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Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green)

( Actor)

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Biography Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green)
photo Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green)
Actor: Brian Austin Green
Date of Birth: July 15, 1973
Family oplozhenie: Not married
Optional: Brian was born in South Kalifornii.On began his acting work in 11 years. Also interested in music. He loves surfing, swimming, skateboarding, biking, skiing.

Biography of Brian exemplary. Brian was born July 15, 1973 in Southern California. Now living in Los Angeles. He began his acting work in 11 years. Surfing, biking, skateboarding, swimming, skiing. Professional career started with the dubbing and advertising. During the actor's work is also engaged in music and even released his own music album by hip-hop "One Stop Carnival". Boring life of a guy.

When approaching the house of Brian Austin Green in the northern district of Hollywood I have to climb a steep hill. The house was built in Spanish style, at the end of the access road above the garage door, hanging, as though resting calmly, the old basketball hoop
. When I come to the door, . master of the house has welcomed me with warm infectious smile and a gesture to invite to come inside, . where I was enthusiastically greeted his two dogs: Alex, . impressive, . but obedient Rottweiler, . and Bailey, . restless-year-old golden labrador,

This serene home atmosphere and home furnishings reflect the success that Brian has already reached at an early age. His career developed without stopping for ten years, . since, . he first appeared on television, . Brian Cunningham played in the film multiserial Knots Landing, . then, . flashing in the evening the famous series Beverly Hills 90210, . which is, . after a successful six-year demonstration, . coming to an end,
. Even before that, as Brian picked up "acting virus, a successful career of his father, as a drummer, Brian helped to open a love for music. The specialization of his father was rustic, but it is strongly at odds with the tastes of "city boy".

Brian: "I've always liked rap, and in Los Angeles, where I grew up, I was influenced by a variety of areas of hip-hop. Groups such as, for example, Phatcyde, had a huge influence on me. Their music is original, diverse, deep, and the texts are always modern. They say that my own music is the same ". With his new disc One Stop Carnival, and with a hit from this album, the song "You Send Me", it is quite a good start to his career in another direction.

After a brief tour of the house of Brian, we settled down for a talk in the living room, while Alex and Bailey have done everything possible to attract our attention with its hilarious games.

PLEYGERL: How did you became involved in this crazy business?
Brian Austin Green: I went to art school, where he studied at the jazz class, played in the group, mostly in shock. Many students who were studying at the director's, invited other students to shoot at their graduation pictures, it was in the order of things. I starred in some of them, just for fun. Eventually, through friends, I met with the agent and participated in several commercial films, then I got a part in Knots Landing ... Alex, stop it! (Alex drops from the second floor of a large rubber toy, which landed a few inches from us.)

. What did you do after that?
. Acted in a number of commercial paintings, second-rate films, then made a few samples, which, in the end, nor to no avail
. In the end, I got to sample for Beverly Hills 90210. Well, all the rest is history.

Were you thrilled that won a role in Beverly Hills 90210?
No, because before that I took part in three tests and knew that his chances to have a TV series were small. It's not been like that would happen - that I suddenly became a real actor, and would have a permanent role in the series.

It looks like Aaron Spelling really has a magical flair when it comes to real talent.
Yes, this is so, although you never know for sure. I'm sure people said the same thing, when films such as Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat and The Mod Squad were very popular, and then the fashion was.

They certainly played a role in the 70. And now you are interested in some directions in the retro style?
No, hip-hop is much more suited to my lifestyle.

How did you become engaged in them?
He just always liked. While studying in school, I often listened to James Brown. He had an enormous impact on the whole music industry. He was one of the first artists who found the four music-sized bar, which he liked, and then always followed, changing and adding their vocal parts. His work is very influenced hip-hop, demonstrating that this style should not adhere to any strict framework, and develop together with the Executive.

Do not you listened to the music of his father when growing up?
(Ulybayas.) No, I did not hear her, even when it sounded so loud, that being in my room, I could hear her, and even when I went to his concerts. I never have bought a single album with country music. This is one of those styles that I simply can not digest. It is "not mine".

But your father's involvement in the music business was enough to at least intrigue you, do not you?
Oh yes. Originally my goal was to learn to play the drums, but my father sent me to take piano lessons. He explained that this is the fact that to start me it would be nice to learn musical notation. I took lessons for six years. And now I thank God for the fact that my father forced me to then take these lessons because they gave me a lot.

Was it something in common between you, students in high school, and David Silver?
Nothing. I have never been "his" company, I did not stand out from the crowd. I had a wonderful friendship with five guys, all of which belonged to different "groups, so one day I had to sit in the corner, and another - somewhere under a tree outside the school. Everyone chooses for themselves some "special" place, and I show up where there were my friends.

In your school taught children of different nationalities?
Variety. I grew up, studying in schools with kids of different colors. North Hollywood, where I was born and raised, was not too much an international area, but I never went to school there. I am glad that I grew up with a sense of indifference or guilt in relation to this whole situation. For all of us was perfectly normal to spend time together.

You have worked without stopping until now. Are there moments when you just do nothing?
I can not just sit and do nothing. Although sometimes I'm sitting on the couch and just watch movies.

What films do you like more?
Any. For example, I saw "Braveheart" is already 15 times. It is simply amazing picture.

Do you like all these bloody scenes of battle?
No, just not very. I agree, this film many bloody scenes, but then, as Mel (Gibson) introduces the viewer into the plot, just amazing - it happens so naturally. This is not "Friday the 13th, where some guy running around from house to house and kill people just for the sake of killing. This film tells about the price that people had to pay over time for their freedom.

Maybe you were a Scot in a past life?
(Laughs) Who knows?. I went there and did not say "Wow!" I recognize this place! ". Part I Scot, but besides that, I got mixed up in many different bloodlines. I like A-1 sauce. Little Scot, a quarter Italian, Cherokee Indian, Hungarian, Irish. (Pause.) I think it's. Yes, it's.

How did that scar on your cheek?
First I will tell you the story of macho. I've been climbing, when came across a flock of wild cheetah. I had to fight against them with bare hands. And one of them managed to offend me, before I broke his neck with a lightning-quick movement.

One left of course?
Sure! Because I drank water while watering her legs, because I'm awfully tired the whole day to climb the mountains. (Laughs) Actually, the following happened: when I was three, I was playing with a dog of my grandfather, all this was happening in Las Vegas. And then suddenly this dog got it into his head gently take me in the teeth and ran with me in the teeth for the back yard. That's where actually the scar.

That dog grabbed you by the neck from behind?
I do not even remember, I just remember feeling like the whole world running past. (Laughs)

Yes, it looks like a macho story. So you grew up in North Hollywood?
Born and raised. My parents still live in the same house. (Bailey nuzzle into my lap.) Yes, she's our kind of test, which is always at hand, it checks your. (Laughs)

How old were you when you had the first girl?
I had a lot of girls, but with none of these relations are not reached the point that I wanted to stay with her. I have not attached any special significance as long until he began to meet with my last girlfriend. She really was my first big love.

It was Tiffani-Amber Thiessen?

When you part?
In September. We met a little over three years, a year from the time we lived together, and before that we were friends for almost six years. The time when we lived together, it was the easiest part of our relationship. We would have been wonderful neighbors, even if it had not been together.

What was most difficult?
Artificiality in the relationship from time to time. We started dating, even before they became withdrawn, together. And then everything we did, it became like a new item in our work.

Maybe some part of yourself is to first enjoy it?
It was some sort of force majeure. All of us called: Magazines "People", "TV Guide" asked us to withdraw to the cover or to a particular section; NBC said that they are developing a program a show for us. In the end, we stopped and asked myself what part of our lives, we would like to give each other. We gave too much, and relations have become a heavy burden.

You finally parted?
We're still good friends. Although my strongest belief was that we eventually come to hate each other. We were friends for seven years, and I do not want to sever these relationships.

Some time passed before you became close. Whether you are for her physically attractive, when you first met?
Simply, it was something that at some stage was a natural and "the place". It was really funny.

When did you first realize that you love her?
I woke up one morning and said to myself, "Wow!" I like to be with this man more than anyone else in my life! " And then it turned out that it is mutually.

And in that moment you knew that it was mutually?
No. I thought then, "Damn. What's happening? "In general, I did not intend to say anything to her. But then it emerged by itself in ordinary conversation.

Before that you never thought of her as his girlfriend?
All fairly. Let us close the subject of our relationship with her.

Ok. Tell me how you were before you got to know Tiffany?
Oh, I was much more rampant. I was ...

Yes, perhaps, at times. I started promoting clubs when I was 15. But do the so called student work, I started much earlier. I could easily have myself to, but at the same time, doing crazy things. When I met Tiffany, I realized that it is not so bad - just to spend time alone with itself. Not necessarily all the time to be in the company, drink and expose themselves to ridicule, to be recognized and enjoy life. In this sense, it really softened me. Together we have matured and gained good experience.

There are many people twice as old as you, who are still trying to understand this. Where did you get this common sense?
I borrowed it from their parents, as well as from his brother and sisters. My relatives are very kind, reasonable and realistically related to the life of people. I have a very caring mother, sometimes even too careful. And my father - the logic to the bone. He is able to think logically in every situation. My parents were married for 24 years - as you can see, in my childhood I have had the necessary sense of stability. From a very early age I learned to think and make decisions independently.

What keeps them together, while a number of pairs of splits?
First, they love each other. They work together to solve all problems. A huge number of people being deceived, believing that when two people marry, they become something one. But not in this case. Poor thing you can do is isolate themselves from other people for the sake of someone. When a man throws friends, and everything connected with them, only to be with another man, one morning he wakes up devastated. He denies himself to non-existent because of the belief that it should be.

In the tumultuous days of your youth, of what type of girls you blood starts pounding in my temples?
At that time, my ideal had been energetic young person, preferably with a large bust. (Laughs) I'm kidding. I was like - blondes, brunettes, blacks, white, any race ... Anything, I do not care.

In general, you were born quite worried by dog.
(Laughs) Yes, I did not care with whom to spend the evening.

Now you are slowly returning to the mood?
I have too much work. I always work with his parents in his office, and it is very important to me. Going out at night - this is such fooling. For me pastime in clubs for singles, where you sit, talk, trying to get to know each other, it is a difficult test.

Who, in your opinion, is the sexiest actress of our time?
Well, if today, then I, for one, still want to meet Halle Berry. (Laughs) In addition, she is not married.

And beautiful, is not it?
She just always elegantly and tastefully dressed, is able to present themselves. Hale, O Lord. (On his face there is a dreamy smile). Oh God. Of all the actresses in Hollywood is the only one that does not necessarily smarten up and stand for hours in front of the mirror to be beautiful, and give the impression of sexual and sensual woman. (At this time, Bailey begins to lick my feet in sandals), Lord What is she doing? Yes, this is really sex family. We all went into physical contact with each other. (Laughs)

Tell me what you think about all this plastic surgery and fashion at her, ruling in Hollywood.
This reflects our strong vulnerability. Half the people in Hollywood - non-native, who come here to start a career as an actor, model, or someone else. To some extent I understand it, because if you recognize me on the street, I want to look at all the one hundred and behave as much as possible impressively throughout these nine yards, so this is a permanent show. But many people come here to try yourself, and create yourself anew. But they go to extremes.

Many believe that it looks quite sexy.
If someone does not sense enough to look at this and realize how it is false, then it has nothing to help.

What's in a woman sexually, in your opinion? Remember that readers PLAYGIRL very interested in such things.
Wow! I can not believe that this PLAYGIRL! I just realized this. But what I do in PLAYGIRL? I am not worthy.

Yes, stop it! In our editorial poshodili all crazy when they learned that the magazine ran an article about you.
But there was this. All nonsense. (Laughs)

True. One of the editors made a back somersault in the middle of the room. It was just incredible.
Well, yes, but then she fell down and now can not rise. (Laughs). You know, I can not pinpoint what it is that attracts me to a woman. In nine cases out of ten it's just sort of a natural feature of her character and the natural friendliness. I need to really get along with someone. Physical attraction is one thing, but there are a thousand different things that can draw you into her physically, and for the most stupid reasons. For example, the way she wore pantyhose, or anything else. All this is absolutely stupid to do this any conclusions.

Thus, tights .... anything else?
(Laughs) I like girls, living in peace with itself, and not caring about the opinion of others. I love really strong women who were raised in respect to themselves.

Maybe the physical part of the relationship is not so important to you?
Just recently I had a few unpleasant situations, when meeting with the most beautiful girls, I just could no longer speak with them. Physical attraction is not always. Sometimes I see someone in a nightclub and say to myself: "Lord, it is the most beautiful girl I ever seen for quite a long time!" And then I saw her the next evening and think: "Oh no, I do not think so". Body and mind are very interesting - they are snatching away some one detail before creating the overall picture. We generally tend to pick out from the image of man is something separate, be it legs, ass, or anything else.

And then create a whole picture?
Yes. Then you sit there and form an opinion about a person, and you often think: "Yes, it has beautiful shape, but it is as stupid as a stump! Have absolutely no sense of humor and certainly a strong character". Then everything falls apart - the forms are simply forms, that's all. With the same success I can be a pervert, not looking anything but porn at night, eating crunchy chocolate Nestle and keeps the house tons of alcohol. (Laughs)

I'm not just saying this - when you're with someone, it does not mean that you love only part of the body of this man.

You flattered that you compared with the white rapper Ice Cube, Vanilla Cube? What's his name?
(Laughs) Vanilla Ice.

He dug its own grave. He tried to pretend that they live the life which, in his opinion, live rappers. He believed that all of them - come from the slums that they have to be behind the brutal past, and that they constantly talk rap. In general, he was not himself.

Where did you pull this?
Not from where. It depends on the atmosphere in which you lived and what kind of music do you listen to. I grew up, paying attention to any kind of information, I just drank it - regardless of whether it is hip-hop, or something else. I'm always watching what is happening around me and a lot of contact with people. I never tried to become someone else. I just did what gave me pleasure and what am I good.

To see if you have any feelings of resentment?
Oh, I am sorry about many. This is normal. I can not control it and not worry about it. In every interview I have to explain why I, white, still doing hip-hop. It has long moved beyond the musical aspect of this business. And the music, I am critical, like any other. Sometimes I'm critical of the works of other singers, who take up something new, before I hear their music. But if the music is there, then they have done their work, and I like the plate.

How do you feel about statements like: "This good-looking, clean boy from Beverly Hills 90210 just wants a little change image".
This topic was raised several times. It's funny how people associate me with the TV series, though I actually David Silver. Like every day I wake up in Beverly Nillz and go to the "Stone" to eat a hamburger. People really think so, and I can not do anything with it. All I can say is that the industry of hip-hop there are some people who really enjoy what I do. I know whence I came, and my album speaks for itself. (Suddenly, Bailey, who all this time, resting, resting his head on the nearest sofa, stood up and belched loudly.) Incidentally, it was a dog, not me! Take care, please, that it was recorded on tape. Yes, she knows. She has a stunning vocal, is not it? (Laughs)

I do not think I ever heard that a dog is burping. Do you live in the house of undoubted talent.
In this case, it's great. (Laughs)

This is the last year for the Beverly Hills 90210. Not if David is going to throw something such things?
For me, these episodes are behind. David had already gone through it all - drugs and everything else. I'm not happy because I have to play the "bad guy".

Now, five days a week, show the old series. What kind of reaction they caused you?
Really fun to look at himself in this series. This is regarded as their old photos. I was so young when he began to appear in series. This is already history. Everyone, as they grow older, pass any stage of change, and our viewers have all seen it.

Is it important for your glory?
No. I just want to continue doing a good job. I want to achieve professionalism in everything I do. Everything related to fame, as such, does not inspire me more. This is strange because I remember that the biggest impression in my childhood was the episode when Halloween I went from house to house, shouting "Trick or Treat!" And, eventually, came to the house of Henry Winkler, he opened me door. I was able to meet with The Fonz, it was fun. Then, when my street filmed TJ. Hooker, I became acquainted with William Shanter, it was so unusual.

I think this shows that you do not buy newspapers to read about myself.
That is precisely the problem in this business.

Do you have any eccentricities, quirks?
I do not want to disclose their. (Laughs) That's part of the game. Half of what men do - is pondering how to pass the same night, and how strong impression they make on a girl. I'm for lotions and oils, for all this romantic and sensual side of relationships. I like candles, bath and all that kind.

You have a large bathroom?
Yes, I have a huge jacuzzi. And I very much enjoyed it when I was a girl.

You love to take baths alone, or it is not men's work?
Yes, I always take baths. I turn on music, light some incense, sit in the bathroom and think, "Lord, here right now life is beautiful".

What do you you want to do after Beverly Hills 90210?
I plan to buy a house at Lake Tahoe and settle there, to be able to play music. And in this house, I'll stop when I come to town.

Is there something like that, what would you like to do before you leave this earth?
Yes, I would like to meet Halle Berry. (Laughs) I'm just kidding. Halle, please do not think that I was mad ... But, seriously, I would like to see my relatives, friends and everyone around me, life was good, and that they enjoy life, just as I am now enjoying my. (Bailey and Alex enthusiastic wag their tails and lick the owner several times with wet tongues.)
You see, they are happy, and I
. Filmography:
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. "Small Wonder" (1985 )................. Gary
. "Growing Pains" (1985 )..... player in children's music school in the episode: "Music Group"
. "Still the Beaver" (1985)
. "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" (1987)
. "Knots Landing" episodes ...
. Brian Kannigem (1986-1989)
Baby M (1988) (film) .... Ryan Vaythead
Spies Inc. (1988) .... David Silver
. "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) ................. WEU in episode: "Time will come today"
. Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) (film) .... David Silver
. "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (1990 )................... Himself in episode: "The great tragedy"
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. Ambassado Todd
Kid (1991) .... Metal Node
American Summer, An (1991) .... Charles 'Fin' Fidli
King Ralph (1991) .... Ed Myers
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (1991) .... Tommy
"Melrose Place" (1992 )................... David Silver
"Saved by the Bell: The College Years" (1993) ... Himself in episode: "cautionary tale"
"Biker Mice From Mars" (1993) TV series .... Rimfaer
"Fantastic Four, The" (1994), the multi-cartoon (voice) .... Jonathan 'Johnny' Storm
She Fought Alone (1995) (film) .... Isen
Friend's Betrayal, A (1996) (film) .... Gender
. "Mad TV" (1995 ).............. Himself
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Laws of Deception (1997) .... Cal Miller

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Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green), photo, biography
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