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Biography GARBAGE
With just two albums in stock, Garbage has proved that she - one of those rare groups whose uncompromising and creative approach completely fits with massive flavors.

Using a blend of musical components, as sampling, "teyp loops", and other studio techniques, the group is among the melodic techno-pop groups, not detached from the traditions of the past groups such hits as "Blondie". At first glance, it seems unlikely that this group can become a candidate for the pop star - it consists of three musicians from the Midwest, each of which is about 40 years, and the red-haired singer from Scotland, with blunt defiance. However, even a cursory glance at the history of the group shows "the existence of brains, and musical common sense, which makes their success logical.

History of Garbage begins in Madison, where in 1983, former students, Steve Marker and Brian "Butch" Vig gathered to open a recording studio. Last 6 years, Vig was the drummer and, in part, the producer of the famous pop group "Spooner", released three albums between 1978 and 1982. The group also included guitarist Doug "Duke" Erikson.

By the mid 80-ies studio Marker and Viga was open for business, and although "Spooner" collapsed Vigh and a new group of Erikson's "Firetown" signed a deal with Atlantic. In 1987, "Firetown" released the album "In the heart of the heart country", which became a hit modern rock, with the single "Carry the tourch".

However, the activity "Firetown" was short, and in 1998, Vig again joined Marker "Smart", and seriously began a production career. The next year he led the release of "For Ladies Only" group "Killdozer", and in 1990 he worked on the album Fluid "Glue".

Being engaged in producing activities, in April 1990, he signed a contract with a test group "Nirvana". As a result, he was hired as a producer, the group, which was to become a legend.

The success of groups with whom he worked, he did a good reputation. Vig received many invitations, including its work with "Smashing Pumpkins" and "Sonic Youth". From 1990 to 1994 he was engaged in producing more than a dozen albums, and by mid-decade, he became known as a producer of remixes, adding new musical elements to existing records.

All this time, Vig, Marker and Erikson, continuing to work on his music, hoping to create a new group. Then, in 1994, they were watching MTV 120 Minutes, where the group performed "Angelfish", which was a member of the Manson. They are interested in the singer, who charmed them, and since, "Angelfish" was already on the verge of breakdown, Manson soon found Wisconsin, in a studio group "Garbage", which got its name even before it the singer.

Although her first attempts were not very successful, the group continued to work hard, and in 1995 released one of the most critically encountered and commercially successful albums of the year. "Garbage" was the perfect mix of studio work, a first-class singing, and technical brilliance. The flow of such hits as "Stupid Girl", "Milk", and "Only Happy When It Rains", issued within debut, reached platinum sales. There followed a long way to new recordings, overdubs and experiments, as the group members were very demanding to the quality of their materials, and released in May 1998, the long-awaited album, worth the waiting
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GARBAGE, photo, biography
GARBAGE, photo, biography GARBAGE  Music Group, photo, biography
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