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Alexander Nuzhdin

( DJ on the radio `High` leading `Hit parade two capitals`, `FM Cafe`, `ether`)

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Biography Alexander Nuzhdin
photo Alexander Nuzhdin
Place and time of birth - April 21, 1970, at approximately 4 am, Moscow

. It was teased in school or as it is now known to friends - years go by, and I was like Nuzhdik and needs, and stayed.

. Place in Moscow / St. Petersburg / somewhere else that you love most - on the bank of the Moskva River on the hill (opposite the Kiev railway station), where the house is a semicircle.

. The most successful acquisition in recent years - Apartment in Krylatskoe.

. What has changed for you since you got to the maximum - Everything! Also of sensitivity in the music /

. What usually cook when I have time and when it is not - question for the most part to my wife, if she has time to cook
. If not, you can easily and meat dumplings "run against". I am unpretentious, but not at home do not eat.

What style prefer to dress - SEMI-sports

Favorite rags, which would never parted again - Sneakers Converse Chuck Taylor. Each year, already 10 years, buy this particular model

. The biggest damage caused by you - that spoiled and why - Glory to God, on a grand scale is not "speaking", but on little things - so the fact he and life!

. Phrase / The word / sound, from which just can not get rid - "п≈п╟я┬п╦п╠п╦я│я▄!"

. The most-favorite: movie, book, TV show and song --
. "Old New Year"
. "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy",
. "X-fayls"
. "Give me the night" (George Benson)

. Most of all love (not less than 5 responses):
. His wife,
. their children
. his apartment
. new music
. Chinese food
. payday.

. Do not love (not less than 5 responses):
. The breakdown of the machine
. lack of sleep,
. messages on the phone that "your funds are spent,
. debts.

. If tattoos can easily be removed, what would be done today? "- In this case, I would have been painted cleaner yakuza
. And indelible already two to the end of the year I will make another

. Do you have a computer and for what it is you - No, but next year will IMac

. If you could rewind back and replay the events of any event, what would you change? - Tried to find his present wife before, to enjoy happiness more than the allotted now

. People whom you can call the professionals:
. Arkady Novikov
. Steven Spielberg,
. Vladimir Pozner,
. Larry King
. Don Was & David Was

. What you strive for / the dream - to become a recognized professional in his field, to open a radio station, to raise their children properly

. How quickly you can carry away something new and than you are "infected" in recent years - inspire me to be difficult, but recently realized that I had a "quirk" in the new models of mobile phones

. Lives Do you have at home someone with four legs and what's his name - never! Thank God, my pets with me at the same time

. We would like to participate in beauty contests - Our life is a beauty contest, which aims at the same time Grand Prix - find their half

. Do you sing in the shower and that - constantly singing that "stuck" while he was driving

. There is something, what would you like to do or afford, but due to circumstances could not yet - I would like to learn how to cook and selflessly to do it, I would like to travel around the world

. What for you happiness - Smile my 6-month-old son п╬пЁп╬

. Council for all occasions - Not profukayte that floats in your hands

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  • Dead for Alexander Nuzhdin
  • Priikolno, my name is also Alexander Nuzhdin, and just teased at school. Good luck, namesake.
  • Koroleva2 for Alexander Nuzhdin
  • You are so boldly take my hand and trying to enter the world of knowledge ... Of course I am happy and I am grateful for this, but is it worth so lifts the veil, you know my age ...
  • Koroleva2 for Alexander Nuzhdin
  • I'm not about sex, and, even, not on the exterior ... very old site, and it stretches! But I'm not talking about ...
  • Koroleva2 for Alexander Nuzhdin
  • Perhaps it will be another century, Gd forbid, that I have not been disappointed ...
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    Alexander Nuzhdin, photo, biography
    Alexander Nuzhdin, photo, biography Alexander Nuzhdin  DJ on the radio `High` leading `Hit parade two capitals`, `FM Cafe`, `ether`, photo, biography
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