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Biography DEFTONES
This California-based team, born in the rays KOп¦N grown on the waves of hard-and Rapcore and subsequently broadened the scope of these styles, making them the elements of thrash metal and grunge, still perplexed by music critics. What are DEFTONES? Under which article they take? And in general, . as possible so organically combine in his work the unbridled fury of SEPULTURA and insane philosophy MARILYN MANSON?! But if those same critics of something they think and argue, . it actually fans of the group wanted to spit on all the gossip - for them it is not important, . to what style should consider a DEFTONES, . it is important only to the music,
. Music, which the team members committed themselves heart and soul ...

. The group includes four know each other even from a young age boys: Chino Moreno (Chino Moreno, vocals), Chi Cheng (Chi Cheng, bass), Stephen Carpenter, (Stephen Carpenter, guitar); Kaninghem Abe (Abe Cunningham, drums)
. All of them were born and raised in Sacramento, State of Philadelphia (but families Cheng and Moreno even before their birth, immigrated from China and Mexico). Total love to skateboard and similar musical interests brought them together here to stay. And then the ambitious desire to distinguish themselves from the masses, how to tweak "the system", to put the law on his knees t. d. prompted friends to organize a team. In short, the men took the "urging" DEFTONES (deft ones - "hustlers", is in memory of their filigree turns on the "boards"), began seriously studying music. No, . "music", . For their first creations were associated only with the most savage Pentagon experiments in mass destruction of civilians (at this point, the venerable critic would have to write: "But even then, in this cacophony traced handwriting corporate band's sound DEFTONES", . but I will not do, . For these endeavors I have not heard),
. The only thing I can say about DEFTONES of the early 90's, is the fact that the musical experience team wore traditional character - the guys just to interpret other people's masterpieces in their own way, rather, an extremely simplified and distorted the original. As a "victim" used in the creation of DANZIG (these cover versions were first tested in 1989 at the club "Cattle" - "the only decent place where you can put off and listen to the young team," - later said Carpenter). Very important role in the life of the band played the fact of friendship with thoughtful guys from KOп¦N, subsequently, these masters of decibels very DEFTONES helped with the search studio. However, even though the team and became locally known, is the band's popularity was based more on wanton wailings Chino and murderous guitar passages Carpenter ( "The louder the better" - flatly said guitarist. Yes, this statement is difficult to argue ...), rather than strictly on their creative vain attempts. It would continue, but the musicians desperately needed to record an album, but all the demo tapes, the group categorically rejected for being too emotional vocals and the overall aggressive sound, bordering on paranoia ". Therefore, the inability of the studio musicians until substituted practical experience of concert performances with renowned rock-star level of L7 and QUICKSAND.
. After a long ordeal group got the same (not without protection KOп¦N) to "clear authority" itself Madonna's Maverick label, finally got the opportunity to introduce their immortal compositions in weight
. The debut of the team, the album "Adrenalin", was released in October 1995, the first and immediately strained his hairy and oh-very greedy hands of managers and producers of "Stars and Stripes" of the country. Rage rabid beast, crushing might of the storm, and heaven knows that mingled and erupted in a flash of horror grizzled head of poor students. And what was worth only vocal Chino! Indescribably. And, unlike the same KOп¦N, even then the focus group was placed on the establishment of corporate musical dissonance - heavy tempo thrash guitar riffs echoed those hushed and intimate, sexy voice Moreno. Classical guitar transition "louder-softer" (and vice versa), frantic, tearing apart Creek vocalist could suddenly end up amazingly gentle, almost poppy "prisheptyvaniem", thus leading the listener in anticipation of the next explosion of decibels ..

. The role of the producer of the album, . Terry Deyta (Terry Date, . previously worked with WHITE ZOMBIE, . PANTERA and SOUNDGARDEN), . was negligible - staff have complete freedom in the studio, . apparently, . therefore record is a bit unbalanced and uneven, . breathed, , . "bonding place",
. Stylistically, it could be called somewhere between indastrialom and hardcore (but, . analyzed the following work group, . can say, . that "Adrenalin" is still very punk at the moment the album the group - this itself is a strange fact can be explained simply by the then finding playing time), . coupled with the manners repovskimi Chino,
. Subsequent concerts in the "perverted tour" (the name is not I thought - I just moved) as a headliner with such monsters of rock, . as BAD BRAINS, . WHITE ZOMBIE and, . course, . KOп¦N, . as well as participation in the festival "Day of the Dead", . timed to the soundtrack "The Crow: City of Angels", . bringing the amount of sales of their debut to the mark as much in half a million dollars (but that's what concerns the reaction from music critics, . it was rather restrained and cautious - music magazines have responded to the "Adrenalin" only as another manifestation of craze KOп¦N and hardcore in general),
. Also, the team lit up on another soundtrack, the sequel "Escape from Los Angeles" by John Carpenter

. In an interview, sounded interesting question, . as it happened, . that such an international in composition and outlook group (and in DEFTONES all en masse philosophers and contemplate, . and also very loving to argue), plays the heavy metal music, . while maintaining friendly relations now for many years,
. Chino said: "We - are the two Mexicans, Chinese and white boy. Metal and punk have to be white, no more than rap has to be black. As for our relations, we are still perfectly complement each other, in general we have a very democratic group ... only in musical terms, the truth ...".

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  • bear for DEFTONES
  • -What do you want kid? "-From your Baе¦ka whether a tree that sprouts?-Attentive. His name is Herbert. I talked to him when he felt lonely ... Heh, heh, just kidding ... his name is Bob.
  • laika for DEFTONES
  • For me, these people are a symbol zavualiro More coherence love for life !
  • Delirium for DEFTONES
  • 4ino Moreno - bohh!
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