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( Music Group)

The first mention of the group and thus the day of his birth, the group must TEQUILAJAZZZ legendary club of the St. Petersburg "Tam-Tam", where the September 4, 1993 passed its first appearance. Before TEQUILAJAZZZ musicians played together in the latter part of a group object of ridicule, and Alexander Voronov was a member of the "zero".

In 1992, the year two of the participants of the future TEZZZ - Konstantin Fedorov (main role) and Yevgeny Fyodorov appeared in the film, Rashid Nugmanova "Wild East" - a parody of the Western heroic Westerns.

Musicians offered to write the soundtrack for the film in a heavy industrial style. This work served as the impetus for the creation of the project, which after persistent rehearsals winter found the name and released the first demo album. "Maksiminor" consisted of six songs and was released independently circulation of about 200 tapes. Some of this material is later used to produce the first official album of the team "fired?"

. In the 1994th year, the band went on tour in France and in the same year on an independent record company in St. Petersburg Contras Records on CD-ROM released their first official album "fired?", . which in June 1996 and reissued on CD, cassette,
. Now this album - one of the rarest native disk.

In January 1995, TEZZZ signed a contract with a Moscow company record Fili, where in September 1995 published a maxi-single "Aboriginal". It includes three songs from the first album "fired?" a more rigorous treatment, two new songs and the song "Bye-bye" to the project participants of the "Four Winds", which becomes the first radiohitom Group. On this song Anastasia Rakhlina made the first black and white video TEZZZ. In December, a group involved in the "Generation 95" and received the Grand Prix Festival.

Next, in 1996, the group is almost entirely devoted live performances. During this time they managed to take part in all the most prominent festivals of Russia (including "Learn to swim", . Moscow, . "Exotica", . St.Petersburg, . Ten grand "Petersburg rock-festival, . hosted by the theater of DDT on the stadium "Petrovsky"), . solo performances at all possible sites of St. Petersburg and Moscow, . concerts in Yekaterinburg, . Kazan, . Tver, . Minsk and Chisinau,

In April 1996, the annual inter-European project "Cultural Capital of Europe" TEZZZ successfully performed at the festival of contemporary culture "ArtGenda-96 in Copenhagen. In the summer the group took part in Russia's part of the world tour of the radical Los Angeles rock band RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, held a joint statement with other cult BIOHAZARD American team in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In September TEZZZ made in the Norwegian city of Oslo on the international anti-racism festival "Folk Rock". And October-November 1996 were held in a large tour group of Southern Europe.

And in the beginning of 1997 year on record company Fili out a new album "Virus". His musical number was much tougher, his lyrics reflect the band tries to human feelings in different periods of life. The album became the first attempt to create a music sound-track for a nonexistent film.

The song "Beasts" from the album "Virus" was radiohitom and director Dmitry Rezchikov removes her animated clip, which became the opinion of many critics one of the best video, filmed in Russia in the early to mid-90's. For that FUZZ magazine awarded the prize for best video in 1997. On the song "Pistol" also removed the animated video, in the spirit of espionage comic 60's - 70-ies.

Summer goes mini-album: "Virus Versus Virus", consisting of three songs from the "Virus" - Gun, Airplane and animals, as well as remixes of these songs made by the Moscow Experimental electronic group "Types of Fishes".

At the same time, vocal quartet album released Hummingbird "Bes Sahara, where the share TEQUILAJAZZZ had absolutely all the instrumental and Eelectromusical part of the album.

In 1997 TEZZZ continues to tour in Russia. Together with the "Va-Bank", "Hummingbird", IFK, "Bricks" team takes part in the retreat festival "Learn to swim" in the city Valgerand, Estonia. July 20 launched a unique campaign - "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, where, in addition TEQUILAJAZZZ, attended the group" Streets "and" Bricks ". Three team traveled by bus from St. Petersburg to Moscow, speaking in all major towns - Pskov, Novgorod, Tver ... In November TEZZZ participates with the legendary group the 90 FAITH NO MORE, a festival with pepper to life ". Simultaneously, the staff continues to experiment with sound and working on a new program.

At the end of 1997 year on record company Fili goes maxi-single Aviation and Artillery, with three new songs and a remix of "Airplane" made by Maxim Golovin (Studio Eclectica). At last, in January awards ceremony for achievements in electronic music for the 1997th year, "Funny House Dance Awards'97", a remix of "Airplane" won in the category "Best Remix".

By early 1998, work was completed on the new album of. But he went out not once. At first, followed by numerous concerts with the band in Russia, including a joint statement with the living legend of American heavy metal Motorhead. In May 1998, TEZZZ took part in a festival named after Sergei Kuriokhin "SKIF-2" in New York, where he played several concerts in the most famous clubs of the American metropolis, including the legendary club COOLER. Being in New York, TEZZZ also gave a concert in itself, perhaps, the prestigious club throughout North America, places of worship, whence came many of the current stars of world rock music, including Iggy Pop, Ramones, Green Day - club CBGB. And on his return to Russia in June, the group played a concert in conjunction with one of the best alternative bands of the planet - SMASHING PUMPKINS.

And, finally, in August 1998, the new album TEZZZ "Celluloid" was released on a major record Fili. Album bombshell. Finalized a new job as "sound-track for a nonexistent movie". The material on the disk, in the opinion of musicians, creating a picture of different emotional experiences a specific person at different periods of life.

The process of the recording was interrupted three times for creating music for films, which, of course, could not leave their imprint on the material of the album. Music from it as penetrated the film, and vice versa, movie sketches overgrown texts and arrangements entered later in the plate.

As a result, the account TEZZZ following work in the cinema:
1. "Wild East" Rashid Nugmanova.
2. "Ghoul" Sergei Vinokurov.
3. "The Iron Heel of Oligarchy" Alexander Bashirov.
4. "The body will be buried, a senior midshipman will sing" Ilya Makarov.

Three songs from the "celluloid" - "Silence and Sorcery", "Theme of last summer," also stars "Video clips. Animated video for the song "Silence and Magic" was created by Dmitry Rezchikovym, and was awarded the title of one of the best in 1998. And the song "Winter Sun" became the all-Russia radiohitom, and the group received the prize for her magazine FUZZ "Best Song of 1998". Journal OM recognized this album among the best published in 1998, and the group TEQUILAJAZZZ best group in 1998.

After such recognition, the album, the band went on a long tour of Russia. In a joint tour in the cities of Siberia with the legend of Russian rock-n-roll - a group п¬п-п?пг, TEZZZ introduced a few brand new songs. The band also took part in the third international festival named Sergei Kuriokhin - "SKIF-3", held in St. Petersburg in early October.

Late autumn of 1998 TEZZZ was involved in recording Russia Tribute Depeche Mode - double album "dispatch to Depeche Mode". Together with the famous London-based electronic musician and clarinetist Andrei Samsonov team recorded a cover version of the song "Condemnation". This was followed by numerous concerts with the band in Russia, and in the beginning of the new 1999 TEZZZ started recording a new album.

By May 1999, a new work group called "One hundred fifty billion steps," saw the light. Almost all the songs on an album were written from June to November 1998, during a short break between gigs "celluloid campaign. Album in its own continued development trends, . emerging in "Celluloid", . concerned and the search for new sounds, . heightened interest in classical harmony and sound colors, . detailed work on the acoustic atmosphere, . to establish that in some cases applied very unusual ways of recording,

At the same time, the group endorsed a new guitarist - Oleg Baranov, known to participate in groups "SPORT", "Bondzinsky". On two songs from the new album videos were filmed - "I'm Not There" (directed by Oleg Flyangolts) and "Same as I do" (directed by Vlad Kuzmin Evgeny Fedorov).

End of June was marked for group participation in the international festival ROCK-KIEV, Kiev, Ukraine, where, in addition to them, attended by world-renowned METALLICA, SMOKIE, SWEET, ALPHAVILLE. In early July TEZZZ took an active part in the tourism rock festival in the mountains, on the swift river ", held at the hostel Katun that in the Altai Mountains. A whole week the group performed at the open area with Russia's iconic artists as Boris Grebenshchikov, "Va-Bank", "Picnic," in. Butusov and other.

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TEQUILAJAZZZ, photo, biography
TEQUILAJAZZZ, photo, biography TEQUILAJAZZZ  Music Group, photo, biography
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