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Biography NAZARETH
Hardly anyone can imagine a real rock 'n' roll without Nazareth ... Their history is rooted in the distant 60-s. Band members played in different combinations, until, finally, not united under the banner of Nazareth. This name appeared in 1969, about a year after the ustakanilsya composition. In parallel, the team moved from his native Scotland in the provincial Rock-n-roll Mecca - London, and soon recorded their debut album.

The disc was released in 1971. and in the same year, Nazareth went on tour with DEEP PURPLE as the warming group. His friendship with musicians DEEP PURPLE (which lasts to this day) had a great influence in shaping the musical style of Nazareth. Especially great assistance rendered bassist Roger Glover, who since 1973 was producing CDs Nazareth. But once we were talking about the producer, you need to tell about the gold part of a group that consistently existed for twenty years:

. - Dan McCafferty - vocals (born October 14, 1946) he was drawn to music since childhood - in the Scout age he has already spoken on the street parades, bagpipe native town of Dunfermline
. The group "Shadettes" (from which hatched and Nazareth), Dan came in 1965. His outstanding talent of the poet and composer in all growth manifested itself in the best album, in addition, he made another and a pair of solo album, but with less success. In direct contact Dan is very relaxed, can not stop talking, decorating their stories and all sorts of gag jokes. Dan is so fond of her own songs, which they often sing in chorus with friends, gathered around the table.

- Pete Agnew - bass (born September 14, 1946) began to sing in the group almost from the age of thirteen. Naturally, such work experience led to a brilliant tool ownership. In recent years, Pete is bald and in light of concerts in favor of the black cap. Best disk Nazareth Pete finds live album "SNAZ", because the skill is more visible on the "live" recordings. B 70's, someone on tusovke drove the cart that Pete Agnew actually Russian in origin, and call him Peter JMG In. Pete himself at a press conference in Moscow denied it - a Scotsman and a point.

- Lee Agnew (son of bassist Pete Agnew) - drums. Irremovable drummer and the band's manager since 1963, Daryl Svit has left our world during the last American tour, in Ohio, April 30, 1999, Mr.. The most intelligent, balanced, and a business group member died from a sudden heart attack. Death Daryl, . certainly, . birth to rumors about the termination of the group, . and after a short meeting inside the group it was decided not only to continue to act, . but do not waste time searching for a new drummer, . take a group son bassist Lee Agnew, . who worked assistenom Daryl SUITE,

- And of course we can not mention the composer and solo guitarist Manny Charlton (born July 25, 1941). Though in 1990. left the group, but the clip hits, performed at every concert, composed mainly of. A superb solo gashes and guitar riffs, invented Manny, have become part of the classics of the genre.

Returning to history. So, in 1973 - CD "Razamanaz" gave the band two hit singles in the UK. Following in the same year the album "Loud" n "Proud" (loud and proud), became a bestseller not only in Britain but also in Japan and the United States, and he was very popular in continental Europe (No1 in Germany).

After this album came out every year: "Rampant" (1974), "Hair of the Dog" (1975), "Close Enough For Rock" n "Roll" (1976), "Expect No Mercy" (1978). It was the most successful period of activity. Around 1980 Nazareth departs from the traditional hard rock, and gradually with the disc begin to disappear so often previously unheard guitar riffs and begin to sound very nice ballad. However, even in this period there were some hits and some nice rims. Repower came to Nazareth with the album "Shakes" n "Ladders" (1989). In the same year there was another memorable event - the band played in Moscow at the Olympic Sports Complex "with full notice was sold six concerts (!). The hall was packed, the success of the concerts has surpassed all expectations. The program included a well-known hits of the 70's 80's, and new, for example, "We Are Animals", which, much to the amazement of the group, sang in chorus the whole audience. Admission Moscow public so pleased with the musicians, that just a year later, they again made in Moscow and St. Petersburg (concert organizers had Gosconcert). Everything went well as cool as last time, with the difference being that in this period the band have Elder - Manny Charlton, and was replaced by a new lead guitarist Billy Rankin.

In 1991 he published the album "No Jive", which is published under license in the CIS. In 1994, . Los Anzheleskie GUNS "n" ROSES in his plate "Spagetti Incendent" make an unforgettable hit Nazareth - "Hair of the dog" ( "dog hair"), . which constantly broadcast on MTV and most radio stations in North America, . old song in the new performance has an incredible success,

In 1996, Nazareth was last visited Russia for a tour round, organized by the concert agency TCI. But this time the group brought Ishino pleasure not only to residents of the two capitals, . but the Russians from other cities, . which have not yet set foot legends - such as: Murmansk, . Tver, . Samara, . Perm, . Ekaterinburg, . Kaliningrad, . Rostov on Don, . Togliatti, . Ufa, . Omsk, . Tomsk, . Barnaul, . Novosibirsk, . Vladivostok,
. On the tour group was accompanied by two trailers with sound and light equipment, which enabled the group to tour on a high European level.

1997 was in the studio working on a new album, which goes simultaneously with the start of the new Russian tour, mostly in the cities have not met a living legend

. Stable success of Nazareth in Russia confirms the truth - the real classics of rock 'n' roll will always have its many fans - from graying music lovers, . nostalgicheski in love with the music of his youth to the green youth, . still attached to the rock-n-roll whish,

. Chronicle

. 1968 Dan MakKaffeti, Daryl Sweet, Pete Agnew, and Manny Charlton, the musicians group, THE SHADETTES (Shadets), in 1968, creating a group of Nazareth, whose name was inspired by the lines "I pulled into Nazareth, feelin '" bout half past dead "drive from The Weight

. 1971 After multiple tours in the United Kingdom, . allowed to develop and hone the style of "live" on stage, . Nazareth recorded their debut CD, . gave the name of the group, . and conduct his first visit outside the UK - in Germany,

1972 Nazareth recorded and released their second CD-giant Exercises, which was raised by Roy Thomas Baker (later a team member QUEEN), and have received support during the tour DEEP PURPLE.

1973-74 overlook the light of three albums, one after the other: Razamanaz, Loud 'n' Proud and Rampant, raised DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover. The album is accompanied by the release of several signals, especially Broken Down Angel, Bad Bad Boy Johnny and the envelope to the Mitchell This Flight Tonight - the world-famous hits.

1975 Studio recording A & M produces disk-giant Hair Of The Dog put Manny and voiced by Tony Tevenerom c single Love Hurts, in the American version called Guilti. Nazareth continued intensive touring around the world, . Love Hurts become one of the most popular singles ever recorded in the studio A & M, . the same success has a single on Polydor studios and Phonograpm, . worldwide, crowning Norwegian list of best singles in 40 weeks, . This disc is unusually long time is one of the first places in the compilation Greatest Hits,

1976-77 Three album Close Enough For Rock 'n' roll, Playin 'The Game and Expect No Mercy, are successfully sold in the United States and Europe, where the group become more and more popular.

1978 Ex-guitarist SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND - Hall Clemenson joins the group in the process of recording a new album, which gives it a new meaning.

1979-80 Output drive No Mean City and Malice In Wonderland, each of which is followed by extensive touring. Clemenson Hall left the band after the tour Malice In Wonderland in America. Main quartet musician continues to work on the disk Fool Circle.

1981 guitarist Billy Rankin and ex-keyboardist SPIRIT - John Locke come to the group while working on the album. Sextet spends six months in a tour of America. In the absence of tours in Europe, fans are satisfied with this new sensation, recorded at concerts live, double album Snaz.

1982 Thirteenth studio disc group 2 XS is recorded in Montserrat, and then John left the band to recreate the group SPIRIT. Quintet holds the remainder of the year in continuous tour. The morale of the ensemble rises sharply after the explosive success of the single Deram On, whose sales in Europe exceeded the sales of Love Hurts, single, took first place in the hit parades in many countries, especially Germany and Scandinavia.

1983 In Vancouver (Canada) recorded disc Sound Elixir, which also sold very well. After a tour of Europe, the United States and Canada, Billy left the group and began a solo career.

1984 Main quartet group records in Scotland, The Catch, and spends the rest of world tour.

1985-86 released a compilation disc Ballad Album, the group continues to give concerts around the world until, when formed the basic tracks of the disk Cinema. Album is recorded in Detroit, the state Michegan (USA) in 1986.

1986-88 Nazareth continues to concerts, including a trip to Eastern Europe and provides an open air concert in front of the 150 thousandth c EUROPE audience together in Bombay, India. In July 1988 the group focuses on working on their seventeenth studio album Snakes 'n' Ladders.

1989 Issued in light of the new album Snakes 'n' Ladders, posed Joy Balaynom (DORO PESCH & WARLOCK, Al CORLEY).

1990 Maney away, deciding to devote himself completely to musical direction. Billy again nailed to the group and after several rehearsals, the balance of Nazareth conducts a tour of Europe and Brazil. One part of the tour was a trip to the USSR, including a 12 concerts in Moscow and 10 concerts in Leningrad, collected on 22 and 16 thousand spectators at every concert.

1991 A more extensive and more successful tour in the USSR. As the end of work on new songs and rehearsals by the end of summer, the group goes to the studio to record and mix the album No Jive, which is published under license in Russia, but due to poor organization of the sale by the licensee sold poorly.

1992 Album No Jive, released in February, receiving rave reviews from most critics, followed by a tour of Europe, including the first, after 1985, a trip to England.

1993 No Jive released in the U.S., gets great reviews and sells well. Nazareth begins a new and successful club tour of the United States and Canada, the first after three years. Three rounds later, the group gets the headlines, speaking at the grand arenas with WISHBONE ASH, URIAH HEEP and BLUE OYSTER CULT. GUNS'N'ROSES include in your album Spaghetti Incident Single Hair Of The Dog, which again attracts nteres to Nazareth. Billy uses every free day to work on new songs and he are very successful (for example, Nazified), vocals Dan comes to the highest level at the time of preparing a new album.

1994 Nazareth returned to the tighter the studio, which was recorded disc No Jive Move Me and recorded with producer, engineer, and his old friend Tony Levernera, who recorded the Hair Of The Dog and the other group albums. Forging new relationships with Finom Castello, which the group known for many years. Nazareth to build a team with the manager DEEP PURPLE, another old friend, Bruce Payne, now working in the Thames Talent Ltd. for the organization of world tour. The team finally formed in the process of rewriting lyrics to the Polydor and Phonogram studios in Hamburg, updated friendly and business relations and communications.

Sound Move Me, representing a mixture of traditional sounds of Nazareth in the style of hard melodic sound and strong contemporary trends, appeared to challenge the then music scene. Things like Let Me Be Your Dog is strong and rough, while more acoustic Move Me, too, demonstrate the ability of single Billy to write good songs and talent Dan - vocals. Bring It On Home To Mama and Crack Me Up characterized by strong shock and a great guitar solo. Album as a whole shows the power of the vocals and harmony of sounds, signs, once and for all become a trademark of Nazareth. To this we can add, . that the album includes acoustic versions of such classic tunes as Razamanaz, . My White Bicycle and This Flight Tonight, . and a new version of Love Hurts, . recorded with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra for the TV series Scarlet,

1995 After leaving Billy on Christmas Eve, the main trio eventually decided the issue of the guitarist with Jimmy Murisonom and keyboardist with Roni Leem. With known Jimmy for many years (he played in TROUBLE In DOGGIELAND). He was awarded the Top Pupil (best pupil) in the School of Rock in Perth in 1988 and then has worked in many groups, learned to play guitar. In his first tour with Nazareth felt that his participation in the group naturally. Ronnie worked PATHFINDERS when he first met with Dan, Pete and Darelom in 1965. Later he worked with the WHITE TRASH and STONE THE CROWES with vocalist Maggie Bell. In the seventies and eighties, he toured and made records with such names as Alvin Lee, Jack Bruce (with Mick Taylor and Karoly Bley), Donovan, John Anderson and Van Morrison. Roni also writes and arranges music for television and cinema. His work for film won the Berlin Prize kinofestivalya1981 year for Ascendance. After several weeks of rehearsals, the new composition is sent to European tour, . which begins in Sweden in April and continues in Germany, . Austria, . Switzerland and Italy, . The team then returns to Germany to participate in several festivals,
. The group then sent a three-month tour in the U.S. and Canada, and ends a year tour in the United Kingdom.

1996 the band performs his incredible scale and level of performances in Russia, which began in the winter in Murmansk and ended in the autumn in Vladivostok. Tireless Nazareth without special efforts have proved that a good Scotch whiskey than the older, the better it burns ...

Nearly 1,997 musicians spend the entire year to work on a new album due out at the record company SPV (Rainer HANSEL) in time Rossiyskogo Tour 1998. At the concerts in Russia Nazareth performed three new songs from the yet unreleased album, than cause a huge thanks from the audience, reacting to the new tracks with special delight.

1998 Finally comes the long-awaited album BOOGALOO. Music critics greeted the album "the warmest reviews, Paying tribute to the dedication of this rock-n-rolu". The sound and arrangements are often compared with Aerosmitovskim, powerful and restrained album.

1999 was one of the most difficult stages in the history of the group. In time American tour of a heart attack umeraet drummer and the band's manager - Daryl SUITE.

Despite numerous rumors about the decay of the group, Nazareth, not only do not cancel the previously scheduled concerts in America, but continue to plan the tour in support of new album. In late October - early November the group plans to arrive in Russia. Given the large number of fans in Russia before the European tour, shortly after the American tour - the group in a hurry to show its new program, and remember, together with old friends, their old hits.

Interviews Dehn McCafferty appearances before groups in Russia in November 1999

You come to Russia for the fourth time. What attracts you to our country and that you do not like it?

Russian - excellent people. We did not know what to expect when they arrived here in pery times, and were pleasantly surprised intuziazmom and gratitude with which people take our music. And besides, the Russian drink lots of vodka, and it is us in mind, we also would not mind a drink or two in good company. Failure could be just what we can not come here often and see all of your country.

What, in your opinion, has changed in Russia since your first visit?

Very much advertisement, communication, service, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.. are very similar to what we have at home, but in any case, the transition from the old to the new system takes time.

. What distinguishes Russia from the western audience, and audiences Russia's provinces from the capital?

. In Moscow and St. Petersburg probably comes more groups than in other cities in Russia, so they are more aware of what's happening in the music scene, but I think that the music television (MTV), soon it will change
. Here I would like to acknowledge the great work that makes the concert AGENCY TCI, inviting us and other groups in Russia. We are pleased to come to Russia and speak not only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After the death of Daryl SUITE rumors about the decay of. What helps you to continue to work, tour, build new creative plans?

Certainly, the death of Daryl was a big blow for us, but we are confident that he would not be satisfied if the group ceased to operate. And Lee (son of Pete AGN VA - bassist and one of the founders of the group) was the answer to the question whether we need to continue. We love music, we love to speak before the public - this is definitely the best part of our lives.

Who you idol in music?

REDING Otis and Lowell George (Little Feet).

You spend your tour in support of new album Boogaloo - how it differs from your previous work, what to expect the Russians to your concerts?

Yes, definitely there is a difference between the new album Boogaloo, and many durugimi. The album - the first, written with Jimmy and Ronnie, in addition, we have decided to write it in the studio "live" because the previous three were installed in the studio, and looking back we realize that they lacked the sensitivity. Therefore, recording the last album we rented a studio in which to record "live". We feel that Boogaloo was the best album in recent years and that it represents what is today NAZARETH.

Very often rock musicians persistently asked journalists not to ask them any hard questions. Do you have any taboos? Why?

Politics and religion, because it is a very personal topic, and everyone should have their personal opinion about this.

As you and your group of musicians spend their free time?

We do not have much free time, but when it appears, so cool to his home with his family or playing golf, in which we play, incidentally, quite good.

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