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Biography YELLO
photo YELLO
History of the band started in 1967, when Boris Blank (Boris Blank) began recording their first musical compositions on tape, rented a friend. He had no tools, and so he started to use the kitchen goods and chattels of their parents: the wooden stand, crystal glasses, keys and knives. His unexpected discoveries he has long tried to adapt to the different groups, but without much success.

Boris became a turning point for the meeting with sound engineer and musician Carlos apron. With him unable to create form his first professional studio. Boris Blank and Carlos Peron, like their colleagues from the West-group Kraftwerk, collecting household and industrial noise. In 1978 they made a trip to San Francisco to meet with their idols - there the avant-garde group RESIDENTS. Explanatory Americans liked their record, and there was agreement that when the music on tapes Swiss will become more audible than the noise tapes, then the firm must RALF RECORDS will release their album.

. Blank and Peron returned to Switzerland and soon became acquainted with a man who later became the visual symbol of the voice YELLO
. This is the Myer Dieter (Dieter Meier), the son of a wealthy father and ex-law student. This middle-aged dude already had behind him a stormy biography: marriage to the heir sumptuous aristocratic title, . escape from the family castle with the intention of becoming an artist, . work as a journalist, . author of children's books and director of experimental films, . membership in the Swiss national team team golf,
. In Dieter's voice a little, by a familiar concept, but it is easily blended in 1979 in the group, and the project has acquired finality.

. A year later appeared the first album - "SOLID PLEASURE", collages of electronic disco music that became very popular in English-speaking countries
. Their debut album was recorded at the U.S. firm Ralph, the owners of which were musicians from the group of similar direction Residents. On this disc appeared dance numbers with lush rhythms (Night Flanger, Eternal Legs, Bostich). Music of all kinds of fruit compote and contained a fair amount of humor, as, for example, in the compositions of "Downtown Samba" and "Coast to Polka". Instrumentation oscillated between contemporary classical music and the influences of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre. Second album "CLARIO QUE SI" (1981) was a further development in the biography YELLO - two shot him Dieter Mayer clip became an influential musical favorites are lekanala MTV. This disk is compared with the first one has better audio compact and severity arranged. For their first albums were excellent examples of sampler technology, representing a magic kingdom sounds of mutants, each of which has a relative in the natural polyphony of the world. There were also novelty of playing time, and the brilliance of structural innovations. Critics also drew attention, . the lyrics Yello inhabited most outlandish characters - cunning seductress, . kommivoyazhera, . talk about the exorbitant things, . agents of the secret police and race driver, . twisting in his chair an imaginary steering wheel,

Swiss "conquest of the world" began with the release of the disc "YOU GOTTA SAY YES TO ANOTHER EXCESS". At this point, they signed a contract with Phonogram, which enabled the ensemble to expand the commercial front offensive. The said album was delayed in the field of view of the public and critics, made two hits - "I Love You" and "Lost Again". Connection puns in Dadaist texts with elements of modern electronic music created a certain atmosphere and facilitated the emergence of the army of fans. After the unexpected success in late 1983 the band went on tour in Europe with a nontrivial stage shows, music - Dieter "under the plywood" walking across the stage with the girls in the audience, and form the platform lashed champagne. In the same year YELLO first (and so far only) time were made in the famous New York club "Roxy", where most of the audience consisted of black ecstatic fans.

. Before working on their fourth album, unable to bear the yoke of dictatorship Blanca, behind Peron (he later became known as one of the best Swiss producers)
. But his departure has changed relatively little in the ensemble, which already had a studio with the latest technology, including samplers, and synclavier feyrlayty. A particularly large contribution in the studio work brought Boris. And the ability to create various moods in Yello was simply in the blood. To record this disc for the first time the duo called into the studio with the musicians accompanying classical instruments. Album possessed extraordinary refinement and was much livelier and more energetic than their predecessors. For much of that success for the guitarist Chico Hablasom had collaborated with the duo and in more recent times, as well as percussionist Bite Esche. Epic extended compositions Group, made absolutely no disco sterility, testified about the ability of musicians to manipulate a wide variety of influences.

. In 1985 came the album "STELLA", a composition with which DESIRE took the top of the charts, another song from the same album OH YEAH became militant after two years
. For the first time in the music of Yello "Stella" could hear the experiments with female vocals: napetaya Rush Winters "Vicious Games", . as well as the song "Desire", . not only walked on top of the world list, . and received their well-deserved awards at the Cannes film festival video contest.,

. For a collection of things remix release in 1986, . "YELLO 1980-1985 THE NEW MIX IN ONE GO" after a period of relaxation followed by the album "ONE SECOND" (1987), . recorded at several unexpected participation of Shirley Bassey and the former vocalist of the British group Associates Billy Mackenzie,
. His vocals Queen "kitsch-pop" graced the single "The Rhythm Divine". This LP by many critics as the best in art ensemble. Each year, became successful for Swiss musicians - it seems that the success of favors to them constantly.

. In 1988, the song THE RACE, written by Boris and Dieter for a popular music program "Formula 1" as "accompanying facilities for the collection of world hits, she joined in the parade's popularity in many countries
. Album "FLAG", . Mayer and characterized as "a fascinating journey through the nooks and crannies of the universe and report about it on behalf of the five-year boy", . one hand, . marked the return of the duo to their sound roots, . on the other - once again brought him to the lists, . this time with the song "THE RACE",
. Musicians are not locked in its style and contrived nevertheless to catch the slightest changes of fashion in contemporary pop music. Already in the first thing the disc "Tiedup" group demonstrated remarkable effervescent music with santanopodobnuyu guitar and interesting bongs. Romantic vocal mood that permeated some things are replaced by virtuoso keyboards, a symbiosis of country and western, to which were added voice of the Don Cossacks against the balalaika. This - not a parody, not imitation, but an interesting experiment, in which Russian folk music gets on well with the melodies of the African bush.

. In 1990, the musicians dedicated themselves to film - they recorded the song "Unbelievable" and "ON THE RUN" for the movie "The Adventures of Ford Ferleyna and Maids in flight"
. Then, . the firm PHONOGRAMM, . long custodial shveytsarcky duo, . a new album under the modest name "BABY", . which was again destined high place in the charts, . A Ditep Meyer was able to finally realize the long-held idea - he took off in Poland's own scenario science fiction film "Snowball".,

. Further, discography YELLO looks like: "ZEBRA" (1994), "POCKET UNIVERSE" (1997), "YELLO ECCENTRIX REMIXES" and "MOTION PICTURE" - (1999).

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    YELLO, photo, biography
    YELLO, photo, biography YELLO  Music Group, photo, biography
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