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The history of U2 started in 1976 at Mount Temple High School City of Dublin, . when the young Larry Mallen hung on a school bench rather amusing ad: 'I spent money on a drum kit, . may, . is burdock, . that bought a guitar and want to organize a group? " Strangely, . 'burdock' once found - the first was a senior Paul Hewson, . which then, . is called, . not know how 'to sing, . no dancing ', . but had an incredible charisma and artistry, . and now known worldwide as Bono Vox,
. Almost immediately they were joined by Adam Clayton and David Evans.

In the autumn of 1976 in this city formed a group called Feedback (Feedback). Its composition: Larry Mullen, Dave and Dik Evans, Adam Clayton, Paul Hewson, Peter Martin and Ivan McCormick. Musicians for a long time doing cover versions of songs the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys

. Once a new name The Hype, they even won a competition for young talent in the city Laymrike, performing its processing arrangement of Peter Frampton how Me The Way and received бё 500 and the right to privacy in the studio company CBS Ireland
. In 1978 they finally settled on behalf of U2. What is known is not only the name of an American spy plane, but also a kind of pun, the literal translation of which may sound like 'you too'.

Everyone must have known that neither Paul Hewson, Dave Evans, neither in the past 18-20 years do not call each other by name, however, as the whole world, accustomed to seeing on stage Bono Vox and The Edge. There are several variants of the history of their acquisition of these nicknames. With the nickname of Paul's all clear. Sometime in the late 70-ies he was partying with friends, calling themselves Lypton Village. All members of the Party acknowledged that their friend has incredible instincts vocalist, and began to call him Bono Vox, which translated from Latin means "beautiful voice".

A first nicknamed Paul in Lypton Village was Steinhegvanhuysenolegbangbangbangbang. History nicknames The Edge (edge, edge) is treated in two ways. According to one version of the so-called the Bono, Dave Evans, tk. the latter is constantly on the edge of all the problems. On the other hand, Dave is so distinct sharp facial features, which may be nicknamed The Edge was coined by Bono why. U2 have made a name for himself in his hometown of Dublin, where they said producer Steve Lillywhite, followed by the signing of first contract with CBS Ireland.

In 1979, U2 released three tracks under the name U23. This mini-album sounded pretty lively and fresh and contained the first successful single, Out Of Control, which gave them their first place in the Irish charts. In January 1980, according to the surveys of readers of the Irish magazine Hot Press team took first place in five categories. In April of that year, U2 signed to Island Records, and in May the group has already released their first single, 11 O'clock Tick Tock.

The first three alboma group, produced by Steve Lillywhite, the audience joined the group in Europe and America. These were albomami Boy (October 1980), . containing a single I Will Follow; October (October 1981), . includes a single, Gloria; and the album War (March 1983) with the singles New Year's Day, . Two Hearts Beat As One, and Sunday Bloody Sunday, . who won first place in the UK,

In November 1983, U2 released the album Under A Blood Red Sky, a live recording of their concert at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater. Produced by Jimmy Iovenom, the album took first place in the UK. Rolling Stone Magazine declared the group U2, the group.

In May 1984, U2 began to work with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanoisom. As a result of such co-operation in October 1984 the world saw the album The Unforgettable Fire, and Pride (In The Name Of Love) became the biggest hit group. Album hit the UK charts at first place. In 1985 the group held a U2 tour, playing in such famous places as Madison Square Garden (New York), Milton Keynes Bowl and Croke Park (Dublin).

In March 1987, the band released the album The Joshua Tree, which, despite critical reviews, won first place in the UK charts. In the same year, U2 performed in the United States in Las Vegas. They even visited the concert of Frank Sinatra, who introduced the group of its audience with the comment: "Well, they don't spend their money on clothes." This was the beginning of their strong friendship. The Joshua Tree contained the singles With or Without You, Where The Street Have No Name and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.

With traveled the world with their round eight months. It sold more than 15 million copies of the album The Joshua Tree, which won first place in 22 countries. The album received Grammy award as "Album of the Year" and as "the best rock representation". In 1987, the Group also received the award "Best International Group" at the British Phonographic Industry Awards.

In October 1988, was born the album Rattle And Hum. Produced by Jimmy Iovine, the album took first place in several countries, including the U.S., UK and Australia. Singles number one in the UK this year was the single Desire. Album was the company enters the film U2: Rattle and Hum (directed by Phil Joanou), which was a chronicle of the tour group in 1987. In 1989, the Grammy Awards ceremony, the group received awards for "best rock representation" and "best video".

The summer of 1989 the group U2, accompanied by BB King, held a round Lovetown Tour in Australia, NZ and Japan, completing his grandiose speeches in Tokyo. The band returned to Ireland for chetttyreh concerts in the week between Christmas and New Year. At the final concert of the 80-ies, which was broadcast in Europe and the USSR, the BBC and RTE, the eve of New Year, Bono announced that the group plans to disappear for a time for reflection.

Autumn 1990 in Berlin, the group began work on the album Achtung Baby in the studio Hansa Studio. Produced by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, the album was released in November 1991 and included The Fly, One, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses and Mysterious Ways. Album sold around the world with a circulation of 10 million copies. Tour Zoo TV Tour was one of the most ambitious rock tours in history. Arenas and stadiums in Europe and America saw a group U2 for more than five million people.

During the tour schedule of the group coincided with the schedule of speeches U.S. presidential candidate Bill Clinton, who subsequently invited the group to Washington for his innaguratsiyu. Adam and Larry accepted the invitation and performed the single One on innaguratsionnom ball MTV. In March 1992 the group won first place in 17 categories as voted by readers and critics of Rolling Stone magazine and in the two categories of log Q. Spring band U2 recorded the album Zooropa, the producer of which were Edge, Brian Eno and Flood. The album contained singles Numb, Lemon and Stay (Faraway So Close). The band finished mixing the album during the tour and the album came out in July 1993.

During the Zooropa tour at the end of each concert Bono appeared on stage with a white face and horns in a gold suit. Identifying himself as Mister Macphisto, he telephoned from the scene every night. In Italy, he sang the song "I Just Called to Say I Love You", calling Pavorotti.

In 1993 Zooropa won an award for best album and the group took the fourth time Brit Award for "best performance". In 1995 the band released a remix album called Melon for members of his fan club. Album given away for free with the magazine Propaganda.

U2 also released the song Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me for the soundtrack to the film Batman Forever. The group then teamed up with Pavorotti, Howie B, Brian Eno and Holi, to record the album Original Soundtracks: Volume 1, under the pseudonym Passengers. Bono and Edge wrote the theme for the film Goldeneye with Tina Turner, and the following year Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen released their own hit for the film Mission: Impossible.

Followed Awards Grammys for "best presentation of the rock band" (Achtun Baby), "Best Alternative Album" (Zooropa) and Best Music Video "(Zoo TV Live from Sydney). Group also received five MTV awards. In 1994 the band won an award Martin Luther King Freedom Award in the U.S.. U2 musicians organized a concert for the organization Greanpeace in Manchester and took part in protests against nuclear power Greanpeace.

In 1996, while preparing to leave the next album, the main task is to combine music rock 'n' Roll sound with elements of dance, which they heard in the works of Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack. The album, in which the group tried it sdelyt, was released in March 1997 under the name Pop. Before the release of this album, while in New York, announced the beginning of his grand tour Pop-Mart.

Tour Pop-Mart bbyl named the most "big" tour 1997. Group earned at the concerts 79.9 million. During this campaign, U2 performed even in countries such as Bosnia, Chile, Greece, Mexico. The tour ended in South Africa in Ioganesburge 21 mara 1998. After the tour group gave a concert in support of peace in Northern Ireland in Belfast. In September it was announced that the transaction value of $ 50 million with the company Polygram to release three albums Best Of. Exceeding album from this series, The Best of 1980-1990, went on sale November 3, 1998.

So far no one from the group left, and the new one does not come into it. The Group remained in Dublin.

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