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Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan)
photo Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan)
Widely known as the "Queen of Latin pop, Gloria Estefan sold about 45 million copies of their records, became the most successful female singer of the executive in the history of Latin music. Gloria Estefan was born in Havana, Cuba in the family of Jose Manuel Fadzhardo (General Fulgencio Batista), Cuban soldiers from units guarding the family of President of Cuba, General Fulgencio Batista
. In 1959, . when the power in the country took Fidel Castro, . Family Fadzhardo along with numerous other opponents of the communist regime moved to the United States, . where they were placed in a Cuban ghetto in Miami, . Florida (Gloria at the time turned 1 year),
. Gloria's father was taken to the brigade of CIA, which includes 13 of hundreds of Cuban refugees. After participating in an unsuccessful battle in the Gulf of nurse in 1961 Fadzhardo got in the Cuban prison, where he spent 1.5 years. After his release, he was in the U.S. Army and served 2 years in Vietnam. Shortly after his return he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease that he may have received during service in the Agent Orange. Gloria had to take care of his father, as his health deteriorated all, and look after my sister, while their mother worked and studied at night school. It is clear that Gloria was very little time to communicate, so she found solace in and out their emotions in her singing and guitar playing.

Dreaming about the profession of psychologist, Gloria, in 1975, attended the University of Miami, and even has a small grants. Serious young girl, she is absolutely not sought the limelight, but nevertheless became a member of the local Cuban-American quartet "Miami Latin Boys", acting as an accompanist and occasional soliruya. Stout, nothing outwardly remarkable and extremely shy owner of a beautiful soprano attracted sleek and self-confident leader and keyboardist Emilio Estefan. To the extent that, as confidence grew and so-called, stage charisma, Gloria began to act more and gradually took its place in the group. The repertoire of the quartet included several of her songs and ballads. One and a half years after its entry into the group, they are already under the new name "Miami Sound Machine" started recording studio - the first two albums went under the brand name of the local studio, and the next two - under their own. This group became a kind of romantic legend, when in 1978, Gloria Estefan and married.

Between 1981 and 1983 the group "Miami Sound Machine" recorded for Discos CBS International, the Spanish branch studio CBS Records, 4 albums in Spanish (Renacer, Otra Vez, Rio, A Toda M? Quina). There came ballads, samba, disco and pop songs. Out of these albums has caused a lot of imitators in Central and South America, but for North America, they remained aliens. In 1984, the group made the first international success: in English came out B-side, "Dr. Beat ", single, which took 10 seats in the U.S. charts dance music. As a result, CBS has provided the group an opportunity to record in his music studio Epic Records. First album, . recorded on Epic, . became the "Eyes of Innocence" (1984), . violent reaction, he did not call, . but paved the way for their second, . already fully English-language album "Primitive Love" (1985) and the single "Conga" (among other hits, . included ten, . were "Bad Boy" and "Words Get in the Way"),
. "Conga" the first single, which came in the top ten in both sections of the Billboard pop, dance, African and Latin American music. Album in 1986, won for the "Miami Sound Machine" award two American Music Awards: one - in the best newcomer of the year nomination (Best New Pop Artists), and the second best pop hits of the year (Top Pop Singles Artists). In 1988, about 119,000 people were in the Guinness Book, while keeping rhythm hit "Conga".

With Miami Sound Machine toured extensively and soon became the leading American group. It became increasingly obvious, . that the star Gloria Estefan shines independently of the group, . and since its initial composition has changed several times, . the group first changed their name to Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, . and eventually became known simply Gloria Estefan,
. His first solo album "Cuts Both Ways" Gloria Estefan released in 1989. Estefan has gained enormous popularity on both sides of the border, . composing and performing the sad and emotional ballads: "Can't Stay Away From You, . "" Anything for You "and" Don't Wanna Lose You ", . The last two of which took first place in the U.S. charts,
. The fact that she remained loyal to both edges of its dual cultural heritage, brought her tremendous recognition, especially among the Cubans in Miami, where she became affectionately call her our little Gloria ( "nuestra Glorita").

While on tour in 1990 Estefan nearly died in a car accident, when a huge trailer collided with their bus. She has shifted vertebra, had to endure 4 hours of surgery to implant two, eight titanium rods to correct spinal. Despite the disappointing forecasts, Gloria has made an incredible return to the scene. Helped her in this year of physical therapy, and an amazing will power and tremendous support of fans: she was sent 4 000 bouquets, 11 000 telegrams and 50 000 postcards and telegrams. The next year, Estefan celebrated her return to the release of the album "Into the Light", with publicity tour which traveled for a year, 29 countries. The single "Coming Out of the Dark" from that album was released in the charts in the first place. Wonder, . that her album "Greatest Hits" in 1992 went platinum in 1993, she received an honorary Doctor of Music University of Miami, the Museum Madame Tussauds wax figure have made her, in Hollywood on the Way of Glory laid out in honor of her star; for the album "Mi Tierra" she received a Grammy Award for Best Latin American Album (Best Tropical Latin Album),
. In 1995, the Latin American diva with the album "Abriendo Puertas" repeated her success. The fact that creativity Estefan at the border of two cultures is reflected in the event, when a million or so sang with Gloria at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. She performed the official Olympic anthem "Reach" from her album "Destiny" (1996)

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Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan), photo, biography
Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan), photo, biography Gloria Estefan (Gloria Estefan)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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