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Yelena Yatsura

( Producer)

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Biography Yelena Yatsura
photo Yelena Yatsura
Graduated Faculty teatrovedchesky RATI (GITIS) (1992), a course on psychoanalysis and theatrical disciplines TRINITY COLLEGE, Dublin.

Executive producer of films 'love in Russian-2' (1997, dir. E. Matveev), 'The American' (1998, dir. D. Meskhiev), 'Women's property' (2000, dir. D. Meskhiev), etc.. Film Producer 'April' (2001, dir. K. Murzenko), 'Marriage of convenience' (2001, dir. YU. Pavlov), 'Diary of suicide' (2002, dir. D. Meskhiev), 'Icy' (2002, dir. M. Brashinsky), 'In Traffic' (2002, dir. F. Jankowski), 'Sky. Airplane. Girl '(2002, dir. V. Storozheva).

As Hollywood we never going to happen, the only thing you can do is to find the living history - a very different. Everything is an experimental way. Ninety per cent of scripts ordered.

. History

. "Wants more DEBUT
. Yelena Yatsura, producer of "Word", an appointment with a correspondent of the newspaper "Izvestia" Mary Kuvshinovo in the cafe "Minute" on the Leningrad station - one hour before departure of trains
. However station mined, . and the interview had to do in the car, . which Yatsura (which had a bearing on many notable film project last time - from "April" to "In Motion") immediately turned to his office - smoking, . answer calls and even to receive visitors.,

. - What are you taking a picture at the festival in Venice?
. - Sky
. Airplane. Girl ". Remake picture "Once again about love" with Doroninoj and Lazarev. Scenario Renata Litvinova, staging Faith Patrol - she an adult, many filmed for television, but this is her first feature film. In Venice, he fell into the "New Territories" and in the competition debuts.

- Litvinov on this project was also a producer. How you shared responsibilities?
- Together, we showed character when you start the project, and then found some interesting art-making. The economic part was more for me, and creative - debated. Under the project was opened by a special project - it is our partnership with Litvinova. "The word" supported me, giving the opportunity to grow with other projects. Together we are working with Art-Pictures ", with Fyodor Bondarchuk and Stepan Mikhalkov.

- In "The Word", in my opinion, there is a kind of unified stylistic concept. You like something for yourself it formuliruete?
- Yes, there is an approach. Not that we know exactly in what place to go. Russian cinema was in special situations: a demographic crisis, economic circumstances, the replacement of a producer-states to the private producer - it all came together in a terrifying combination of. This occurred against the backdrop of the global process in which the genre film mutated into vnezhanrovoe. So we go wherever our leads his own intuition. The principle is very simple: we live in indescribable world in which there is a mass of interesting, lives many wonderful characters, stories ... The simplest of our conflicts, complex conflict - about them in the movie is not told. Movies nineties - a child of circumstances nekinematograficheskih. Can the fingers to enumerate what was then living. As Hollywood we never going to happen, the only thing you can do is to find the living history - a very different. Everything is an experimental way. Ninety per cent of scripts ordered.

- You call the writer and say: "I want to order something" ...
- I kept thinking that this scourge of our own market - the lack of writers. Eternally their three and a half man. But in advanced cinematographic Power to provide the same. Therefore we can not say that we can make an order and it will be executed. Script of the film "In Motion" was ordered out of desperation, because we wanted to start a "young" project. We have brought a terrible script, written by vgikovskomu textbook, just a chapter by chapter, in the sense of conflict and dialogue. Was 1998. We looked for a man who could rewrite it and make this place a living history of the Muscovite. Finally we got to Gennady Ostrovsky, and was born film "In Motion" (although could be born anything). We ordered Ostrovsky script on the history, which he invented himself. Everything we do - is always opposing motion of someone interesting ideas and creativity. Ready there is nothing, no five-year plan for the development of genres.

. - At the heart of the picture "in motion" is based on history, for the nineties, quite typical - the life of a secular journalist ...
. - Playwright Ostrovsky neither sleep nor spirit did not know what kind of social life
. This author, who is sitting at a desk, and scratching his pen behind his ear. The film "In Motion" - antitusovochny. There people live, speak good replicas - they are just placed in a secular environment. The script was commissioned Aug. 17, 1998 - the day because of the default giknulsya entire budget of the film, with a long. But we have not stopped working on him. And for me in this scenario, everything fell into place in 2001 - is the focus of a good script. It seems that about the parties, but really about living people.

- What happens next?
- "Icy". Directorial debut of Michael Brashinskogo - lively dramatic story. The project - an incredible adventure, scam. There's Diary kamikaze Dmitry Meshieva, the picture about the inevitability of fate, which already showed in the Vyborg. Meskhiev - one of the best directors of today, and I know it's not only me. Even I am doing a project "Four" by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, debut with a script by Vladimir Sorokin - that says it all. Autumn starts Fyodor Bondarchuk - about this project do not want to talk. We'll take it quietly, and then show. Cooking directorial debut Litvinova full meter. There are new names. But while there is a huge desire to have the second work, all of our recent debutants. On the other hand, wants new debuts, because there is an insatiable space, which requires more people, characters, stories.

. - What happened to the "Russian Decameron", consisting of paintings by Valentin Chernykh scenarios?
. - It remains a very sought-project
. I think that we will continue to do it. U "Decameron" is a series of "marriages of convenience", filmed last year, about a girl calculator and its unexpected good fortune.

- They say that you started almost in the porn industry?
- This is a great exaggeration. When I appeared in the studio "Word" - came thirteenth deputy editor - at issue were four paintings and started a big crisis. In order not to lose the state of the studio, I had to do something that would be a commodity today. This product was licensed video - it was not porn or even erotica. This was adult video. I will then give the tape, see. We are gradually spilled over to this project, which involved a very adult film directors. They organized this ц?ц?цў holidays - poor model of green on the site until they really put the light. Normal school work, important experience. Photographing the way, should be porn, not erotica. Erotic any non-business.

- Other filmmakers you consider your competitors?
- While all do one thing. We are each other while not exactly competitors. This is ridiculous.

Interview with producer Yelena Yatsura

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Yelena Yatsura, photo, biography
Yelena Yatsura, photo, biography Yelena Yatsura  Producer, photo, biography
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