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Biography Kamikaze
photo Kamikaze
Japan ... End of the thirties ... The Second World War ...
The unprecedented case in world history: a school for young people from the aristocratic classes, prepares pilots for a single flight - the first and last. The challenge - to climb into the sky and in the infinitely beautiful, filigree flight performance, having conquered the sky aesthetics of death, die in head-on collision with the enemy aircraft. Stay alive and return to the land is prohibited as a philosophy of suicide, and his own honor. This is the concept of the St. Petersburg group "Kamikaze", every time overlooking the scene, though in his "last" flight.
. Ingredients:

. Andrew Mitroshin - text, music, vocals, keyboards
. Sergey Vasiliev - guitar
. Igor Yefimov - drums

. "This is the gods of winds, media effect,
. In their eyes open mathematics death ...
. They are intended to be worthy of a shout,
. Crick gods, strangled with the wind "
. Love Kamikaze ", 1989
. The group was founded in the spring of 1989, gay cute little man Andrew Mitroshin, while still a student, faculty TV Electric Institute

Debuting in the summer of 1989, the All-Union festival Aurora -89 "," Kamikaze "immediately drew the attention of the press and is recognized as one of the most original bands Starter

. Those first, who "asked":
. Andrew Mitroshin - vocals, guitar, lyrics
. Vadik Volodin - drummer
. Ruslan Kravtsov - bass - guitar
. Maxim Verkeev - bass - guitar
. Maxim Berezhnoy - Manager

. Then they had no doubt what music to play - just INDEPENDENT
. Only living. They chose the world of associations and imagination. Their independent, club (as defined by the musicians themselves - widow of a collegiate) music - not to crowded concerts.

Describes the mysterious sound trajectory guitar. And again the hum of a spiral, may be it - kamikaze planes could not find his goal - death, circling the airfield dark?

Autumn 1989, the musicians come in the Leningrad rock club. At that time it was recorded their first album, "Under the sign of madness, fall in love with" independovskih "Romantics of those years.

Here the music world "Kamikaze" deliberately streamlined, feelings and emotions are subject to the intellect. The intense rhythm viscous, dense, surround two bass guitars - and a feeling of perpetual motion on the narrow dark corridor. For his impenetrable, no windows, walls.

The musicians have organized in the college cafe "of wood" event entitled "Private Party Kamikaze," which invites musicians, artists, Party People and progressive creative young people. At a party for the first time in a performance of the laser light is applied now famous "master" Gosha Kopylova. A television crew from Chapygina, . who were removing a report about the party, . pick up this idea and the efforts of director Eugene beans to create the fifth channel of the same name of the St. Petersburg television program "Private Party", . in the shooting of several programs which both our "kamikadziki",

Soon (1991) group is removed in trehseriynom documentary film by German director Jens Moyrera "USSR today" (studio "Dialog film" Mr.. Munich). The soundtrack tapes included two songs, "Egypt" and "Spring" from the second Russian-language album, "Moment of the refractive index, in the work on which was attended by saxophonist DDT Mikhail Chernov and jazz singer Helen Dutova. Album decorated in the style of "new romanticism and soft sexy waves". Favorite thing - "Spain", where next to guitar onslaught shyly disappearing and reappearing a few bars of a fragile, brittle sorting Spanish flamenco.

After the "Zona records" released the album on vinyl, in St. Petersburg there are several informal fan - club.

In the same year, the guys involved in the global environmental campaign "Earth" and shoot their first music video "Escape" and "Obsession". And in early 1992, born hit "Kamikaze Girl". He becomes a hit-symbol, which is sung with the rucksacks fashionable girls and boys in pants. And among the fans later became even held an annual competition for the title of Miss "kamikaze - girl".

The success of the film, shown several times on obschegermanskomu and Bavarian television, was truly stunning. What subsequently caused the signing of a "Kamikaze" contract on numerous tours of Germany. There were 4 full-fledged tour (50 concerts) in Munich, Berlin, Cologne. And in Hamburg musicians successfully speak to 4-thousand audience as a warm up in front of one of the concert tour of the British anti-fascist group "Selector". Next - "conceptual" presentation and cheerful "harakiri - party in Prague (Czechoslovakia).

Soon, further changes occur within the team. With the arrival of guitarist Sergei Vasiliev ( "Alice", "Sudden Owl") and new drummer Sergey Navetny ( "Nate", "Cat House") is markedly increased professionalism and activity of.

After the German tour of "chief Samurai Group Andrey Mitroshin accurately determine its further tracing flight - frontal attack on the outposts of the British rave.

From spring to autumn 1993 - the period of studio work on the English album "Long Songs of Summer Days / LSSD". CD - ROM produced in 1994 with the assistance of the Moscow musical company "FEE LEE". Traditional for "Kamikaze" soft Independent shifted to exquisite guitar drive and positive dance rhythms. Album is one of the greatest albums of 94 g at the charts of the newspaper "Advertising Chance". Favorites of the season - the songs "Japanese child" and "Nothing".

"Kamikaze" play a lot of live concerts in St. Petersburg clubs, participate in television music programs, give numerous interviews and win sympathy already Russian listeners. Musicians involved in the New Year program Sergey Kuriokhin Pop Mechanics "in the Manege, where its energy groove set the tone in the dance department program. And in the club "Ten" at the annual competition of independent and alternative music "cactus-94" group as the best dance group of the year.

In the summer of 1994 the celebrated team of "independent and non-rockers" turns as much as 5 years. Ur, gentlemen! Note event? An unforgettable experience to a party in the rock - the club, with dancing to the ceiling until you drop, and the snack slap concert with a stunning live sound!

. Autumn "Kamikaze" participate in the Moscow festival "Generation-94", organized by Art Pictures Group ", which went to the finals and performing in a gala concert with stars of Russia's pop
. As a prize musicians are shooting in the television show Rossiyskogo television show "Hell Libitum". At the request of the foreign producer singer Marie Claire Dyubaldo, speaking as a guest at the festival, "Kamikaze" was played and sang together with her famous hit "Rythm is magic"

. At the end of 1994 at the sixth television channel broadcast out of St. Petersburg authoring program Oksana Pushkina "How are, . old?, . in which the leader of the "Kamikaze" Andrew Mitroshin appears before the audience as a composer, . poet, . arranger and sound producer in one person,

"Now the culture is beginning to be replaced by the show - business, through which musicians make money. When you get into the system of commercial vehicles and begin to punch lyrics for the needs of the customer, get a surrogate culture. I do not want to run, tongue hanging out, and think: I have a commercial songs and whether they are suitable to fit radio. Give people the opportunity to hear our creativity, perhaps this is what they lack. "
A. Mitroshin

95-97 years. Group meets on concert stages, takes part in various musical projects and festivals - "Songs of the end of XX century" theater of DDT, "Rock Side", "Ten against the Nazis," "Nevsky landing". Increasingly songs sounded on the radio in "Modern", "Katyusha", "Baltika", "Europe plus", "Radio Russia". Music critics recognize "Kamikaze" the most winding and setting, and fun group of St. Petersburg, and the song "Amigo" and "Airplane" with yet unpublished album "Banzai!" become popular hits in the club life in St. Petersburg. Not in vain among friends and many fans there is the "right" motto:

. Honored popular Japanese band "Kamikaze" is propaganda and deliberate policy to support the club movement and the establishment in the city, than winning the hearts "of colleagues from the music"
. "Kamikaze" become "can opener" - as the starting symbol of good fortune they are invited to open new city clubs. In parallel, the musicians involved in all events, arranged by the St. Petersburg club "Mountain", "Nora", "Wild side", "Ten", "Fish fabrik", "City club".

In 1996, the group leaves Sergei Navetny and replaced by a new drummer, Igor Efimov, which fits well into the team, and close to your work, in six weeks in favor of "Kamikaze". With the advent of a new party musical style changed to a more progressive direction. Since spring period started active work on the new album "Banzai!" Which was supposed to be the logical culmination of a three-year movement of trying to find oneself, to comprehend who is who, and enter a new phase of creativity. The fourth album comes out under the patronage of the St. Petersburg Studio Dobrolyot ". Recorded participate Nail Kadyrov "Shamrock" (acoustic guitar), Eugene Radovskii "Mouse" (backing vocals), Oleg Baranov, "Sport" (guitar), Victor Dunaevskii (saxophone) and others.

The summer during the presidential election campaign "Kamikaze" involved in the campaign "Vote or lose!" and give a series of concerts in the cities of Pine Bor, Zelenogorsk, Pavlovsk. Do not go unheeded and festival performances. Among them is the 3rd annual festival "Rock Side", bringing together about five thousand people outdoors in a park Ekateringof, where a nice team confirmed on vse100% status best dance group of St. Petersburg.

New 1997 brought the birth of a new acoustic concert program "Eagles of the Caucasus - brothers Kamikaze", which was presented at the club "Wild Side". The program includes the song "Kamikaze", written between 1989 po1997gg, but executed in a style fashionable in the 70 -80 years.

The original pop arrangements evoke the atmosphere of a-la Restaurant "Weeping Willow", a funny humorous quotes from popular domestic films cause pleasant nostalgia.

The project involved Viktor Dunaevskii (sax) and Eduard Nesterenko (guitar).

Unplagged successfully hosted the run-in St. Petersburg clubs Griboedov, rock - the club and other.

98 - 99 i.i. - Musicians temporarily stop concerts, locked in the rehearsal point and are actively working on new album "Urban". The result was a fashionable, with bezuminkoy "Music. And what lyrics? They bear the social moral charge, while remaining poetically beautiful, succinct content, ironic and infinitely romantic. Tracks "Tsunami", "Wolves" and the "MF Hacker" - an accurate and positive hit in the reality. A girl from St. Petersburg "just spinning on the radio, competing with other" girls ". In the meantime, fans groups argue that the honorable - to be "suicide girl" or "Woman from St. Petersburg".

The whole period of "creative torment and research" "Kamikaze" has never been ignored his "entourage". Voluntary support team was always there - it is friends, true friends and relatives of the musicians. They supported and helped, filmed and written, assembled and photographed for the website on the Internet, shouted "Bravo!" And just loved and believed. Over the years the group has changed several times, but the "Kamikaze" no one quarreled and fought, but rather continue to this day, "club and commit hara-kiri" with all their former parties. They have always remained true to its concept and always abide by "the samurai code of honor".

1999 - he is the most birthday of the group:

- First - the last year of the century (it's time to sum up).

- Secondly - the main generator of Andrew Kamikaze (Mitroshin) marks exactly 30.

- Third, because the most important - the group celebrates its 10 years of existence on the stage

. The recently opened Saigon piterskom club held a unique event - the first time in the history of domestic rock - motion carried live video internet live concert in real time! 4 o'clock live sound and lively conversation! The project became a reality thanks to the support provider Peterlink,
. From anywhere in the world could see the anniversary concert of "The Third Dimension ...", . which took place at cheer motto - "kick the living sound of fonogramschikam!" In the first part of the anniversary evening hear songs from the new album "Urban", . as well as the best hits of,
. The second part - and a live unplugged acoustic jam - Session, which was attended by friends - musicians from the group "Spleen", "live cello" Lena T. (S.T.D.K.) and saxophonist Victor Dunaevskii.

They say that everyone has their own journey.. The most mysterious and independent and not-advertised team of Peter gathers his new professional heights ...

10 years takeoffs, flights, and "not very", but never landings and landings, even if very soft. Because suicide - people with special kinds. For them enough once up into the sky to understand the meaning of this life. After all, from a great height all the more obvious.

- You've already been there?
- No, to the summit, we have not yet flown

PS: They are still just beginning!
Ahead of the third millennium ...

. Discography
. 1989 - "Under the sign of madness"
. 1991 - "The Moment of refraction"
. 1993 - "LSSD"
. 1997 - "Banzai!"
. 1998 - "Urban"

. Compilations
. 1995 "New Wave rock St. Petersburg" ( "Moroz Records")
. 1995 "Plague Dance" ( "Russian music")
. 1995 "Europa Plus is" ( "Europa Plus")
. 1999 "Fuzz box"

. Video
. 1989 "Escape"
. 1990 "Obsession"
. 1991 "Kamikaze girl"
. 1992 "Spain", "Spring"
. 1993 "Nothing song"
. 1994 "Japanesse child"
. 1995-97, the "Airplane", "Amigo"
. 1997 "The Caucasian mix"
. Official site

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Kamikaze, photo, biography
Kamikaze, photo, biography Kamikaze  Music Group, photo, biography
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