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Biography REM
photo REM
The group was formed in 1979 in the United States.

Michael Stipe - vocals
Peter Buck - guitar
Mike Mills - bass guitar
Bill Berry - drums

The first concert of the composition called REM. April 19, 1980 in Athens, Ga.. All the musicians studied at the University of the State, and all four took off from the last year for academic failure. The success of the group provided the first of its vocalist, Mike Stipe - without of such an eccentric artist with an unusual vocal technique and a peculiar method of work with a microphone (Stipe sings, not from the lips of ryvaya-mesh microphone), REM. proved to be yet another American group average hand, which exploits harmony and guitar sound The Byrds.

Having achieved recognition in the university and in his native city, REM. a series of gigs outside the state and attracted the attention of several radio stations - one financed debut single of 'Radio Free Europe' and release it into independent company Hibtone Records (1981). Work like the critics - they have concluded that REM. able to get away from blindly copying someone else's style and have the ability to say their own word in rock. Gradually the music of REM. started to leave harmony country-folk, in the bass guitar appeared unexpectedly drive that gave the compositions a little disturbing atmosphere, somewhat similar to the one that was present in the compositions of The Who at an early stage of creativity. Given the striking vocals Stipe and his talented, often deeply personal poems with a touch of existentialism, REM. rapidly progressed, their sound had nothing to do with the sound decisions of the vast majority of American groups of post-punk era.

. In the wake of the success of their debut minialboma 'Chronic Town', . in 1982, received positive reviews in many music publications U.S., . full-length album 'Murmur' (1983) had a triumphant success - the magazine 'Rolling Stone' has recognized this work as "the best plate of ', . a group of fans so quickly bought up the disc, . IPS Records that the company was forced to three print run, . bringing it to 150 thousand - an impressive figure, . and for the first album just great! REM was formed army of fans,
. and in Europe, where 'Murmur' also had a fantastic success.

. The next album - 'Reconing' was released in 1984, . for reasons, . among which the role was played by the high cost of studio, . disc was recorded very quickly, . in 12 days, . and this circumstance could not affect: the work turned out very uneven, . as the quality of the material included in the book, . and on the mood,
. Songs ranged from nervous and irritable ( 'So, Central Rain') to openly sarcastic and satirical ( 'Rockville'). Nevertheless, . the album sold well, . Although selected him with singles, . commercial success did not and on the radio sounded very rarely, . - However, . was prevalent not only in the case of REM: in the mid-80's to the success of singles could count only the group mainstream hard rock.,

. Nevertheless, the persistence with which the REM
. deliberately released to the failed singles, had its effect in American and European fans the impression that the musicians every week a new track record and reputation REM. markedly increased. Critics warmly received by the next album 'Fables Of The Reconstruction', although the record has turned monotonous, without the inherent REM. luminosity that appears, was due to internal disagreements in the group.

Drive 1986 'Life's Rich Pageant' found the first signs of politicization REM. - Despite the bewilderment of many of its fans, the political orientation of songs, however, was the driving force, which in the late 80's led REM. in the number of 'new supergroups'. In his verse Stipe began to denounce the immorality of American life, but despite the viciousness of texts, the band's music continued to be buoyant, and it is possible that such a contrast was the success of REM. that period. Tracks' Cuyahoga 'and' These Days' appealed especially to younger audiences - the quintessence of ironic look at the issues and his own work became a 1987 album 'Document' and composition with a very characteristic title 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) ',
. Also released single, this thing was a success in the UK - probably due to the fact that overlapped with similar things popular at the time the British group Housemartins.

. In 1988 he released another album, 'Green', - in the U.S. drive sold slowly but steadily
. 'Proactive single-scout' 'Orange Crush' entered the UK Top 30, and the next - 'Stand' - took 6 th place in the chartsah U.S.. In general, 'Green' can be defined as problematic album dedicated to the protection of the environment (in particular this applies to songs 'You Are The Everything'), but this work REM. a much greater extent than any previous one, emphasized by the listener's attention on vocals Stipe and his poetry. What, in turn, led to what Mike Stipe, against his will and desire. proclaimed 'voice of the new generation'. At the subsequent world tour for the album, it became clear that REM. from just a good team turned into a monster stadium rock - vospolzovavshs presented opportunities, REM. complicate his stage show: Stipe worked with the choreographer and showed viewers something in between sketches and acrobatic dance steps, the concerts began with might and main to use pyrotechnic and lighting effects.

. After nearly two years touring the world over the group to reassert itself in 1991, a new studio album 'Out Of Time' - despite the fact that in previous discs REM
. from time to time used the wind instruments, . the public still was not ready to sound the full brass section, did not expect the fans and participate in the recording of the plate do not have nothing to do with stylistics, . nor with the ideology of REM, . vocalist B-52's Kate Pierson and producer rap team Boogie Down Productions,
. And yet, despite the shock, the fans appreciate this powerful work - almost all the lyrical stuff with 'Out Of Time' hit the charts, and the album led chartsy United States and Britain and was recognized as the magazine 'Billboard' 'Masterpiece'. Huge success enjoyed singles 'Losing My Religion' (although in some countries, a video clip of this thing was banned for religious reasons), 'Shiny Happy People' and 'Near Wild Heven'. This plate was a turning point in the work of REM. - The group has received for her every conceivable award (including a Grammy in the category 'best album of the year') and has become a new criterion for recording.

In October 1992, REM. released another studio album, 'Automatic For The People', which instantly became an international bestseller - as the previous one, this disc again headed tops U.S. and UK and has collected several 'sinkers'. As the number of hit singles made their way 'Drive', 'Everybody Hurts' and 'Man On The Moon' - in the last Stipe successfully imitated vocal style of Elvis Presley, the composition and its black-and-white clip awarded special prizes MTV. At the same time began to be heard accusations REM. in 'monumental' creativity and of betraying 'independent rock' - and this despite the fact that the band has never identified itself with the movement of 'indie', as an independent company recorded a debut single!

. However, the wave of negative attitudes, apparently played a role, and in 1994 REM
. released the album 'Monster', which is an excellent example of 'raw rock with blood'. To a certain extent, . 'Monster' was made in favor of the public, . but this fact does not detract from the merits of this disc - such songs, . as' What's The Frequency, . Kenneth? ', . 'King Of Comedy', . 'You', . 'Star 69' and 'Tongue' show subtle Common Understanding the nature of rock music and give the opportunity to see the full diversity of talent REM,

. Album end of 1996 'New Adventures In Hi Fi', in general, promotes the concept of early stage of creativity REM, but on a sound record very different from everything that made REM
. before: in the individual fragments group sounds like Pink Floyd, . and some melodic solutions, . musicians who take, . not characteristic of American rock, . Which again confirms the view of fans REM: a group with a purely European approach to rock music.,

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REM, photo, biography
REM, photo, biography REM  Music Group, photo, biography
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