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Photo Gallery Tatiana LAZAREVA (12)
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Biography Tatiana LAZAREVA
photo Tatiana LAZAREVA
Born in Novosibirsk, July 21, 1966. Incomplete higher education - get a degree prevented KVN. Play in the team at Novosibirsk State University, where it was hard not to notice thanks to the remarkable growth and vocal data. Double become 'Miss KVN'.

In 1994, among others kaveenschikov, was invited to work in Moscow over the transfer of humorous 'Once a week', invented by Alexander Akopov, then participated in KVN-transfer 'O.S.P.-Studio' TV-6. Also led entertainment 'Yum' and 'spite the record! ". Married to Michael Shatsem, which is currently engaged in a humorous rendition Good jokes' on the STS channel. Alone is the transfer of 'Children's Day with Tatiana Lazarus' on TV 'Home'. Member of the Academy of Rossiyskogo television, winner of 'TEFI-2006' in the category 'Best Leading entertainment software. "Son Stepan (born in 1995), daughter (1998 born).

Of herself:

My name is Tatyana Lazareva. I'll tell you about myself. Now.
So, I was born in Novosibirsk in Akademgorodok, a long time. My parents Valeria and Yuri S. Lazarevs. By the way, perhaps someone they knew and, if studied in the PMS at NSU. I studied myself in school? 162 troechki on chetverochku, by the way, greetings to my former classmates and teachers. Nothing remarkable in school with me did not happen, especially to remember nothing, except that in eighth grade, I took a group of political song "Amigo", which, though the school does not have any relationship. But is important in my formation and education. By the way, greetings to all those who were our fans and all the many, unfortunately, a former fellow of genre. Genre is dead and we have no. Welcome BG. Fortunately, all the bad things as good, ends, ended, and the school.

After school I did not do anywhere, which led to legal confusion and respect for the parents of the same troechnikov, as I. In my opinion, we had four. After one year as a typist in the newspaper "University life" and went to enter the Moscow theater in college, which apparently were not ready for this, because I did not take any of them. After poterplennogo fiasco in Moscow, I suffered a couple more in Novosibirsk, trying to go to music school at the vocal department. After my double, only one of all applicants, put a deuce, I dropped the idea, and with the sole purpose of comfort of my parents came to the Novosibirsk Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages Department. My fuse is not enough even for two years. Institute I threw, but shall always remain grateful to him for familiarity with Interlagerem, which in turn, is grateful for first love. Dima hello. Also greetings to all who witnessed this senseless passion

. Apparently, . under the influence of this madness, . I made another attempt to comfort their parents, . had already completely inconsolable, . and entered the Kemerovo Institute of Culture in the correspondence department in order to obtain a diploma specialty director and conductor of Pop and a brass band on saxophone,
. But, apparently, anyone who knows my destiny, then was still full of energy and excitement (from which quotation?), And I tossed a new exciting game - a game in KVN. All KVN-schikam - hello, hello, hello, and also personally with a bow, Alexander Vasilyevich. Institute, I happily abandoned and since then waved her hand at higher education. Parents also given up on me.

In the course of the game in KVN I got married (the other greetings! When we divorce?), Left her husband and twice won the highest title of "Miss KVN", long while Mrs.. After the era of KVN era of senseless wandering through life, which happily snapped an invitation to work on the program "once a week" in Moscow. Hello A.Z. Akopov and once again thanks for the chance. Chance to have met with wonderful people and favorite work. It's a miracle.

Another miracle - this is what I have born in Moscow, a remarkable boy steppes from a bastard. Hey, scumbag! How are you there, still alive? Boy I just wonderful, he is in his two years of distinguished brands of machines and is able to write three letters - D, C and P. It is for us with the most important letters. However, one can not mention the "Yum" and "spite records". YA. Perhaps the happiest man in a happy family of TV-6, because I have the good fortune to work as much in the three programs. Guide channel for some reason looking at it through my fingers. Separate greetings leadership. Well, perhaps, all. The rest you know. Hopefully, not too tired you with details. By the way hello to all who read all this nonsense to end.

Whereupon goodbye, always yours - Tatyana Lazareva.

Official site "GSP-studio"

Tatyana Lazareva. Well, very funny

Official site of Union KVN

STS - Humor - half past five

Photos of Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatiana LAZAREVA

Photos of Tatiana LAZAREVA

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  • Alevtina for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tatyana! Madly love your pair. You are simply a class with Michael! It is pleasant to watch and listen to your funny jokes. Dancing with the Stars look just for you. After 10 years, go out on a pension, I'll come to you to work for free maid. I have a friend just like you to. Also Tatiana, too tall, too pale red, and most importantly prikolistka that his words did not climb. I sincerely wish the prosperity, welfare. Happy people live longer and look younger than their peers. Stay please always such. I sincerely wish you success in your couple TV. Al.
  • cmacuk (27l) for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Aunt Tanya - the supernovae! And wishes: not to take offense at chutt naglenkuyu Sob .. achku, and not to forget about his "family"-Andryushka (Bocharova) and others, because to them it was just super .., well and in the present transfer to 1 + channel, too.
  • Alexander for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • I am the way godfather Drugova)
  • Tomato for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • I considered your program "Good jokes" very good from all cultural and humorous broadcasts on TV. Now friendship apart. Are you Tatiana was not enough that you were "face" of the channel STS? At first so many times you decide to pay pouchastvovatv harassment Pelageja Khans? Ashamed of you.. On the other hand is the umpteenth time was convinced that "teletusovki" God is one - Golden Calf .... But when Pelageya you in the program was so like "sincerely" admired "what a girl. ashamed??
  • Evgenia for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • With time and money do to people? Couple Schatz and Lazarev always watched and listened to great! Now Tanya is like a tank without a rudder. My friends and I are always happy to look the transfer of "good joke", but alas ... all Tania spoiled :-( Evolve ceased to work on yourself ... flat jokes, rudeness, and only wear it ... Disappointed ... disappointed
  • Sasha Alas, No-Fur for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Dear Tanya! And how's that for a phenomenon, . as Tanya Morozova of the KVN team "Moon - person Ural nationality''!? [A-ha! Tanya, . Tanya and Tanya, . Ha - ha!] Pure Bjork! Man - civilization! A deep immersion in the image! Aj terrible for her! (Once they have BitlHarrissona: "Listen, . do you want to know a secret: THREE TIMES THE NINE - TWENTY-SEVEN!),
    . Excuse me, awkwardly ... You still be friends?
  • Sasha Alas, No-Fur for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Say, . care - go, . but in the end: He could easily be misunderstood in the context of the current Flame and recent developments (probably, . not all and not always worth and useful, . And it is true - it all!?), . but I, . why - then I want to believe, . that neither your GIFTS, . or your general, . noble, . good, . sensitive and responsive SOUL nor your absolute natural beauty and imperatricheskaya never be in a special degree will not be subject to devaluation, . and from random errors no one is immune,
    . "All of us - a little horse!" For symmetry, goodbye. Immensely adore you, stupid and blind puppy. Sneeze publicity!
  • something for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Nerom1 for Tatiana LAZAREVA
  • Tanya, I love you from the time - "why am I a fool, dressed up?" I do not know what else could gossip ... not want to believe.
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    Tatiana LAZAREVA, photo, biography
    Tatiana LAZAREVA, photo, biography Tatiana LAZAREVA  Leading, actress, photo, biography
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