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Biography IFK
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. Pavel Filippenko - vocals
. Vlad Mohonko - vocals
. Max Galst'yan - Guitar
. Vadim Bayrash - bass
. Dmitry Elected - bass
. Peter Zhavoronkov - drums

. In the spring of 1994, when a wave of modern heavy alternative music surged to Moscow, three young men - Max Galst'yan, Vadim Bayrash and Paul Pate, Filippenko decided to try to express their ideas through music
. "Our work should not have any stylistic boundaries and to be on something like. For this we are ready to use all directions in music, and any variants of the show "- this phrase could be called the creative principle of the Moscow group" IFK "(Insect Flyin'Killa - Flying Insect Killer).

After several months of hard rehearsals followed by a successful debut on the main "alternative" venues in Moscow "Alyabieff Club" (October 8, 1994). At this concert the band was marked by many club promoters and producers.

The next step to success was to get the Grand Prix at the festival "Rap myuzik'94". Its unusual and energetic music and shows, the band became popular with a wide range of young people and journalists scandalous publications. "Moskovsky Komsomolets" named "IFK" "skinheads semi-punk semi-rappers". Fuel to the fire poured shocking concert in club "Manhattan Express", where due to jumping from the stage, an abundance of relaxed public and profanity, security tried to evict from the scene raging artists

. By the spring of 1995, . when the group performed at the International Tattoo-Convention, . in the "IFK", . addition Maxim, . playing guitar, . Pate - singer and bassist Vadim team, . includes drummer Alex Bakurkin, . Dmitry Elected (second bass) and vocalist Cherokee (until it is the place occupied Chica Dee - keyboardist and backing vocalist in the group "The Console"),

The popularity of "IFK" has grown rapidly, the audience raved at concerts. The team was invited to the festival "Dance-music-95", where all have seen for themselves that slam - this is the actual form of the dance. Once again proving its ability to completely subjugate the attention and energy of the audience, "IFK" became winners.

Season 1995-96 i.i. became the most successful for the young group. A notable part in rallies and festivals "Learn to swim", the statement from the cult "Rage Against The Mashine", reaching the final in the competition "Generation 95", filmed in the "Program A" brought the musicians on the new round of popularity. Collaborate with a group of "Va-Bank" - track "I live in Moscow / Moscow City" for some time on the right was considered an anthem of an independent youth.

At the same time, "IFK" contract with the firm for the publication of FeeLee Records debut album entitled "Mosquito MAN". This plate was highly appreciated by critics of various publications, not only music. On the song "Powa" and "I live in Moscow / Moscow City" were filmed video clips that just did not go unnoticed. Spot "I live in Moscow" took one of the top places at an international festival of video in France in the category of "Alternative".

In autumn 1996 the newspaper "Evening Club staged a loud show, timed to the Day of Moscow. "IFK" were in the immediate vicinity of the mausoleum, and the spirit of the communist leader was shocked by the triumphal march of the national extreme music for the souls of the heated public. This event remains the most striking event of the holidays, as evidenced by the highly emotional and prolonged reaction enormous crowds.

By early 1997, "IFK" became essentially a national pride of Russia. The credibility of the group outside the capital have strengthened many statements in Bryansk, Sochi, Chisinau, Tver and other cities. At all these rallies fans showed their frenzied excitement unparalleled riot. In February, the group was invited to serve as the team warming up at a concert in front of one of the most famous hardcore teams in the world "Biohazard". Uncompromising, aggressive feeding and close contact with the audience - that is what unites "IFK" with their American counterparts

. Also behind a "IFK" many speeches in the local club festivals, . at events RFA and the repeated participation in the celebrations of the newspaper "MK" in the "Luzhniki" The third of these concerts has caused a surge of positive and even enthusiastic acclaim,
. It is reasonable to relate this to changes in the group - at this time the team reached a new vocalist, who replaced Cherokki - Vlad Mohonko and drummer Peter Zhavoronkov.

The rich concert experience, continuous creativity and enthusiasm of all participants of the collective markedly affected the arrangement and the texts of new tracks on performing skills and concepts show. There also emerged a joint project "IFK" with DJ Gruv. With the album decided to try to combine heavy guitar music with a dynamic electronic bit of that and, in the end, was carried out and presented to the public under the name "GruvFK"

. Speech in November 1997 before the cult band "Motorhead", . part of the project "GruvFK" in the concert of "Clawfinger" (March 1998), . speech at the celebration of the newspaper "MK" ( "IFK" and "GruvFK"), . vystuplnie as headliners at the biggest raves of Eastern Europe "Instantsiya" (June 1998) and as a worthy conclusion of the march of the concert season in '97-98 - participate in one of the most prestigious European rave "Satisfaction", . occurred in July 1998 in the Spanish city of Malaga - all prepared a background for the release of the new album "Absolute", . recording of which was held in the studio "Cream Records",

Album "Absolute"

"Absolute" is fundamentally different from the previous album. In the first place so that all the songs except for "Greenpeace", the band performed in Russian! Shifting and sound, in this work musicians actively experimenting. The result is original, interesting mix of hard guitar sound with modern electronic sounds and techniques.

In recording the album in addition to the permanent membership of the team participated notorious DJ Groove, Tutta Larsen, Nicholas Trumpeter and Alexei Kozlov of the group "Thaivox" Sergei "Frucha" from the group "Dzhazlobster".

As a producer and sound engineer on the album worked Alexei Breitburg.

Demo-single from the album, presented "Cream Records" on the Court of Western producers, gathered together for the annual festival POPKOMM, was a great success. Same place among the "Cream-Records" and the famous Swedish producer Peter Dahl (Peter Dahl) was agreed on the production of mastering the album in the steepest Swedish studio "Cutting Room", . which produced mastered the works of many Western stars, . in particular the "Aqua", . "Roxette", . "E-Type", . "Basic Element", . "Antiloop", . "Ace Of Bace" and others.,

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