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Biography AQUA
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History of "Aqua" begins with Claus and Soren, who worked at a gas station. They quickly discovered that the shared passion for music, and soon they began to compose songs for fun. Soren tried his hand at singing, and both played on some tools for creating sound effects. None of their first experiments were not published, but they got a lot of pleasure from his work.

After some time they became involved in the creation of the soundtrack to the Danish film "Fraekke Frida". Painting has become very popular, and attracted the attention of the music, but something happened even more important: in the project involved Renц╘ Dif. Three young men found that they inspire each other and decided to try to do something together.

There are many rumors about how Lin came to the group, but clearly that while Rene committed tour of Scandinavia as the DJ, Lin, for a time served in the Norwegian version of "Wheel of Fortune". Where and when they met is unknown, . somebody says, . that the meeting arranged Rene, . after seeing the show, . but more convincing explanation version, . they simply worked for some time in one place (this could happen on the liner between Oslo and Copenhagen),
. Rene has absorbed a deep breath and uttered the famous phrase: "Your mother - a thief, she stole 2 stars for your eyes". He was happy that night, and even despite the fact that the relationship is not captured Lin, she won a leading place in the group.

When they met four of them, they decided to try to achieve success in the charts. They made the track "Itzy Bitchy Spider" called Joyspeed, in fact it was a remake of an old Danish children's song. Track went into the Swedish dance chart, though, just a week. In Denmark, it did not pay attention, and only at a small local radio station in Sweden, he managed to take first place. The failure was obvious, the contract broke. This fact emerges from time to time, when the former manager of an attempt on a piece of cake from the "Aqua".

Young people have decided to make another attempt, this time by selecting more than happy sounds and melodies. They again started to work, however, already showing signs of impatience. Later it became known that if all too long, Lin went to a group. The first single, changed everything, they just hit the mark. MCA Records signed the contract, and "Roses Are Red" won first place in the charts in Scandinavia.

Returning to the studio, all four agreed that "Joyspeed" not the best name for their new style. And they began to compile a list of possible names of. New name for the group was a major problem on their list was not a single name, which would have liked all four. Rene still working DJ, and during visits to Norway, he had time to reflect. And once, when his mind wandered the unexplored places, he suddenly came across a poster that he repeatedly saw in the studio: it was a commercial for the Danish National Aquarium. Renee called and invited the rest of the new group name: "Aquarium". When he returned to Denmark, all agreed that the name really fits the style of their group, but found it somewhat heavy and reduced it to "Aqua"

In September 1996, in the Scandinavian charts appeared single, "Roses Are Red". He did not immediately hit, but it is still much better than "Itzy Bitchy". Soren's friend invited him to make a cheap video with the help of friends and simple device. Clip is a bit awkward, but still got a single motion. The audience suddenly saw a new group, and not just another "dance track".

Winter 1996 "Roses Are Red" was awarded the platinum award in Denmark, which is not characteristic for singles in this country. "Roses Are Red" was indeed an outstanding. Three years later, he still regularly heard on Danish radio, this is the best hit "Aqua" in their home.

By strewn with "Roses Are Red" carpet "AQUA"'s summer cottage in a small Danish town Gjol near Aalborg. They wanted to know each other better and certainly pave the way for the next album. In nachale1997 band released their second single in Scandinavia, "My Oh My". At this time there was a slow start. Single spread very quickly. And high expectations overlooking album. Finished work on the album "AQUARIUM", . group went to the promo tour, . proved, . not too good, . most of the concerts attracted a small number of people; in Kalundborge and Holbeke on the show was less than 50 people, . a concert in Kalundborge even had free access,
. But those who came to witness the grand show

Exit AQUARIUMa "was a real surprise for MCA Records: 3 weeks was sold 200,000 copies of the album. Perhaps the sale of the album would have been much more successful with a large number of copies for sale. Following the resumption of sales in Denmark were sold 300,000 copies, not bad for a country with a population of 5 million. man. With the release of the album began an extensive tour.

Following the "AQUARIUMom" released their third single "Barbie Girl", but this time not only in Scandinavia, also had a single purpose, and the Asian market, so in the video, along with English captions graced Japanese characters. During a promotional visit to Japan, they were greeted like superstars. AQUARIUM has been successfully presented in Japan, and four returned home to celebrate a great summer with a big concert in Scandinavia. This tour again led them to the cities they visited in the spring. This time, the annual festival in Kalundborge was more than 1000 people. But an even bigger success was waiting for them at a festival in Skanderborge, where around the scene in a picturesque forest zone were about 20,000 people.

Details about the participants of the group

Klaus was born and raised in the north of Copenhagen and received a good education in the field of exact and natural sciences. He wanted to become a chemical engineer. However, in addition to textbooks, Klaus attracted electro-pop of Howard Jones, and this led him to the game of industrial techno keyboards.

Having lost the taste for engineering sciences, Klaus began to work at his sister's clothes in the store. This served him in good stead, because there he learned to understand the styles and fashions, and this is clearly reflected in his appearance.

Some people Claus seems a bit closed, but this is only the appearance. Perhaps it is somewhat old-fashioned modest.


Lin was born in Tonsberg, Norway. Father, Colonel taught her own and bazookas, and machine guns. Lin worked little bit of everything: from visiting the folk high school to service in the Home Guard, to work at the jeweler to-school guide for Mallorca.

In 1995 she won the contest and began working at the Casino, the Norwegian equivalent of Wheel of Fortune. It was a great opportunity for her to speak. One of her songs was the interpretation of the old classical stuff Randy Crawford Almaz.

This impressed the Norwegian public, as well as Rene. When they met, and he played it for his music, Lin said: "I can do it ten times better than the girl who sings now! Rene agreed and took her back to Denmark. Ling always knew what awaited her luck. For it is very characteristic of the rebellious spirit. She - Cupid for their group and homemakers.


Rene was born in Copenhagen. Mother-Dane and North African roots of his father gave his appearance a natural exotic look.

He was bored sitting still in school, which gave him a little in terms of professional experience. Rene tried everything: from the work of a boy in the Navy to service customers in the bakery.

Interest in music with Rene emerged during the wave of break-dance in the 80's. In fact, he was such a great dancer, which took second place in the Danish competition break-dance in 1984.

After the break-dance, Rene began seriously studying music. Encouraged by his friend, he began working DJ. This led him to Norway, where from 1985 to 1990 he was the most popular DJ.

Returning to Denmark, he met with Soren and Claus while working on the soundtrack to a children's movie ( "Fraekke Frida") and formed "Aqua".

Rene - a very strong personality, and he has no problem with the popularity. Happy man, not like the ideal son in law, Renee is full of charm and superior to all parts of entertainment events.


Soren was born and raised in the north of Copenhagen. After the end of grade 9, he went to the United States, where he enrolled at the American Graduate School. For some time he held the manager of Chicago's farmer, who taught him to write music.

One called his father and asked, in what college Soren would like to learn on his return. Soren has chosen a business college, which was the first step towards its wonderful future in one of the world's largest oil companies. First, as an employee at the gas station, then trainee accountant.

The final decision of selecting a career came when he and Klaus won a song competition, which was attended by leading Danish composer. As a result, they did the soundtrack to a children's film, which led them to another children's album, as well as several television children's show.

Soren, without a doubt, the most inveterate jokester on the team. We can say it draws laughter, like a magnet. Where laughter sounds, there you will always find Soren, Soren, and where there is, there is always heard laughter.

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