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Robbie Williams once said: "These days you do not have time to finish the package popcorn that does not appear some kind of another new boy-band". Five is not going to be one of these groups - one of many.

They were clearly irritated when they are called "boy-band", preferring the name "lad band", or the old simple "pop band". If they do can be attributed to any category. Because it is a fairly talented group of young people 17 - 22 years who are going to bring many completely different things completely different people. Guys love their street style - hip-hop fans are in their manner of performance rhythms break, fans of pop music like the catchy tunes, the girls find them very attractive ...

Rise Sean Conlon, Scott Robinson, Richard Neville, "ABS" Breen and "J" Brown was, as they themselves recognize, rapid. Two years ago the group had not yet. Today they have achieved tremendous success. By the end of 1998, they sold more than two and a half million copies of these singles, . a "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)", . "When The Lights Go Out", . "Got The Feelin '", . "Everybody Get Up" and "Untill The Time Is Through" - all of them have been in the UK Top 10,

American market - traditionally the most difficult for the British pop groups. "When The Lights Go Out", . their debut single in the U.S., . stayed in the top ten "Billboard Hot 100 singles" 12 weeks, . Five by making one of the most popular British pop group after the Bay City Rollers! Meanwhile, . their self-titled debut album entered the UK charts at number 1 and the top ten best-selling album throughout Europe,
. In just three months after the album has sold over one million copies worldwide

. Group Five has appeared in early 1997, . father and son - Chris and Bob Herbert (authors of the idea of a Spice Girls) have decided, . it is time for a men's group: "By bringing the whole experience, . gained Spice Girls, . We intend to create not an ordinary boy-band, . a bright, . acute and severally ",
. They worked hard, spending as much 3000 (!!!) plays throughout the country, has not yet made their final choice. "We realized that the guys are like musical ability, and are persons whom we've been looking for, as they saw these five guys."
. Like the Spice Girls, Five moved all together in a house in Camberley, Surrey, and began to rehearse and learn each other closer
. Soon, they signed a contract for 6 albums with BMG / RCA Records and went to the studio in Stockholm to work with renowned producer Denniz Pop. Together they started working on the first single Five "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)".

In the world immediately began talking about a new pop group, and even before the release of new single publications such as "Sunday Times", "The Guardian" and "The Mail" took a whole page under the article about the group. Also, Five won the nomination Smash Hits Best New Tour Act (opening year) at Smash Hits Roadshow'97, and their photos in the year appeared on the covers of twenty-three British magazines.

In all this fuss "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" immediately entered the top ten, and the next single "When The Lights Go Out" has proved that it was not just a fluke. He entered the four. "Got The Feeling" won third place in the charts. "Everybody Get Up" went even further and, like "Until The Time", won second place in the British charts.

Debut album "Five", released in June 1998, secured for them the position of most popular boy bands in the country. Go to the position number 1 - and no doubt!

From Milan Group Five away with them MTV Select Award.

In conclusion, this successful for J, Abs, Rich, Scott and Sean, the group performed at the MTV Awards in Milan and took away with them "MTV Select Award". In addition, the children waited on the success of Smash Hits Roadshow, where they took all the bets, winning 4 awards.

In 1999, their ascent to the heights of continued. They were made as a person "Pepsi", as they did before the Spice Girls and Boyzone. Track "How Do Ya Feel", recorded for Pepsi, gave fans a chance to feel that we can expect from the new album
. New album Five "Invincible", . recorded between the UK, . Dublin and Stockholm in April and May 1999, . prefaced the first single "If Ya Getting 'Down" - with a wonderful mix of funk and disco, . infectious rhythms, . and of course, . with great charm Five,

In June 1999 the guys made a special statement. Meeting the new millennium, they will give the first full live concert in early 2000. Thousands of people screaming in euphoria, with their hands up, live sound ... In keeping with its corporate identity, they held their explosive live shows at the eight largest stadiums in the UK from 11 to 31 March, but before - namely the 26 th and 27 February Five were made in Russia - in St Petersburg and Moscow.

In mid-2000 Five fans were again at the same time surprised and pleased. Group together with Brian Meyem of Queen recorded a remix of the immortal song "We Will Rock You".

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  • Ritchie

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  • Anchik for FIVE
  • I love Group 5 has been passed 3 years since their decay, . I still love them ... and watch for all that each of them does! I am so glad that in this world I'm not alone and there are a lot of people who also love them! December 19, 2004,
  • crash for FIVE
  • FIVE-group of all time and narodov.ETA GROUP Kruche ALL
  • crash for FIVE
  • 'll Show what site you can download THEIR SONGS !
  • crash for FIVE
  • 'll Show what site you can download THEIR SONGS !
  • Jiffer for FIVE
  • Aaaa! I love them! Love it!
  • XXX1952 for FIVE
  • Hi! How are you? Are you a fan FIVE??? Hey, are you from?? =)
  • HHH1952 for FIVE
  • Privat! How are you? Hey, are you from?? =)
  • Jiffer for FIVE

  • Five - the Best!
  • Jiffer for FIVE

  • Five - the Best!
  • Rommie for FIVE
  • Five Solemn they rule! Who does not agree to contact me! Really! I'm a fan of ...
  • Rommie for FIVE
  • If anyone has some pictures, write мну! Pliz! ;-(
  • sabish for FIVE
  • Blin and where is the pictures?
  • KIT for FIVE
  • Frozen Bastard! I do not mean Five ... And about you DEBLOIDY ТУПЫЕ!
  • Rita for FIVE
  • I обажаю 5ive so far, so dreamed that they were together again, and so it happened, I am very glad! "I especially love Richie
  • Tigra for FIVE
  • Hello everyone! I love Five! Write to tigra9@inbox.ru all those interested in photos of (I have the clouds ...) and songs and chat.
  • Puma for FIVE
  • I обажаю Five so far! My love for them continues to 1998-2007, I always hoped that they will be together again! and, behold, a dream come true! they are again united, Five-forever! I especially love Ritchie, since the group appeared to this day!
  • LovelyPypsik for FIVE
  • How nice that there are people who still remember and love 5ive! I am with you =))) RICH best! Write to me, ICQ: 484545270!
  • Cats for FIVE
  • I'm very happy that once again reunited FIVE ! We are here the whole city! Five-Fans unite! Write to me! Socialize, have something to discuss! Marina_k89 @ mail.ru.
  • Fifa for FIVE
  • AAAAAAAAA ! As I обажаю fayfikov, I just live without them I can not already! Associates, Reply! I'm not alone, right? My soap: astenka-five@mail.ru Write! I'll look forward to! !
  • Fifa for FIVE
  • Pardon! My Soap: Nastenka-five@mail.ru
  • dfgdf for FIVE
  • dfgdfgdg
  • Asterisk for FIVE
  • Hi everyone ! I just adore them !]:)
  • ling for FIVE
  • I am glad that we are many, we love Five Pts, Phentermine Boyce've done I suppose, when they learned that the Five are with us again ! Scotty Sugar!
  • Dark for FIVE
  • Generally, I love rock, but heard Five, my heart almost stopped, I have them обажаю! Especially Scotty, he was bunting! Bekkstrit Boyce I suppose crap one's pants when they learned that the Five are with us again!
  • iranskaya for FIVE
  • vse o five!
  • Abilin for FIVE
  • I'm still on them without uma.A because I already 19.Lyublyu their already 6 let.Vseh them! Especially Ebsa and Richa.Eto like a disease ...
  • Abbie Jane for FIVE
  • I'm still mad about nih.A I've already 19.YA love them 6 years old and, judging by everything, I will love until the end of his days ...
  • THEY JUST SUPER, coolest boy in the world, especially Richie (True, he's so Pretty and UTI-WAY !). WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD ALL OF THEIR SONGS, help, and that I CAN NOT find anywhere, WHOLE NO OBLAZELA ! So hurt that they no longer speak, OU POCHENU group disbanded ??????! Richie, YOU ARE MY IDEAL, send me an email !
  • Abbie Jane (Abilin) for FIVE
  • People, everyone who loves Five, bring to you the message: "I love you all !". Now I know that I odinoka.Five best!
  • MaksDobrinin for FIVE
  • Rather the first of January, so you should immediately think that we can present the closest! "Who has any ideas?
  • Dubachev for FIVE
  • This New Year we have the whole family (me, wife, two daughters 6 and 8 years old, mother-in-law) will be celebrating at home. To entertain the girls, of course, will have me. Recommend any games or contests for this company!
  • Leka for FIVE
  • I like that crazy about them. o one can compare with them. Very worried when they rasspalis, I remember then in grade 11 was about any lessons could not think of. Only here with the sites I just can not decide ... I can not find anything about them.
  • Kitty for FIVE
  • 5ive even though they broke up, they will always remain the BEST.
  • maru87 for FIVE
  • heard that Richie is now singing in a rokgruppe ... Who knows what they are now engaged in OWL write for soap maru87@mail.ru
  • Dashochek for FIVE
  • Hurray ! I odna.Est still people who like and I still love lapochek Five ! You guys, the best !
  • Dashochek for FIVE
  • Hurray ! I odna.Est still people who like and I still love lapochek Five ! You guys, the best !
  • valia for FIVE
  • Does anyone know, Five will return or not, I have been everywhere looking for an answer, but the last mention of the return date back to 2006. I very much want to learn something new and desirable good.
  • fairy for FIVE
  • the best group i have ever seen
  • SiGaReTkAa for FIVE
  • Can a group of Five so far who likes and remembers ... It is so nice that they do not forget
  • svetyha for FIVE
  • I am glad that as a five vozvraschayutsya, but I think that the SRD will not be such a success already, but sorry, they are the best! especially abs !
  • Dionis for FIVE
  • The guys can at least someone - something, explain what it means popular idiot Five are with us again??
  • Dionis for FIVE
  • If Th - know something please share infoy:) Dionis_olimpovic@mail.ru
  • Valentine for FIVE
  • All greetings! From the very first day when I learned about a group of FIVE I do not for a moment about them not forget! This is the steepest and eternal group! But now for 3 years I fell out of the information field. What happened to them, will they again sing for us? Share infoy, plizzzzz ! write to my Mail Vah_Vah_86@mail.ru
  • Mariska for FIVE
  • This is a super group, and especially Jay ! I love it !
  • Anonymous for FIVE
  • I thought that FIVE have forgotten! I was wrong and glad of it. All greetings!
  • Masyanya for FIVE
  • I love them too)) is now remembered, . looked like a "great young man" and going through various chat rooms for my pets, . Mol, . suddenly not the first place will take, . cams for them holding )))))) And if suddenly they were the second or third, . I was crying sob ..,
    . now like funny)) and then it was a funeral))) But they are really wonderful! Listen to them - nothing but sheer fun !
  • Elle for FIVE
  • If anyone should be vintage originals with Five (singles, albums, InoPressa) - write on the soap, get it!
  • Fifa for FIVE
  • I love them ! отзовитесь, like-minded people! Nastenka-five15@mail.ru
  • Anonymous for FIVE
  • Dinara for FIVE
  • Five do not like, well, normal, and Backstreet boys-SUPER ! and Nsync too, but sorry that they rasspalis.
  • FIVE BEST YOU ! ! ! ! 1
  • veronika for FIVE
  • FIVE SUPER ! Associates PESHITI veronika1449 @. Yandex.ru
  • sasha for FIVE
  • gavnozhui they are homosexuals
  • Ксюшка for FIVE
  • I love them they are the best I love them since 1998, back sooner ! You are the best ! YOU ARE THE BEST !
  • Lessenok for FIVE
  • Yes they are really super !
  • alkin for FIVE
  • they are just super group ! ! ОБОЖАЮ THEIR SONGS ! ! !
  • Anka for FIVE
  • I adored him!
  • Ashley-Angel for FIVE
  • but I'm a fan of this group of 9 years, and do not conceal that this group is the most лутшая
  • Katia for FIVE
  • Previously, they were ardent fan, to collect all the posters, various articles from magazines every day to listen. now not so often, but they remain for me the best !
  • Anuta for FIVE
  • Hello everyone! guys, it's true that FIVE back?? :)))))))) I adore and am very glad that no one such ! I love SKOTTA!
  • Nasya for FIVE
  • Best group: they simply обажаю! SUPER! It is a pity that they broke up!
  • Lanochka for FIVE
  • I'm crazy about these guys ! they are the best ! And they MUSIC THE BEST !)))))
  • not important for FIVE
  • Alenka us5 for FIVE
  • ebanashki them! females, . as recent rumors spread by the old grandmother! Fife-gathering strahuebisch ! they pedofilnye boys ! but still they are gay ! I've traveled to Germany, . came to their concert, . and then when barely penetrated as for the building saw Scott with another group of competitors embraced! Scott's hand was in his trousers at Sina, . I was stupefied, . I have since this group despise! they are gay !,
  • Alenka us5 for FIVE
  • ebanashki them! females, . as recent rumors spread by the old grandmother! Fife-gathering strahuebisch ! they pedofilnye boys ! but still they are gay ! I've traveled to Germany, . came to their concert, . and then when barely penetrated as for the building saw Scott with another group of competitors embraced! Scott's hand was in his trousers at Sina, . I was stupefied, . I have since this group despise! they are gay !,
  • Nastia Depp for FIVE
  • Five has always stood out among the other groups. They have always been on the order of "cooler" of all. All participants are well matched, the songs they are excellent. They are super, and rightly so.
  • Niusia for FIVE
  • FIVE is forever. They best
  • SADIK for FIVE
  • Lulu for FIVE
  • Does anyone know what is involved in band members? Very curious. I miss him ... 3.04.2009
  • margarita for FIVE
  • Pts, good group, and Pts good songs ... pity that they broke (((((((
  • Yulina for FIVE
  • I understand that everyone has an opinion. but ... is beyond me. Alenka us5 for FIVE you bitch frostbite. ebanashka itself! nehuy about Five so to speak! I do not believe in it ever! You must have mistaken the group and wrote this about his bump against and certainly the blue band us5! now they just uebischnaya group!
  • Yulina for FIVE
  • FIVE most remarkable group of all that when you were. It is a pity that decayed. Now about them can not hear anything (such as GROUP FIVE NO! And it is very upsetting. now and really listen to anything not normal. I mean from groups. Broken messy sung (16.04.2009
  • laskovaya93 for FIVE
  • aaaaaaaaaaaa ... I love this group! remember when I was 12-13 years, listened with a neighbor! pancake! all the songs I know by heart! and trudge from Richie!
  • Our chefs for FIVE
  • Alenka us5, you straight sheep kind in Germany, they did not have any concert and not every dick Labuda write, the more names learn how to write.
  • Wolf for FIVE
  • It is a pity that they broke up, but still it is for the better - just can not imagine himself to the aged on the scene.
  • ben laden for FIVE
  • sa ma kak in cintecul vostruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  • DaX @ for FIVE
  • With just super! Songs of the class! And who knows why it broke? ((
  • pirate for FIVE
  • they will not have nothing to wait for them as much as before will never
  • Nika for FIVE
  • sorry ... sorry .. sorry ... that they had broken ....((((
  • Catherine for FIVE
  • friends, I love this group. They vossoedinilts? that the truth? let's stagnant informatsieyyu will trad letters to ICQ 492713336 and pochtukat.abram @ rabler.ru
  • Lilianka for FIVE
  • It's been a very long time, but I still get them already ptrepanny FIVE drive and listen. They all still come back or not?
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