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Born Johann Holzel in Wien Margareten (Vienna) 19 February 1957, he weighed 7 pounds and his height was 54 cm. And with a very early age, his musical talent became evident, his first piano was purchased when he was 4 years old, and in 5 years he could play 30-35 songs. He was even called "the new Mozart". His parents divorced early, and he remained with his mother and grandmother. He finished school at 16, and after the test, a pair of jobs, he decided that music should be the only thing for him at the end. He enrolled in the Conservatory of Music in Vienna and began to play in different groups, in Vienna, as well as in West Berlin. In 1977, he decided to change its name to Falco, in honor of the East German skier, Falko Weisspflog.

This was the beginning of successful career. He felt that in the commands like "Drahdiwaberl" and "Spinning Wheel" or "Hallucination Company" could not fully satisfy him, despite the fact that his song "Ganz Wien" was a hit, basically he was in the background while playing on bass. So, Marcus Spiegel offered him a solo contract, and he signed it.

. The song "Ganz Wien" was included in the first solo album, called "Einzelhaft" (1982), and was his first song, which is banned on the radio, because of its controversial lyrics
. The single from the album "Der Kommissar", became an international hit. Music Falco, a mixture emerged a new direction and the first turnip from the States, combined with a strange and often sarcastic lyrics with the German-English-Italian accent. Album "Der Kommissar" has sold over 7 million copies (including a cover version). Album "Einzelhaft" produceable Robert Ponger was a huge success.

. It was difficult to make a worthy follow-up album, and "Junge Romer", released in 1984, although it was rated by most critics, but he was ahead of its time, so he is not in great demand.

. For the third album, Falco, prodyusarami were selected Bolland brothers from the Netherlands
. The first song "Rock Me Amadeus" became a number one hit in Austria, Germany, the United States, Britain and many other countries. She remained at the top of the hit parade US 4 weeks. Another song from that album, "Jeanny", was a source of great scandal, as many people saw in her rape and murder. "Jeanny" was banned on many radio stations and many stores, but just as she and preobrela many aficionados.

. The next album, "Emotional", released in 1986, and such songs as "The Sound of Musik", "Coming Home" and "Emotional" were more or less successful
. After this album, Falco, more and more confronted with their individual problems (marriage, divorce, and later his wife found out that his "daughter" was not really him ... and the problem with alcohol). Albums of "Wiener Blut" (1988) and "Data de Groove" (1991), were made again with Robert Ponger, remained more or less unnoticed, even though they - masterpieces.

In 1992, released album "Nachtflug", which gave him back his popularity, he was the first in Austria. The song "Titanic" remaining in the charts for 18 weeks. For the first time in 6 years, Falco went on tour again. After which, he again focused on his personal life for a couple of years. But even though not that he is still pishit hits, so for example the song "Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da" (1995), which was especially popular in Germany.

. In 1996, Falko decided to leave his beloved Vienna and went to the Dominican Republic, because of the Austrian critics, who were always against him nastrony
. After another song in 1996 ( "Naked"), he is working on his next and was the last album, he has almost completed work on it and expected to release it under the name "Egoisten". But he was released after his death, with a different name "Out of the Dark", Falko died in a fatal car accident in the Dominican Republic on Feb. 6, 1998.

. In 1999 comes the album of unreleased songs "Verdammt Wir Leben Noch", as well as the live album "Falco Live Forever", whose recordings were made in 1986.

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  • Helm for FALKO
  • Brothers! FALK written as FALSO! not FALKO!
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  • Song Jeanny - it is something quite unique ... Beautiful, touching, tender ...
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    FALKO, photo, biography
    FALKO, photo, biography FALKO  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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