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The most controversial metal band in the history of the genre. Write about Burzum very difficult, . since the activity graph Grishnaka (as a musical, . and non-musical) is diametrically opposite ratings, . but not impossible to write, . It's impossible to deny the enormous influence this man on the development of heavy metal music,
. If there were no Burzum, black metal and still would have remained in a deep underground, and the existence of an entire constellation of the Norwegian monsters of the genre would know only a few. In writing this material I tried to be as objective as possible and present only the facts, so let readers decide for themselves how to evaluate their.

The leader and sole permanent member Burzum Count Grishnak (real name Christian Vikernes) was born in the spring of 1973 in the Norwegian town of Bergen. He grew withdrawn and uncommunicative, preferring books noisy companies. Music of Christian carried away in 14 years when he heard the disc Iron Maiden "Killers" and immediately decided to gather your own group. He called it the Uruk-hai, but the musicians, but Vikernes, it never was, as in the Norwegian wilderness virtually no fan of hard rock. Nevertheless, Christian hard mastered all the necessary instruments of rock music and writing songs, some of which are in the form of pererabotanom were subsequently recorded for Burzum. For example, the track "Naar himmelen Klarner" from the album "Det Som En Gang Var" was composed at a time.

That changed in 1989 when friends introduced a young Christian man from Oslo on behalf of Oystein Aarseth. True, he did not like his so called, and preferred nickname Euronymous (Prince's death in Greek mythology). Euronymous played guitar in the cult, though virtually unknown, the group Mayhem, and also owned a gramophone shop Helvete ( "Hell") and the record company Deathlike Silence Productions (DSP). Mayhem was at that time almost the only Norwegian bands playing black metal. They are also fond of Satanism and hated Christianity, which, in their view, was imposed on the Norwegian fire and sword, and the same fire and sword should be destroyed. For the Christian, who from childhood fascinated by the Norwegian history and traditions of the Vikings and the cult of the god Odin, this position seemed akin. He became a frequent visitor to souvenir Euronymous, and soon became a member of the underground black metal group that called itself The Inner Black Circle Of Norway ( "The inner black circle of Norway). At the head of this organization was Euronymous, and its members were, in addition to ordinary Satanists, musicians, groups, Emperor, Immortal, and Dark Throne.

Somewhere at the same time, Christian had finally managed to find like-minded and Bergen. Together with two equally sourpuss, he founded the band Old Funeral. Christian is not written for this project, not a single song, but regularly practiced with him and even played several times at concerts. However, live performances were not to his taste, and he left the group, which soon ceased to exist ignominiously. Material Old Funeral was released on the compact only in the late 90-ies. He does not like black, it's likely to sweep away trash and death metal of interest only from a historical point of view.
A few weeks Christian lost in the project Satanel (not to be confused with the modern Italian team), which he founded together with musicians from the group on behalf of the Immortal Abbath. However, both considered Satanel more jokes than a serious group, and soon to take up its own projects.

In 1991, Christian moved to a small house, paying for his mother. He held it most of the time, playing guitar and studying all kinds of literature - works on Norwegian history, mythology and, of course, "The Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien. In this folio, which is a source of inspiration for the metal world, Christian deducted, the term "burzum" - the plural of the word burz ( "darkness"). His new project he named this way and chose a pseudonym Count Grishnak (they say that he too is taken from Tolkien, but the evidence that I have not). He asked friends to call himself Varg ( "wolf" in Old Norse). A couple of years, he formally changed his name to Varg Vikernes.

So, Burzum began its activity. During 1991, the project has recorded three instrumental demo, which is not on sale, and distributed his own Varg. They are now available in mp3 format on the official site Burzuma, besides most of their material has been rewritten for the debut self-titled album of this project, which was released in 1992, the firm Euronymous.

"Burzum" became one of the first black metal discs in Norway. From a musical point of view, he sets the standard for future releases colleagues Varga on the stage. It was a classic example of music which is now called the true and evil black metal - a wall of guitar sound, blast-bit stressed and pushed to the background bass, plus a furious speed, screaming vocals and eerie sound quality. However, it is just awful by the standards of people who prefer more traditional forms of music, and Varg, quite possibly, just this and sought. Anyway, the sound has never played in a black reference value. For this genre importantly - cold and gloomy atmosphere, and she was always at Varga. On the first album Burzum appear continuers of Bathory - like the legendary Quorthon Seth, . Varg introduced songs slow fragments, . but dropped in an effort to diversify his music even further, . zapihnuv disk track, . all played on a synthesizer,

Nevertheless, most fans of heavy music did not even suspect the existence of black metal scene in Norway, and at home black metallers were in the deepest underground. Not surprisingly, the debut Vikernes not earned him special laurels. Fame came to him quite a different angle.

Spring of 1991, singer and bass guitarist of Mayhem, nicknamed Dead committed suicide. Some circumstances of the incident clearly hinted at the involvement in this incident Euronymous, which immediately aroused great interest from the police. However, no evidence of guilt of the commander in chief "dark circles" has not found and the case was closed. And the post of Mayhem bassist was taken Varg. He participated in the recording of the classic full-length "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas", . and although some sources (including album art) argue, . that his party were re-recorded drummer Hellhammer after the death of Euronymous, . he insists on the opposite,
. Anyway, crude version of the album without vocals, where Varg certainly played, was released butleggerami entitled "From The Darkest Path".

By the time Varg was the second man in the "inner circle" and began to actively fight for the leadership. All his energy, he sent out to push the "Circle" into action against Christians and Christianity. After the death Deda he has finally succeeded, and black metal came out on the warpath. Decided to start with non-satanic metal bands, namely, with Paradise Lost. During a tour of Scandinavia bus the group was attacked by a crowd of 14-16-year-old black metal, which the musicians have not touched, but now they have caused considerable damage to property. Later saboteurs come back in Sweden, where the burned door of the apartment of Christopher Johnson, vocalist for the band Therion.

Stretch way, Krug moved on to more decisive actions. On the night of June 6, 1992 the church was burned in Fantofte, near Bergen, and the end of the year, seven more churches burnt. To further scoffed over the enemy, Varg posted an image of ruins in Fantofte on the cover of its new mini-album "Aske" ( "ashes"). This CD included two new songs and the overdubbed "A Lost And Forgotten Sad Spirit" with the debut. In his writing has participated guitarist Samoth of Emperor, Burzum who played bass. Mini-album was released on the DSP, although Varg initially wanted to release it independently. These plans prevented the police, who arrested the arsonist in early 1993 on suspicion of possession of illegal substances vzyvchatyh. Varg has been in prison three months, but was released for lack of evidence. However, when they searched his home police brought with them all the papers and not based firm, so that the "Aske" had yet to publish on DSP.

Euronymous also wanted to release and second full-length Burzum, which was called "Det Som En Gang Var" ( "what happened") and was recorded three months after the debut. DSP has just signed a contract to distribute its products to a major label Voices Of Wonder, and the future of the office seemed quite optimistic. However Varg was another opinion. He believed that he envies Euronymous specifically does not run his records, and generally windbag, incapable of real action. Obviously, Varg dreamed about leadership in the "Circle", about the present war against Christianity, but Euronymous did not want to openly go to the crimes (even to who is in prison, Hunt - aut.). Moreover, for the strife was another reason - Euronymous stole Varga girl. Former colleagues were rapidly transformed into enemies, and prepare for the "action" is against each other. It only remained unclear who will inflict the first blow.

It is clear that in such a situation, a disk Burzum on DSP was not possible, and Varg decided that he will cope well. He named his company Cymphane Productions, signed a contract with destribyutorsky Voices Of Wonder and quickly issued a "Det Som En Gang Var" on CD-ROM edition of 950 copies. Album was released in August 1993, a few days before Varga was arrested again, this time seriously and permanently.
About why and how this happened, wrote, perhaps, all self-respecting print and electronic publications, so I will be brief. So, on the night of August 11, 1993 Varg and Snorre, his friend came home to Euronymous in the suburb of Oslo. Varg Euronymous accused of reneging on the contract, for which he was sent to hell with the promise embed in the face. In response to such a statement "Earl" snatched pripasaenny specifically for this purpose knife and stabbed Euronymous 23 wounds in the neck, head and back, why he died on the spot. Within 10 days of the killer was behind bars. When arrested, he had discovered 150 kilograms of dynamite, which the "Circle" was going to blow up a church in the city Nidarosdomen - architectural monument of IX century. Soon arrested another 12 members of the "Circle".

The act Varga shocked all metal Norway and the rest of the world. Previously, no one known as Burzum and Mayhem were now on everyone's lips, and journalists lined up to take from Varga interview, and left shocked by his revelations. "The average person degraded under the influence of Christianity. He can not understand the concepts of higher level, "- said the U.S. magazine Grishnak Descent. - "The Jews made the world believe in the deception of the end of the world ... Jews - zhidohristianskogo root of the weed. "After reading such statements, . Voices Of Wonder immediately accused Varga in Nazism and returned him to remain unsold part of the circulation "Det Som En Gang Var." Most black metal groups were also quick to disown Grishnaka, . telling journalists about, . any damage inflicted death scene Euronymous,
. The exceptions were just old friends Varga - Dark Throne, who even used his authorship of several texts on their album "Transylvanian Hunger" (1994). For that, however, immediately and paid - British firm Peaceville, which produced record Dark Throne, found them racist and thrown out.

. Nevertheless, interest in music grew more Burzum than not fail to take advantage butleggery
. They illegally issued "Det Som En Gang Var" and sold it to a considerable number of copies, than sitting in jail resulted in a rapid perturbation Varga. To avoid a recurrence, he signed a contract with the British label Misanthropy Records, specializing in non-standard extreme music from all over the world, and gave her the right to publish all of their songs.

The first release of Burzum Misanthropy became drive "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" ( "when the light will take us"), issued in 1994. It contained four songs recorded by Varg before his arrest, and was a huge success in the underground. The album Varg first started using keyboards in metal songs, and the last track "Tomhet" ( "Emptiness") fully re-played on a synthesizer. The first thing on the album, whose title matches the name of the previous album, fans of the group is the best song in the history of Burzum.

The trial of "Earl" was held from May 30 to June 8, 1995 and made a superstar Varga. He received a 21 year in prison - the maximum sentence in Norway. Eyewitnesses claim that when the judge read the verdict, on the face Varga did not flinch a muscle. And behind the walls of the court at this time, fans waved his photographs. That night, two churches were burned, and five weeks later - another.

Not surprisingly, this criminal history hit the pages of newspapers and magazines around the world. A huge number of fans of heavy music overnight, found that there is such a style - black metal artists who not only declare some principles, but also to implement them, despite the possible negative consequences. Metalworkers began to buy up bundles of black metal releases, just to see what kind of music played by people who commit such crimes. Your humble servant, for example, bought in spring 1996 tape Mayhem and Burzum just for this purpose. And he felt the public interest, more and more young bands from all types of heavy music chose only black metal, and so was born into the world's most powerful trend in the modern metal scene.

No exception and firm Misanthropy. She re-released the old Burzum albums on CD and vinyl with new artwork. Per "Burzum" and "Aske" came on the same disk, and this edition did not include the original version of the song "A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit", which was rewritten for "Aske". Now it can be found only on vinyl version of the DSP (now extremely rare and expensive) or mp3's on the official site.

In 1996, he saw a light and a new album Burzum - "Filosofem", which includes recordings made just before the arrest Varg. Bring them to mind producer Pyuttenu helping musicians Dark Throne - the drummer and guitarist Fenriz Nocturno Culto. For black metal album, its success was simply unprecedented - he even got into the UK indie charts. The material in this disc is very different from previous. Only the first three things are played in black metal style, although the vocals on them more like an industrial hiss. ( "I just asked Putten give me the worst microphone from all, . that were with him in the studio, . "- Varg told the magazine Terrorizer.) Further recorded a very strange track, . in which the instruments are used exclusively primochennaya guitar and keyboards,
. The instrumental version of the same work was in я¦п¦п+я- end of the album, and share their 25-minute synthesizer piece, which demonstrates the future direction of Burzum.

The commercial success of the album Misanthropy allowed to allocate money for shooting the first in the history of Burzum video opens the album on the song "Dunkelheit" ( "darkness"). The author of this creation is unknown to me, but it turned out he had an absolute masterpiece, perfectly convey the mood and meaning of music Varga. Here are just wondering whether it showed at least one channel?
Even in prison, Varg had quit music lessons. Drums drag him into the cell is not given, but the synthesizer be allowed, and the new album Burzum "Daudi Baldrs" was completely recorded on keyboards. According to the authors, it represented the first part of the instrumental trilogy based on Norwegian myths. "Daudi Baldrs" tells of the death of Balder, the god of light and purity at the Vikings.

However, by the time the disk (1997) Burzum somewhat forgotten, and the album was greeted without enthusiasm. The metal could not take such a radical change of style, but fans of gothic and ambient accused Varga in primitivism. Despite such a negative reaction, the next disc "Hlidskjalf" was shot in exactly the same spirit. He left two years later and was one of the latest releases Misanthropy. Hostess label decided that with her very heavy music, and decided to do other things.

Another blow to the cessation of Varga activity official website Burzum. In a farewell message to the visitors and the webmaster, who lives somewhere in the United States, spoke at length about what he misunderstood that it was time to end the debate about the Nazi Varg or not ....

. An interview by Stephen O'Malley, the editor of the American Descent Mag at Box Grishnaka.

. In reviewing the case you said that what happened was self-defense, although Yuronimus received more than 20 stab wounds
. Not too much there for self-defense?

I said that it was a 'partial self-defense' and not 'self-defense'. In any case, he was going to kill me, so that my actions can be considered a kind of self-defense, partial. Yes, it discovered more than 20 wounds, but not all of them stabbed. More than half - a wound from a pile of glass, in which he collapsed. So the whole story, in fact, deliberately exaggerated the press and the police, which tried to portray me angry monster. In general, it is all false propaganda of Christians. Became whether his death was a loss? How can you ask that? Of course not! But no one needs weaklings and losers! Give them degenerate - they are a disgrace to our race!

You received a 21 year maximum security, after a noisy and scandalous investigation. Is it too high a price for fame? Why do you think up all this fuss in the press? This caused you more harm than good, is not it?

I gave only one interview for a local newspaper and sent all the rest. I give interviews only for underground magazines and publications specializing in Paganism. Of course the press has raised a lot of noise around my name, but this does not mean that they asked me for permission. I only gave impetus to all that has happened. My process was so loud, because my views are very much 'Godless'. Our bastard system does not tolerate people who have ideas different from conventional. I paid the price necessary to ensure that people know these thoughts. What you heard about me - is that a false Christian system has enabled you to learn about. So think twice before you believe everything that you hear. All this - the monstrous propaganda, distorted pravdu.V Eventually, all their lies must ask (and ask!) In our favor. At the moment we have more harm than good. But soon people will see everything happening in the real world, and we turn their own weapons against them.

Today Norske (Norse) forces disjointed ... Old fraternity lost. Is it hard for you to realize this? Or the better?

. What the hell is the old fraternity? What Norske force? The only Norske strength and brotherhood that existed ever - are those that begin to emerge now, as a result of what I did
. Black circle existed only in theory. In practice, there was only I, is forcing a handful of losers on the attack against Christian strongholds. Nobody else could do anything without me. So what the hell, Norsk force? Brotherhood? Go to sleep!

Now I ask you a little about the subject of pagan brotherhood, Cymophane. It appears that your infatuation paganism - has only recently emerged passion. How serious it can be considered?

Recently, my interest in the 'Norwegian' and paganism only caught fire with renewed force. Even before the start of '92, when my main interest was Satanism, I was seriously engaged in Norwegian history. Even as the National Socialists and skinheads (skinheads), in its 16 years, I studied Norse mythology, genealogy, the Norse-Germanic tradition. Occultism and Norwegian traditions were my main interests with 12-13 years. So to describe my interest 'have arisen in recent times' will be somewhat inaccurate, is not it? 'Lit with new siloy' so-called. Regarding the second question ... I hellishly serious!

Speaking about their gods, you're probably an atheist in their views than really believing. Your gods are symbols rather than what they understand by the word 'god' ordinary people. What, or who, for you Wotan (Odin)? Part yourself?

In fact, my views on God and faith are quite different. I want to publicly accessible understanding was more symbolic, but a hidden glance at them - this is another vopros.Do as people understand the public things that they most likely can not understand my esoteric views. So I give people is that they can understand at this stage of its development, to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. For me, Wotan (A, Wodan) - this is ALL. Of course, for you to say enough, but I have nothing to add. Wotan - it Fimbul Thulr of Oskoreien! (Das Wutende Heer!) Pardon me for my arrogance, but you must first learn to crawl before I'll teach you to walk and run! Catch? Oh, Wotan! You - our lord and father. Hill auk soel!

As Cymophane, not all of you are of Scandinavian origin, but common goals and similar views associated with the allies. What do you see goals Cymophane?

I think we all have different goals, but the revival of its former pride and glory should be one of the main objectives of both sides. As you noticed, not all of us Scandinavians, but the vast majority - the Germans. Somewhere or Romanesque Celtic blood, but our Filosofem - strictly Nordic and Germany Organization. Celts and romanity just our allies. They are not our members, the same thing as I am not one of them, because I am a Scandinavian in origin, rather than Celt or Romanet. This is called 'racial paganizm' - Paganism for blood. Therefore, one goal - is to divide all the people. Celts must worship their gods, niggers - their own, romanity - their own and so on. all races and people. In America, it will be difficult, but I care about their people and let them have a headache from the American branch. Good luck ... you need it!

Apparently, such thoughts of the purity of race, etc.. could only arise from the land with deep cultural foundation ... as opposed to the same U.S.. I find the U.S. an unusually weak in this area. Your comments?

With regard to racial paganizma United States are in the catastrophe. It is hard to find there someone who would not have been in relationship with at least two quite different cultures. And in Norway, it is difficult to find someone who is not a pure Scandinavian. So the situation in which we work, quite different. When it comes to the holy places, then and there, and here they remained slightly. For example, in Europe, most of them destroyed by the builders of churches or tourists, to take the same Stonehenge. This is precisely the one of the reasons why the burned more than 200 churches in Norway. All of them were built on pagan places of worship. Only 10% of Norway's population go to church, only here the Christian youth prosecuted due to the fact that they are Christians, only here a year burns 20 times more churches than any other country. And in general, 'Norwegian' - is something that is almost worshiped. So I was lucky with the Motherland for the revival of the spirit of the Vikings. He is not dead, he just walked away for a while in the background. Deprivation of their roots - is the death of any culture, death race.

Our main enemy, of course, Herstianstvo, destroy our history and culture. The fact that enveloped the country and the people of the veil of lies ... Why people can not understand it?

Because those who stand for Christianity - masters of psychology. I quote what a Jew Markuzeli Ravazh wrote in Century Magazine in January, 1928. under the heading 'The present case against the Jews': 'We have overthrown your gods, swept out of the way your racial heritage and culture, instead of giving their god and their own traditions'. The average man degraded under the influence of Christianity. He can not understand the concepts of higher level. If anyone speaks badly about Jews, our world suffer from complexes humanism automatically called him a "Nazi bastard ',' anti-Semite ',' racist ', etc.. The average person simply can not guess what they're doing Jews. Just read the Bible (12 Moses 19:5, 5 Moses 6:10-19, 1-3, 16-24, 20:10-17) and see everything for yourself. What could be more racist than calling themselves "God's chosen nation '? So who are the real racist?

Many people call you a national socialist. What's the matter, Varg?

Prejudice. The Jews made the world believe in the deception of the end of the world, . and when the fair-haired, . high, . Proud Scandinavian blue eyes, . like me, . says something negative about the plague, . called Judeo-Christianity and its roots, . Jews, . it automatically okreschivaetsya 'Nazi',
. Man can not be a national socialist simply because he realized the falsity of the stories of Armageddon, because he realized that the Jews - the root of Judeo-Christian weed. Try to pull the nettles of the stem - and you burn your, attack roots - the weed will die. This is not racism. Is the basis of racial survival. Survival of unique sound ras.Prichina for which called me a Nazi - is a lie and the world Jewish prejudice as a result of this lie. Erwache!

Now a little about the collaboration with Fenrizom of DARKTHRONE ... You're invited several of his poems to Transilvanian Hunger, as well as the album Panzerfaust. Tell readers about your relationship.

We have a lot of common views on life, and I would say we have common goals. We cooperate with Mr. '91. Then we started the first wave of the revival of paganism. I would not like to dwell on our personal relationship. Who cares? Only what we do - this is important.

I feel that I should ask this question: over the past few years, your views have changed very much - the beliefs of Satanism to nationalism, neo-paganizma. What proves that they do not change and again (or two, or ...)?

. I have already talked about this, but will focus once again: 'belief of Satanists'? It is important to note that the term began to be used after the Yuronimus said in Kerrang about us as a 'devil worship'
. He never spoke for us all. What he said made no sense even when he spoke for itself! Only Satan in my views - this is hedonism. Satan - in translation from the Jewish - 'opposite'. Therefore, one can be called Satan, simply because he is opposed to the Jewish concept of 'God'. If you look at my 'Satanism' in this perspective, you'll realize how little I have to do with what ordinary people mean by 'Satanism'. The change was not more dramatic, as if I repainted his house in a different color. Inside - all the same, except that a little hedonistic furniture, which I broke and threw. I used the satanic imagery and names for the same concepts that I use now. I would never have done this if I knew that it would cause such confusion.

As the storm which had risen in Norway ... Black metal-mafia was successful. After all those Jehovah's shelters, burned to ashes ...

Material damage caused by the servants of the Jews or their agents about $ 10 million only in a small Norwegian. But the main victory was the psychological effect is extended to all young people and many mature people, including the National Socialists, which became big Odinist than before togo.Black metal-mafia has done nothing. And, as you know: nothing changes nothing. This is only a few individuals, like me, starting with the '92-second pushed all failed to action. Thanks to our efforts in the '92-m burned 10 churches in the '93-'94 - a few. That has the effect - it is my mental circuits based on the basic idea: 'To show a single array, we will light it in their hearts'. It worked.

How far you'll come to revive the old days on Earth?

Here are my main areas: advocacy, campaigning and education (almost like Lenin - ed.). That's how far I'm going to go. 'Restore the times gone by on Earth' - this is not my goal. All that worries me - this is Germany and Scandinavia. But Rome and Britain, America and Ireland - are worthy of support. Rest of the world does not interest me. Welcome to Japan, nonetheless!

Varg Vikernes of civilization
Negative, destructive, anti-evolutionary, unrealistic and utopian, I've heard it all. Yes I have a negative attitude to the modern civilization, . Yes I applaud the destruction of modern civilization, . yes I aspire to the end of "evolution" of modern civilization, . Yes I know this is unrealistic, . believe in the New World, and yes I know, . what we want to replace the old order, . It seems that the majority of Utopia,

I have a negative attitude to "civilization", which rapes Mother Earth and killing our human race, who tortures animals and destroys all the good, natural, healthy and clean. Even thinking about the development of this sick, degenerate, anti-natural, Judeo-Christian, capitalist pig "civilization" out of the question. This should leave, it must be razed to the ground so that we could build something new.

Perhaps not many people in this world see things like this, making it all quite feasible. Nevertheless, I am not talking about the destruction of each building in the modern world, destroying every city on earth, or the punishment of anyone who has ever collaborated with the modern world order. I'm talking about the physical destruction and removal of the greatest traitors, and that we really need to do is to bulldoze the whole ethical system. What we are looking for it - the total destruction of the moral law and the mentality of modern "civilization", and also those who do not meet our moral law and our mentality.

It would be unrealistic if we just tried to educate the whole mass at once, but we do not do it. Maybe so, and looks the part, but actually it is not so. Why should I waste my time, . the generation, . completely washed with the brains of this rotten capitalist pig-society, . when I can concentrate on future generations, yet fair-minded and willing to think for themselves - unlike our parents and grandparents? The young and future generations are not weaklings, . we talk about our parents,
. The thing that we are trying to educate the young and the young, they only answer: "Your message is so weak that only the weak people will take it". Lost his own baptism in infancy - as if the babies a little "stronger" than the young. I wonder how they even dare to accuse us of trying to manipulate the weak and defenseless people, when they start brainwashing the citizens still before they will have a name!

. It is not unrealistic to be able to succeed in educating a large number of young
. When they become adults and will take the place of their parents, the situation is very different from today, and then, eventually, the revolution will not be so unrealistic. Spiritual revolution, cultural revolution, the technological revolution, scientific revolution, racial revolution, a revolution of the environment, intellectual revolution, the religious revolution, in short, a revolution!

. Finally, I will discuss latest claim against our "utopian" world order
. On the one hand we want more or less back to the lifestyle of the Middle Ages, and on the other hand we want to colonize the universe. So how do you combine these goals? Utopia, is not it?

In fact, there. Naturally not all of us can live as we lived in the Middle Ages, and not all have to colonize the universe. If you think about it, the amount of electricity required for the content of scientific research centers and some factories - not so great. In the mountainous regions, as in Norway, this energy can be taken from the river - as we do today. Minimal contamination, maximum result. We do not need power plants throughout Europe, because we do not need electricity throughout Europe. We need it only for certain research centers and factories. Not for the factories that produce clothes, shoes, equipment for fishing, hunting or something like that, all this will be done by local craftsmen. And at the same time, we do not need factories that produce thousands of cars, tractors and aircraft. People can walk, ride horses, ride bicycles or carts. Ordinary people do not need what - or more. The masses must live in harmony with nature, otherwise we will all die, destroying our planet.

Only the technology necessary for science is necessary - and in fact tolerated. Only the elite of our tribes will be allowed to work with this technology. Others must live as they lived in "primitive" past. Few factories and mines, research centers and power plants are necessary, and they do not create more pollution than we must assume

. Why do we need this technology? Why do not we just all live to 100% in harmony with nature? The reason - simple, . because one day we will have to leave the planet, . in search of another - because of lack of natural resources and (most importantly) the dying sun,
. In addition, as each species, we have a mission in life to complete which we need technology

. Our Utopia can best be described, . a fantasy world, . where the elite live like elves away from everyone with their "magic" (technology), . while the rest live well, . both lived in the Middle Ages, . only with camouflage cloaks and some other (mostly natural) abilities,
. In fact, our utopia - not just dream about the future, . but the memory of the past! The authors like Tolkien never actually "create" something, . they simply wrote stories based on memory from the past (the memory of blood)! Not necessarily from our world, . planet, . but from the last planet on which we lived (in the Sirius system), . When we were Gods,

In this Utopia would be a few new races of the Dwarfs (for mining) to the dragons and trolls (to keep the average person in fear of nature and keep it away from the elven technology in the forests and mountains). Whenever the hero or heroine of the ordinary people will show extraordinary courage and intelligence, their children will be abducted and brought up among the "elves", so that the elite of mankind could concentrate and live in several places. Over time, "elves" will return to the stars, will create favorable conditions on the Moon and elsewhere in the cosmos, where they will not pollute the Earth. From there they will control the masses like the gods, protecting humanity from the destruction of nature, from the loss of respect for nature, etc..

This - our future civilization, and I hope that this does not sound too "far out" for you. The brutality and war, famine and the plague shall not cease to exist, but if you think about it, you can agree that this is not something negative. We need all this to survive, to improve us (our genetic material) and finding out who - the best among us, in wisdom, courage - and blood!

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  • Varg will be released from prison next year ... And then keep selling Jewish pig! Its rules on all their mercantile law were to grant amnesty in 2005 ... But no ... Is not this clearly shows how rotten their capitalist Jews' right? How much money and power took possession of their cowardly little soul ..? Now on the black stage it is not clear what is going on ... Some poser and a liar ... But I believe that everything will change with the release of Count ... While still alive True blacksters will go fight against the rotten system ... who agree with my writings respond to soap zloyvolshebnik@mail.ru
  • in nature is high time to cleanse the land of Jews and other vermin ! yes to arrive with us ONE!
  • prince of the underworld for BURZUM
  • prince of the underworld for BURZUM
  • All this garbage
  • demon of prispodney for BURZUM
  • dibilizm all
  • tupizm full for BURZUM
  • 'demon from hell' for BURZUM
  • garbage all
  • zito for BURZUM
  • True Story Burzum (Varg) by BURZUM.ORG
  • zigi for BURZUM
  • Freaks!
  • Inferno for BURZUM
  • And all Varg did a great personality ... and even a Nazi, but it must be respected.
  • blasphemer for BURZUM
  • And he rightly said about zhidov.Ya respect him and waiting for him vypustyat.Vargu to erect a monument !
  • Vest for BURZUM
  • Modgud - maro dominos! vain because of some varge.on one of the great and talented muzykantov.a his work worthy of respect, as well as his ideologiya.on with us! worth thinking about ...
  • Vest for BURZUM
  • Modgud - maro dominos! vain because of some varge.on one of the great and talented muzykantov.a his work worthy of respect, as well as his ideologiya.on with us! worth thinking about ...
  • Nika666 for BURZUM
  • Burzum ForEver
  • Glorry for BURZUM
  • Varg is a great personality, zhurnalyugi as always all distorted, the media Nifiga not believe it! Varg FOREVER !
  • varg vikirnes for BURZUM
  • you Th ohrineli I now get out of prison all of you at Chuchuev vostryuchu, black metall remain white music alyubiteli Jews as the same disgusting as evrei.1488
  • White Warrior for BURZUM
  • It's time the Jews have to survive, creatures all power to himself zagrebli.ubivay Jews! The glory of race! z.y. True black metal is not croaked!
  • Antero for BURZUM
  • Fuckers! In any of the Nazi system and philosophy, . especially Norse, . absolutely no place for Slavs! If such a freak, . as a Christian (sorry, . Varg, . If this clown so-called), . come to power, . you, . Nazis with Slavic appearance, . First on odinskih stake in the ashes will be raised to the sky,
    . Although.. They say that the majority of shooting under Stalin continued his praise when the muzzle of a revolver touched their neck ... You ADVANCE same slaves!
  • Freya for BURZUM
  • Varg-great man, the mob does not understand what is the greatness of the pagan warrior. All the lower-cannon fodder, only dared worth living! for blunt-struggle for survival (Darwin's uncle, remember) the law of nature and Varg of these laws does not go away, he pushed away from them. think about it, rotting Christians and unworthy ....
  • Freya for BURZUM
  • associates, write to Valdrada@mail.md
  • Abadon for BURZUM
  • Thank Varga! Hail Satan! In light of Jewish pigs, together with their pen!
  • Antero for BURZUM
  • No wonder they say, a handful of patients koshkodavy-Don region cretinism ... Excuse me, young. Bastard seed!
  • Nun for BURZUM
  • The most intelligent and creative person! Mad Dog is shorter, but I love it!
  • Anonymous for BURZUM
  • Detmetal for BURZUM
  • Varg is free !.... but walking rumors that he Fagot Gaal W Gorgorota like eblo break .... so don `t know! Nevertheless Varg respect for you!
  • October gulaypole@ukr.net for BURZUM
  • Fascism and Satanism - it's all moronity! shouting "Glory Varga! Hail Satan!" In light of the Jewish pigs ... " - A childhood! Hitler intelligent politician, . but he missed because of our Russian stubbornness "Russian is not zdayutsya"; Satan should not criticize, . as it did in its time Gogol, . and then you wake up in a coffin, . buried alive, . crying and rvyas out, . it should be respected at least for, . that he - PRINCE,
    . Yes, Christianity imposes on us their culture, but we live in a time where you have the right of it otkazatsya.Zachem throw into the fire neighbor, for example if he goes in glasses. Kin FIRE IN YOURSELF - Scary Scary! I'm listening BURZUM, because it fascinates
  • Anonymous for BURZUM
  • And let die those who disagree with us, because the alternative net.Ubey him myself miserable, or we ourselves otbrosok prikonchim.Varg you, thank you for everything you did for all nas.Ya correct our thoughts, which will soon become a reality.
  • Paul Blackmet for BURZUM
  • Varg vasche most ohrenitelny blekster which I know! And for Th Gaal person he wanted to break?
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