self-destruction. In particular, I participated in the alternative music movement (he was an active visitor to the club "Tam Tam" Seva Gakkel) with all the esoteric theories that there hovered. The process of self-destruction is constantly getting worse, and I even once went to confession, when I was very bad: I was divorced from his wife, and everything in life went awry. Then I knew nothing, and do not even remember what I said in the church. And the next time I came to the church after eight years.
All these eight years were filled with careers, which is clearly enough described in the statements of students. So what I did on the air, can be described as thinking without boundaries and without authority. My speech on the radio were close to the internal reflection of man caught in difficult circumstances following the divorce from his wife and even the whole complex of issues and processes. That is what is happening on the radio was in a sense an expression of yourself. But in parallel the beginning of my spin-off activities - performing in public. Being in a fairly constrained financial situation (I owed after the crisis 98 years), I tried to make money, including the most profitable way - performing at concerts. And there I was confronted with the fruits of their labor on the radio, namely with the audience, who listened to me. And suddenly he saw that he was in some terrible atmosphere. After all, what I do on the radio, much more softly and virginal in comparison with what is happening on the corporate and visiting club party. And as time goes on more after the concert performances, I was physically ill. I came home and I started depresnyak. But I still say to myself: okay, that's my job. And so it went on to earn, . earn and earn, . yet my soul is no longer prayed - that is something? You quite doing ungodly things! Because the internal search for God I have always been, . I tried to read books, . but there was no man, . which would have explained everything to me,
. Finally, three years ago, I became increasingly grasp the meaning, learned about the Jesus Prayer, and as I loathe mine Role in concert, that I began to ask God that He gave me another job. So that I earned money, not making such low things.
That's how I gradually began to learn something about Orthodoxy, still being a cog in the mechanism of show business. Over time the sin which has accumulated in me, including the sin of self-destruction, has led to the fact that the strength was not tolerate, and when once again my personal life crumbled, I finally got so bad that I came to the same Temple.
I had tried many times to enter the temple, but could not. First approached him, then entered the fence. Then gradually began to come inside and. That is a man who is so imbued with an abomination in show business, it is very difficult. And I did not know then all that about Orthodoxy, what I know now. If you only knew - probably all would never have dared. But nevertheless, it happened two years ago I started church is.
Since there is a process aimed to ensure that the deal with my work, but not revolutionary methods. I always amuse himself with the hope that by playing on the edge of good and evil, yet is a good. While some moments illuminated the simple idea that there is no longer smells good. But this illusion I continue to own. In the end, I go to church, but: according to some his cowardice can not abandon all of those earnings to get into show business. Just try to make more and more my work shifted to the bright side.
Here's my problem. My job - this is more my internal crisis, I really is bad from what I'm doing. And I have a confession to mention this - but, unfortunately, I repeat again and again ...

- Yes: it is a serious recognition. Thank you for such honesty. But for two years with an Orthodox Christian, even if it will be very strongly resisted, still occur some changes! Changes in the inner life - and, consequently, in life outside. Yes, in some feedback from the students actually say that your show is changing. And how do you evaluate this process?

- We have become more boring, as some listeners write to us. Or even have such a letter: "Bachinsky already пTп¦п¦п+п¦п¦п¦п¦ their Orthodoxy". While the inclusions of this is so low that people usually do not notice.
Changes taking place in the show - but I would not want to engage in self-justification in this interview. Just goes very smooth evolutionary process. And if evolution is unsuccessful, then there will be a morning show. Because for me in the form in which there is now, it is unacceptable.
Yes, I already hear unpleasant humor on sexual themes, but understand, I'm 15 years working in radio, in my head of a cache of stamps. And cost me a little to weaken the inner mind that is easy going in the morning, because I'm the man-owl and not in the best physical shape, as often on the machine, I pop all these jokes, stacked in huge piles of head. And much effort I should not joke. And I stop myself: do not joke, no joke, stop, do not say this:
I still need to understand that the morning show - is a process of improvisation between two people who are interchangeable components of a single chemical. And only the good will of two might have something to happen. It is not so much I have to "filter market, how many to make my partner began to think the same way as I. But how to do it - I do not know.

- At it's very easy to blame, they say, the second bad, and I'm good and I him deceleration:

- He is not bad. But you know, they say that family problems may arise when the spiritual plane, one more advanced than the other. And there is no need to drag the other, and to hold themselves to the family is not collapsed. And we have the same thing: the second party to show, Sergei Stillavin - also an Orthodox man. Deeply orthodox, as it seems, but not Orthodox to receive their. He is now - it's me five years ago. And he goes in the same direction. And if I will now "kicking" and forced to do "right" program for Orthodox people (who do not have to listen to morning radio Maximum) so they still listened and rejoiced - then everything will collapse immediately. Because everyone has his own pace
. Incidentally, . I too can say: why do orthodox people, . who answered your questions in Internet, . listen to the show and Stillavin Bachinsky? Why, . When I go to church bench, . recognize me? Why, . I go to kiss the relics in the monastery, . I know a monk and gave me a morality? Very humbly, . but still I hear about the same, . you just read to me,
. That is, I understand that he is listening to us! And I also can produce it as a maximalist, as I have always been. Well, not for them all these products with our participation. Surely people can not spend a half hour, who go to work on something else instead of listening to our transmission?
. You know, I would like the reader not only engaged in whipping Bachinsky and Stillavin, and more at our example would look at myself and thought: "When he was in his life begins to betray Christ - and, perhaps, it has long been the matter? ..

. - Good, . 'll read one more statement is not an Orthodox Christian, . but just your regular listeners: "no brainer, . what are you going deeper and more varied, . than trying to show the current audience, . and abide by previous format edakii bezbashennyh clowns tent,
. How long? I just extremely pleased porozhnyakovoy among the rocks, which you are in the air, hear some serious and very correct, in my opinion, things - the essence of a grain of gold ". Yes, let's say you went down to the format of these guys, they listen to you, and all this may even be some kind of mission. But if you accidentally turned on the radio in the morning quite a young boy, . child - whether he understands these grains of gold? Hardly! But hear, . how cool someone with someone slept: and gradually realizes, . that mother nudit their notation, . but in fact all so fun and cool! And what do you say to him? But neither will say - get a lie,
. False or radio - or in life.

. - If we want people, . calls himself a Christian, . Bachinsky, . call to account, . If we are dealing with such social categories of man, . incorrectly behaves, . - Then I can ask another question: where will work apologists? Why do these people need time, . which must defend the faith and to promote it? Missionaries, . which at the moment, . I see, . completely absent, . except one o.Andreya Kuraeva?,
. The person with whom we work today - is the middle class is "white-collar workers, who go in the morning to work on his car
. They, unfortunately, are very different from those who go to concerts "Alice" or "DDT". These are people who have already established system of concepts of good and evil. And that floating gradient, which between them - because they have no clear boundaries. Who will work with them? Posts Kuraeva they will not listen. For people who were held in social life, there must be some other authority

. - Yet it is difficult to describe what you are doing the preaching.

. - Good, . We can refuse to participate in the media, . - But then that means, . that we surrender completely to the forces of evil, . in whose hands is the tool! If now in show business there are some people, . sympathetic to the ideas of Orthodoxy, . then we'll take them out, . it will stay completely devastating weapon Media,
. And the media - this is scary!
I think that the priests a better understanding of how things than neophytes voice on the web. In the roots of modern religious extremism, that all neophytes require drastic measures. I, from this point of view, must declare that it no longer will work on the radio, if I am an Orthodox. But you can see from the other side - and if I go, who will take this place?

- But what you better, more useful than this hypothetical someone who would take your place?

- We are already seeing a large number of these "someone else". We, unfortunately, reaping the fruits of his ten-year show in the form of clones proliferated. Who takes over our way, completely stripped of its contents. Because we still define themselves and justify the fact that we - analysts, who for the jests and laughter hiding unexpected findings. Someone said that in Russia the truth can only speak jesters. Indeed, we are talking in the air such political, social and attitudinal things that if you have to say seriously by some other person, immediately became a subject of litigation. We - Zhirinovsky radio. But, as I said, there are fruits, snivelirovavshie this our idea of the justification of the form content. And if someone, not us - that is one of those clones that's, well, maybe so funny, ease, and all - that is just and will vulgarity. What we do - it is, after all, in other words, just humor on sexual themes. And the vulgarity in this case I mean a real, middle-class.
. By the way, most of the very political correctness and the censorship of material that does not cause such a debate, as ours, is the very banality that I have to define themselves as the sum of two components
. As soon as he opens his mouth and spoke the first word, I already know what will be 15 next. And the second - people do not believe in what he says. That's what I call the banality: predictability, multiplied by the falsity. And, I think it is more dangerous than people who are thrust into studs in the ass, it would seem, "cultural people". And I, as someone who does not like most self-satisfied ignorance of people willing to live better in society provoke bullies than in society pompous "cultural" greyness.

- In something close to me your words, but I ask in disbelief - all it really so "running" in the commercial media?

- I would like to split our interview, as it were into two components. First. The conscience of those who make the morning show Bachinsky and Stillavin - here some important moment of repentance and real steps after. And second - this is the situation in the modern media, and the right to existence in them of our show. And the first question, of course, we should leave the church, then straight and to kneel in the morning till evening, and especially from 7 am to 11 am. And another question - if the situation that prevailed in the modern entertainment business, we can not say that creativity Bachinsky and Stillavin is absolute evil.
I want to mention that I truly hate the show-business. And the more I sink into this world, the more convinced that the people who they generally believe the consumer cattle, herd, unworthy to be cared for him. "I was trembling creature or have I the right?" If the creature - then you're on the side the TV screen, but if you have the right - that this.
On the other hand - in my opinion, before God, all sins are equal. And in this sense to me as a man who decided to live by Christian precepts - a harmless joke in our society about sex than repeating brazen lies, which carries ads. It is impossible to be a Christian in his every word while reading false advertising - but you must do this because it is a condition of your stay in the air. You can now do so artistic step closing of the project - but for me this step is tantamount vows as a monk, is a radical change of all that surrounds me. Apparently, I'm still not ready to be so glossy Christian, which from me someone, perhaps, waiting.
You see, it is meaningless to establish order at home, when you see that you rushing tornado. The media's situation is such that we can certainly talk about the harm caused by Bachinsky and Stillavin, but it will be purely virtual harm compared with those military actions that are taking place and where the victims - our people. Certainly, we can close the program and Bachinsky Stillavin, but the most that we can do this - is to save specifically Bachinsky and Stillavin. But did not those people who are our customers.
For some reason, it is believed that the orthodox person has no place in today's professional media. If you are Orthodox, then go to channel Savior, which no man, accustomed to the modern image, will not be able to watch. That is, there is a terrible segregation of secular and Orthodox Media. Orthodoxy, with all the seeming expansion of freedom - is in the reservation. Where are all the professional way to close access for people living in the modern world, which did not renounce the world - and they are the majority. And this is a problem that worries me very much. I want to do the Orthodox radio, I want to tell people about good and evil, but now there is no place where I could implement it. If my talents are needed - I would like a professional to do something else. But at the moment my talents are not wanted, except for those who pays me money for what I read their ads on the air.

- But why do you say - to close the transfer and immediately leave. After you master producer, that's the producer would work?

- If I, as a general producer of Radio Maximum, close the show Bachinsky and Stillavin - means I'm qualified to be. Because I close one of the most popular radio programs of Russia.

- You know, here you are saying that are not in demand in the professional field of Orthodox. But I think, . that we are lacking in precisely such a man, . - A good professional, . famous person, . which would be the height of his position so much could be done, . declaring their religious affiliation! I would very much like, . that you have such a symbol, . that there, . Do not let this sound idealistic,

- In society the idea of repentance, in spite of the apparent accessibility - not required and not taken. No one will ever believe in the modern history of Russia about the treatment of Saul to Paul. Do not believe an ordinary viewer and listener, that he who was a symbol of vulgarity in the 90's, now is the bearer of orthodox ideas. And in this sense Bachinsky theme of repentance and conversion in the zealous apologists will not work - it's me you like a professional show business say.
On the other hand - I was in the movie "The Island" in the most fashionable theater in Moscow: in the hall was not available and left the session with only one person. And I see here is a feat not only the director who is not ashamed to say that he is orthodox, and did not hesitate for a third of his film to make a prayer. But I see this as a feat, that the Church insisted on releasing a film in the wide rolling! And we saw that the people crowded cinema scores. So, we exaggerate the danger, fear has big eyes! And what I heard in his address, each reader could apply to himself, and seen in the movie "The Island," a bold step that might be relevant and can bring good luck.

. - This means that it can still be done to you?

. - Probably, everything has its time:

. Author: Anna Ershov
. Prot.Vyacheslav Kharin, rector of the church in the name of Mother of God icon "Joy of All Who Sorrow" (St. Petersburg)

. Source: Orthodox Journal "Thomas" http://www.foma.ru


. Date and place of birth: September 1, 1971, the city Yarovoe Altai Krai

Who wanted to be in childhood: a clown

As teased in school or as it is now known as friends: Bachgen, Bachanga, Bacha, Pail, Bocha, Barrel, Green and Crocodile (thanks to Eduard Uspensky)

. Your very first record (or a favorite toy): 'In the distant station will come down - the grass on the belt'

. Your education: St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering
. Engineer-system specialty 'Automation and control processes in technical systems'

. What's been the last time heartily laughing: do not know how to laugh

. Place in Moscow / St. Petersburg / somewhere else that you love the most: your own house

. The most successful acquisition in recent years: sour-milk product 'Tan'
. A big help after yesterday.

What has changed in you since you were at a maximum: bought new shoes

What usually cook when there is time, and when it does not exist: fried potatoes.

In a preferred style of dress: inside the garment to be a lot of space

Favorite rags, which would never parted again: cowards LOGG.

The biggest damage caused by you - that spoiled, and why: he took to preserve the music editor at Radio MAXIMUM his CD collection and did not return, because my apartment cleaned.

Phrase / The word / sound, from which just can not shake: The word of three letters.

The most-favorite movie, book, TV show and the song: all the James Bond movies, book - Philip K. Dick Ubico "TV program" Time ", the song" I bear Home Tree "of a Player Piano

. Most of all love (not less than 5 responses): sleep, eat, drink, lie down and do nothing

. Do not love (not less than 5 responses): to lie, to wash the floor, salad, bad people and cockroaches

. One-dra-Ms-em (at least three): the number of people in public transport, passport control and modern magazines

If tattoos can easily be removed, what would be done today: no.

Do you have a computer and what is it you: there is. I'm living in it

. If you could rewind time back, and outplay any event, what would you have changed: nothing

. People whom you can call the professionals: Putin

. What you strive for / the dream: that good people had more

. How quickly you can carry away something new and than you are "infected" in recent times: I did want someone infected with
. The last time I got infected trichomonads

Lives Do you have at home someone with four legs, and his name: Lucy. Black and thin oriental cat. By the way, looking for her cat, dreaming about unforgettable sex.

We would like to participate in beauty contests: backstage

Do you sing in the shower and that: I sing everywhere, except the shower and toilet. Singing, of course, songs from the repertoire of Radio Maximum.


. I hate answering questions like 'How did you get on the radio? " To once and for all get rid of them, had to make this note.

. I always liked to listen to the radio
. Not, of course, that comes into our house on the wire and stood in the kitchen. Of course not! There, each morning they beat me on the head 'Pioneers Zorya' and weather in the Kosh-Agach. No, I loved to listen to this radio, which comes out of nowhere. I liked to twist the tuning knob of long and medium waves, and through interference analyze voices from Alien Worlds. I had a transistor receiver. If he was, I would hardly love radio. Only lamp could so bewitch people, located thousands of kilometers away from the scene. I still admire the lamp radiogram sized locker. I did a couple of big love make out. Frankly, the good of the dismantled little gramophone. They consist of a very old-fashioned detail, the application of which are difficult to come up. However, the form radiolnyh giblets made me enroll in radiokruzhok.

So, the Chinese, Americans, Germans and other vermin crackled in the air and revealed a big world. I felt like a resident of another planet.
It so happened that without much effort, I finished school and radiokruzhok and decided to enter the Novosibirsk Institute of Electrical. Head radiokruzhka suddenly informed that the radio technology - it is not cool. Another thing - computers! For them the future! What computers, I imagined little while and read about them very much. However, managers believe.

Leafing through the guide future student, I suddenly discovered that the university is absolutely similar Novosibirsk, exists in Leningrad. Leningrad was for me the same as that of computers - a big white spot. I've been traveling the country with his mother, but before the city and did not get. And suddenly I thought - п+п¦я-я-п¦п+п¦ go to Novosibirsk, where I was a thousand times, if you can combine the entrance exams with a visit to the Northern Capital. Even if I do not even deal - look at least a city. Packed up, I sat in the train.

In Leningrad, it was hot. End of June 1988 turned out to very hot. I ofigeval of temperature and humidity. In the admissions committee uncle shook my matriculation certificates and maliciously hinted that he was sorry for my silver medal, and there is no need to enter the profession 'computers, systems and networks', so fashionable among native of Leningrad. Having heeded the advice of his nasty, I agreed to study a different department - 'Automation and control processes in technical systems'. However, I do have never regretted. Specialty I found very useful. After handing in his first five exams - in physics - I automatically became a happy student at the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering of the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute.

At that time I was a fan of groups 'Alice' and 'DDT'. In potato, where we were misdirected in September, I met the same patients. Potatoes finished creating groups 'KROKOPLYUH'. So I got in close musician. This was the era of the past success of the group of the Leningrad rock club. I am actively involved in organizing a rock festival LETI. Here is where our paths crossed with Andrew Temkin, a man who played a key role in my radiokarere. Temkin played in the group 'PILOTS', which was stinking like a 'game'. We became friends and even played some time in the joint group 'STOGOV'S FAMILY'. Then he would go to live in America. But while he will see the ad for admission who wish to work in the air just open a radio station 'POLIS'.

. Radio 'POLIS' pontificate to reel tape recorders from a small studio, which they shared with other radio stations - 'Open City'
. Later, this was the room of the studio Radio Katyusha. One day, Temkin said that there is an opportunity to make their transfer to the 'Open City'. It was April 1992.
The program has turned my mediocre. After the third issue she died. And suddenly I was on the Radio 'POLIS'.

On Radio Polis I worked from June 1992 to January 1994 the first. Here I learned all. I was editor of news, sound engineer, writer of commercials, music journalist and just a DJ. Together with Andrew Temkin we did a weekly program 'MUSIC POLICE'. Debility administrative system at the radio station remarkably combined the spirit of secret conceptual raspizdyaystva. Here I met several people who greatly influenced me.

The most striking of them was Kostya Murzenko with whose personal therapist, Dr. Kalashnikov, we subsequently conducted a program for a long time 'NAIZNANKU'. Kostya was the first person in my life, which is absolutely not use the colloquial Russian. He spoke slozhnosochinennymi and compound sentences, as if reading from a piece of paper. Conceptual humor Bones was absolutely incomprehensible to ordinary people, and it was cool. Then Kostya carried away by the cinema and in this case is extremely succeeded. I still am his fan. Another important person was Cyril fugitives, future program director of Radio 'Modern'. Together we decided to look for jobs in the store CDs on Ligovsky Avenue, where we soon expelled on suspicion of corruption. One of the owners of the shop was Alexei Rumyantsev, who suddenly a few years later became popular with his group 'Ivan Kupala'.

Money not enough. On the Radio 'POLIS' paid little. Friend Sasha Begletsova Korshak read news on the freshly baked Modern Radio. Wages there were good and in January 1994, she arranged so, that we changed the place of work. At 'POLIS' terribly offended and have not paid me my salary for the last month. I did not care.

'Modern' was a commercial radio. However, the administration had nothing against the fact that I worked in parallel on an alternative station 'Katyusha'. I invented a pseudonym - Abdylda Abdykadyrov - every Monday and drove for four hours, European and American hard-core. In summer 1994 the second I got back from a European trip with a group of 'Chimera' and I were faced with a choice: either the 'Modern' or 'Katyusha'. I chose 'MODERN'. Instead of a 'Katyusha' I gave Anton Marushchak. Now he is music director of Radio Maximum in Moscow.

On 'Modern' I worked the usual DJ and conducted all sorts of programs - about trip-hop, pro drum'bass, about the blues, about the Leningrad rock, about the alternative. In short, tried to implement it as a music fan. It all ended in a 97-m, when I met on the air with Stillavin. About intelligent radio had to forget. Began MORNING SHOW.
In fact, the first morning show we tried to do with Lehoy Filippov. But I can not roll. Couple with Stillavin was a bomb. We had nothing in common except sex. Until now, I wonder how we can work together. Over the years of joint work, I discovered his talent, which no one else has - the ability to communicate with Stillavin for a long time. By and large, this is only because of what kept me on the radio. And once we even gave some kind of national award.

In summer 2001, 'Modern' is dead. I bought a washing machine and went to rest in the south. In late summer, I returned and heard a phone call. Phoned Sasha gingerbread, then program director of the Russian Radio, and offered a job in Moscow. To go to Moscow I did not want to, but interesting work in St. Petersburg did not suggest.
A good September afternoon Sasha Charles taught me to press the buttons in the studio of Russian Radio. She played the song 'NAUTILUS' 'Good Bye, America! " Suddenly ran Kalinin and demanded immediate withdrawal of its broadcast. Some planes crashed in the middle of the skyscrapers of New York.
By December 2001, for oh, I definitely ** l from the repertoire of Russian Radio. 'Kiss me everywhere, 18 I had' become dream at night. So when the program director called 'Maximum' Alex Glazatov, I realized that was saved.

It took quite a long time. From time to us in the studio runs CEO Misha Adelman and about something loudly shouting. I enjoy every day to look at the magnificent sunrise through the window. And honestly, I'm a little tired of show business.

G. Bachinsky

Source: http://bachinsky.bachistil.ru/

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