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Biography AMORPHIS
Home AMORPHIS was laid in 1990, guitarist Esa Holopaynenom and drummer Ian Rihterbegrom. Several months later, joined by: BASIS Olli-Pekka Laine, and second guitarist Tomi Kayvusaari (the latter by the time the company released on Wild Rags only semidyuymovku with its own grindcore group Abhorrence. In this structure, and they recorded their first demo-tape "Disment Of Soul", full of brutal melancholy melodies and atmospheric keys, the party which performed the Yang. And this, a small edition demo was released, fell into the hands of the American label Relapse Records, who immediately offered the group a long kontrakt.AMORPHIS consented, and in December 1991 went into the studio to record.
. Originally planned, . that the recorded songs will be released in the form of split-album, . second side of which was assigned to the New Jersey desovikam Incantation, . but these Americans are so delayed the recording material, . that it was decided for the first time to release a semidyuymovku Amorphis `a with the compositions" Vulgar Necrolatry "and" Misery Path ",
. True, the summer of 1993 Relapse yet published six old songs in a mini-CD "The Privilege Of Evil".

. So, in May 1992, the band went to Stockholm's famous studio Sunlight, where during the month, with producer Tomas Skogsberg recorded eleven songs for a future album.
. Full album, "The Karelian Isthmus" was released on Relapse in November, . and February 1, 1993, he was released in Europe on Nuclear Blast (whose American branch is Relapse), . and composition "Exiling Of The Sons Of Uisliu" came the famous book "Death: Is Just The Beginning 2.,

. Shortly thereafter, the musicians invited to a permanent job in the band's keyboardist Kasper Martenson, and began work on their second album
. This album was released in March 1994 and was called "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" (Stories From the Thousand Lakes). Text content of this disc was based on the Finnish national epic "Kalevala", which is a collection of ancient Finnish poems. From 16 to 28 August 1994 Amorphis spent his first European tour, and on 18 August, the group performed at the famous Cologne festivals PopKomm with Pyogenesis monsters and such techno-industrial, like Armageddon Dildos, Treponem Pal, and Bigod 20. In the next year began e AMORPHIS recorded a cover of "Light My Fire" to the compilation "A Tribute To Doors" In the 1995th, they released a minion "Black Winter Day" with three new songs, . were recorded during his "Tales From The Thousand Lakes", . but for some reason were not included in the album,
. Of the group goes keyboardist Kasper Mцгrtensson, and he is replaced in the person of Kim Rantaly.

. Next year 1996 was marked by the release of the disc "Elegy" which, in addition to the old roaring Tomi Kayvusaari, you can hear a new voice - it Pasi Koskinen (Pasi Koskinen), who sings clean
. As before, . and in general during the entire creative AMORPHIS, . text part of the album was derived from the Finnish folk opus "Kalevala", . the music was noticeably influence of rock 70, . and in one song "Caress" even used techno-drums,
. In general, music remained fairly brutal, and at the same time sensual, downright crowded beautiful melodies. In early 1997, following a court audience was presented mini-CD "My Kentale", which, unfortunately, has not reached the level of its predecessor: The new full-length album had to wait two whole years.

. Finally, they went into the studio "Finvoks" where, together with producer Simon Et'hem recorded a new album "Tuonela" (the title, as well as the lyrics came from the Finnish national epic - so the place whence came the ancient inhabitants of Finland)
. By the way, the group departed keyboardist Kim Rantala. Keyboards remained, but they are used only in order to make even more dense and catchy sound of the singer Pasi Koskinen, Eza Holopainen guitarist, bassist Olli-Pekka Laine, Tomi Koyvuchaari guitarist and drummer Pekka Kasari. Guitar riffs are equally composed of proven gloomy melodies Amorphis and the general sound wall hard rock 70's. Of course, not without its exotic sounds. Eza lovingly calls them "kebab-riffs, with the eastern slope. In 2000 the group had left one of its founding members - bassist Olli-Pekka Laine, but soon he was substituted in the person of Simon Niklas Etelavuori (Niclas Etelavuori), who previously played in a band "Kyyria". Autumn "Amorfisy" re-entered the studio "Finvoks" and again with Simon Et'hem.

Autumn of 2001 to 10-anniversary of the group was released on a compilation - STORY-10th ANNIVERSARY. New album AM UNIVERSUM same was submitted in March 2001 and debuted at # 4 in the Finnish national charts.

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  • antrax41 for AMORPHIS
  • very full and capacious that More could be said here if it were possible to their tracks free of charge pumping Yeshe and that's when you have prices nebylo
  • antrax41 for AMORPHIS
  • very full and capacious that More could be said here if it were possible to their tracks free of charge pumping Yeshe and that's when you have prices nebylo
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