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Very osebe:
Alena V. Sviridov. Born Leonova. Let me a bit more than we would like, so this theme I coquettishly shut. I was born the fourteenth of August in the city of Kerch in the Crimea, from the time I consider myself a southern girl, I can not stand the cold and flourish in the very heat of fusion. I love the sea and walk barefoot. My Dad was a military pilot, a tall, handsome and brave, I am incredibly proud of them. Mama - Philologist. Beautiful, intelligent and purposeful. In my quarter of a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian blood, great-grandfather's name was Andrei Bully. Feel what fuse? In general, a child I was very happy and did not want to grow strongly. Then we moved to Minsk, I went to a specialized school with a musical bent, and my fate was sealed.

To be honest, the school I remember vaguely. Came every day to ride through the city twice, to make music every day, and after my parents sent me to study English courses for adults in general life impossible became. In fact, I really like the music and English, but, so to speak, in a free mode. Yes, you tyazhek, child labor. I skive as it could. In the seventh grade, learned to play guitar. That summer I went to the first time in summer camp. Tasted glory. Became painted fingernails and eyelashes. Boys are treated with respect, but as a friend, preferring a more mature classmates. I experienced.

In ninth grade, everything changed. I blossomed, played and sang in the school band. The boys ran herds. So teenagers complexes have been party. I decided that I was not pretty, but damn sweet. In this belief and come so far. Next was the Pedagogical Institute of Music-Pedagogical Department, I was taken in marriage, a child. Into a normal adult life.

In three years I was terribly bored by something unfulfilled, and sat down to write poetry depressive content and read books the same direction. About love and death. Played guitar and sang mournfully. The house has an understanding not met. Fell in love and went to the former theater and the failure to recognize the genius. He painted, wrote poetry and prose, devised performances, in short, I realized. I inspire and began to write songs. He liked. I were inspired more and recorded a few songs in Belarusian radio. They began to twist. I felt like an actress. Quite by accident at the same time, I was invited to work in Minsk, the Gorky Drama Theater, the main role in musical. But this is my friend I can not forgive.

That's such a sad story. But I really started to drive in a professional respect. I was invited to Moscow to try, that may get. Jura Ripyah, director of the very popular then Bogdan Titomir saw me at a concert in Minsk, opening for the aforementioned Bogdan, asked for a tape and a couple of weeks, call back, said he found the money and you can try. The money, incidentally, gave Alexander Shevchenko, the current producer Alsou. To be honest, at first I suspected Yura for wrong purposes, but he came to meet me along with his young wife, Natasha, so no longer need to keep the defense itself.

The first time I lived at home, where she was still Natasha's mother. Many thanks to them. Well, next you already know everything, seen it all;. No - never, Pink Flamingos, simply came to an end Winter, success and all that, so you are now reading my writing. I do not ascribe to himself a hundred percent success, because it does not it appear to me at the moment the most talented arrangers, musicians, producers, operators, artists, and just good people, it is unlikely that anything happened. Thanks Jure Ripyahu, Shevchenko, Sasha, Sasha Ivanov, Misha Hleborodovu, Sergei Kozlov, Sergei Gerute, which I made the first arrangements in Minsk and Yuri Reshetnikov, who organized my studio at the Belarusian Radio. Quite gratuitously, that is a gift

. Alena is now show on STS "Harem":

. The most beautiful reality show in the history of Russia's television - 'Harem' in Russian-dominated, women, and men must fight for their benevolence, to carry out all their whims and fantasies, go through various tests

Fate of 18 'nalozhnikov' is in the hands of four charming 'Sultana' - it is they who decide whom to expel from the Harem, and who remain there. For all the dramatic ups and downs of the show was glued to the eye cameras. In this romantic story of treachery and love there are no winners and losers, there are only conquerors!

. 'Harem' - a thin, very emotional, bright, exciting and romantic story, which focuses - relations between men and women who fight for love, frustration and victory
. This is a wonderful, erotic saga of the human passions, treacherous intrigue and broken hearts.

Who will be the victim can not be predicted in advance: the girl on the side where the power and strength, are not insured by treachery, deceit and unpleasant surprises, even from each other. At some point, they become rivals, and who knows what can cause a famous woman's jealousy!

This story is only possible in a fantastic location. Harem ITS passion unfold in exotic Kenya, one of the most delightful corners of the globe.

The leading show - Alena Sviridova. Guest Star harem residents - singer Natalia Koroleva and gymnast Alina Kabaeva.


Playing classics
1. If not
2. Without it
3. What's wrong with me
4. Beloved
5. My heart
6. Summer
7. Samba last love
8. This is because I (remake)
9. Masha
10. Murmuring brooks
11. Mr.X
12. Without it (remix)

Life Line
1. Oh
2. This man's love
3. This is because I
4. Give me a call
5. Life Line
6. Here
7. As well
8. Arise
9. Midnight Star
10. Jasmine

At night all the way
1. Poor lamb
2. If you want
3. Two Angels
4. Moonlight
5. Old Colonel
6. Carmencita
7. At night all the way
8. Ghost hero
9. My happiness
10. Lullaby
11. Will it always

Pink Flamingos
1. Pink Flamingos
2. Your fingers smell frankincense
3. I'm going to wind
4. Blues
5. No - never
6. Height
7. Voice in the Night
8. You are here
9. Just finished Winter
10. Light my dream
11. In the city?
12. Next time
. Official site Alyona Sviridova

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Photos of Alain SVIRIDOVA

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Alain SVIRIDOVA, photo, biography
Alain SVIRIDOVA, photo, biography Alain SVIRIDOVA  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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