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Aria Group officially announced his fall 1985 release of his first album - very professional and played very much like the whole rock - music played while in the USSR. Album called modestly and tastefully - "Megalomania".

It all began in 1984, when Vladimir Holstinin away from the group ALPHA, music which was, in his view, insufficiently radical in order to build a new team. After a while it joins Alex Granovsky, and in early 1985, the boys are introduced to Victor GE Vekshtein - Head VIA THE SINGING HEART ". Hearing the first "metal" chords, he decides to become a manager of a new group. The search for the vocalist did not take long. The first contender all liked him, his name was Valery Kipelov. After some hesitation Holstinin offers name ARIA, which contains a hidden meaning, as both musicians and fans of all at once begin to be called "Aryans".

Recorded first album was also attended by: Alexander Lvov - drums and Kirill Pokrovsky - keyboards. Almost all songs were written Holstinin and Granovsky and lyrics - Alexander Elin. All the guitars on the album "Mania Greatness" wrote Holstinin, but as for live one guitar was not enough, the group invites a second guitarist - Andrei Bolshakov, Igor Molchanov Alexander Lvov was replaced on drums

. The debut album ARIA caused strong repercussions in the country, despite the lack of any kind has been advertising on TV or in print, because the communists were forbidden even on the posters to write the band's name, threatening to administrative and criminal proceedings
. The air reeked of scandal, and he erupted in February 1986 at the first concert of the band, which was organized by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "in the person of Dmitry Shavyrina leading" Sound Track ". Hall is divided into two parts: some said it was a crime against art, others argued that it is something that should. As a result, forty people came to the police. The scandal continued to gain momentum. At the festival "Rock - Panorama - 86, during a speech ARIA, attackers poured on the power cables of a bucket of water, causing short-circuiting the entire switching on stage. The concert was interrupted for 40 minutes, but the goal attack had not been achieved: the room no one left, the audience waited patiently, and musicians still play the game until the end. And although the sound after "sabotage" left much to be desired, ARIA is the winner of "Rock - Panorama - 86". Later, the company "Melodia" released two records with the festival, but ARIA was not there, and some of the musicians who participated in these concerts, to claim that groups such as ARIA, discredit the rock - music. There were just too unexpected problems. Famous poets refused to cooperate with the group. "This work" in the basket, everything that we write to you, do not go anywhere. Would play only for themselves and their friends "- they said.

Meanwhile ARIA rapidly went up. Immediately after the "Rock - Panorama - 86" group goes to Vilnius, the festival "Lituanika - 86", which gets the prize for professionalism. The popularity of the group at this time can be judged from the fact that the halls are no seats available, and concerts are accompanied by riots, routed rooms, broken windows and broken chairs. Officials from the art shudder when they learn about the upcoming tour of the aria, and in some regions, authorities do not conduct concerts with the band. All this gives a lot of trouble the manager who has to settle conflicts. But, despite all his efforts, the media still silent about what is happening, and only newspaper "MK" regularly print tops, where ARIA invariably present in almost all the nominations.

When recording a second album - "Who are you?" - Group began musical differences. Bolshakov and Granovsky offer a course on a more assertive music, but Holstinin Kipelov and still remain true to the style of the group, which soon led to the rupture. In January next year, after a very successful performances in the Concert Hall "Druzhba", the four musicians, led by Andrey Bolshakov, had to leave the ARIA. Their places are taken by: Sergey Mavrin guitarist, drummer and bassist Max Udalov Vitaly Dubinin.

Changing the composition went ARIA clearly benefit, as well as six months of hard rehearsals the band recorded one of his best titles "Hero of Asphalt," which includes such famous songs as "Street of Roses" and "The Ballad of the ancient Russian warrior". Unlike the first two albums, available on CD - cassettes, "Hero of the asphalt" on vinyl releases Firm "Melody", but only after one year. Here, too, was not without troubles. Album was originally named on the first song "In the Service of Evil Force", . but firm "Melody" feared such a "terrible" and the name of the cross over album with the tacit consent of GE Vekshtein, . not even notice the musicians, . the "Hero of the asphalt", . and beside why - is written in English "Hero speedway",
. At the same time on the cover have been renamed and musicians: so Holstinin named Valery and Udalova - Michael and drummer (but do not know why). The quality of recording disc is also very different from magnitoalboma, of course, for the worse. Album sold over one million, but the shops and not lying, and a year later to buy it was virtually impossible. Lyrics written Margarita Pushkina. It should be noted that the money for this album the group did not receive, because the communists was an honor for musicians no money to pay.

Immediately after recording ARIA starts on tour, which lasts two years, almost without interruption and is accompanied by widespread sold out, crowd control and noisy buster. And in Vologda occurred just too outrageous case. During the performance of "Ballad of the old Russian soldier" from the audience onto the stage arrives accurately fired by - that stem from his chair and gets vocalist at the forehead. And boiling, instead of the word "Stop," yelled the whole room really something quite unprintable.

In early 1988 ARIA receives an invitation to the Festival Capital Radio in London. In London, too, came wretched business. For all official requests from England Gosconcert replied that the group "can not leave, even though ARIA regularly toured the country and continued to collect stadiums. Meanwhile, Dmitry Mamatov and Sergey Komarov remove klipk song "Rose Street", which appears on the TV in the transfer of "elevator music". The shooting of this video was recorded mass pandemonium, as both participants and organizers of the survey underestimated populyarnostgruppy. Instead of the expected two - three hundred, . on-site surveys sobralosbolee seven thousand people, . as well as the protection was not provided, . some musicians and film crew got out of the crowd two hours with heavy losses of various parts of clothing and machine parts,
. But the sacrifices were made not in vain, on the basis of a hit - parade "ML" video came out on top. That winter ARIA is sent on his first foreign tour in Berlin, gives it three successful concert and was invited to the festival "Days of the wall in the summer of 1988, which speaks to an audience of 120,000 people. Immediately prior to release ARIA on stage presenter announced: "And now - a group of ARIA, heavy - metal" from Moscow! ". And people began to laugh together. Since shortly before the ARIA in Berlin were "Autograph" and "Time Machine", . Germans, . apparently, . expecting to hear something like, . the more so as the group name, . and the opening soundtrack "Santa Lucia", . performed by Robertino Loretti, . not augur "metallic",
. But after the first song of the public mood has changed dramatically. After the concert the musicians ran the head of the stage and said: "Yesterday on TV I saw the signing of the treaty to eliminate intermediate-range missiles, and today - Soviet IRON MAIDEN. It seems that in your country really began restructuring ". That night and for Friendship among Peoples was drunk so much that nobody could come to as far as Moscow. As a result, a group of nearly detained in Poland, because the question of Polish border guards "Who are you?" - Hardly the answer was: "We - the Aryans!".

Interestingly, these and subsequent performances in Germany were organized by musicians themselves, the complete absence of support from manager. Looming conflict. Victor GE Vekshtein through which the group successfully overcame the obstacles, suddenly taken a very strange position. He insisted that the band's music is outdated, it remained a short time to live, and therefore must find time to play as many concerts, but work on the new album does not make sense - the music must change ". The first could not stand Maxim Udalov, the youngest of the "Aryans". In the summer of 1988 he leaves the group, immediately after the tour in Bulgaria. His place is taken by Alexander Maniakin, who impressed everyone that came and immediately played all the songs ARIA than redeemed his new colleagues from the endless rehearsals.

In November 1988, ARIA parted ways with his manager, Victor GE Vekshtein and immediately begin to record their fourth album - "Playing with Fire", to which the material was prepared for a long time. A manager Yuri Fishkin, an old friend Holstinin and Dubinin on group MAGIC TWILIGHT. Album was published in spring 1989. The band's music became more aggressive and dynamic. All songs were written by Vitaly Dubinin and Vladimir Holstinin, texts - Margarita Pushkina.

After the release of the album makes a video for the song "Give me heat!" directed by Eugene Pakhomenkova, and ARIA is sent to a long tur'ne in Russia and Germany. An interesting thing happened with the group during a speech in Berlin, at the festival "Rock Summer". German TV has decided to cover the speech of arias and, as is customary in the civilized world, to pay for it. But when the musicians began to divide the 12,000 marks, out of nowhere came the representative Gosconcert and took all the money itself, that seems somewhat marred by the festival. Despite this, the trip to Germany was very successful, ARIA has given concerts in four cities with the same success. Tour life continues until the spring of 1990, when Dubinin and Mavrin unexpectedly signed a recording contract with a German singer of the plate and leave the group. In place of the guitarist invited Dmitry Gorbatikov (ex - GALAKTIKAi Red Square), and bassist Alex becomes Bulkin, which were introduced on tour in Saransk in 1986. After a month to rehearse, . ARIA new line-up once again goes on tour, . which continues, . as usual, . drunk and play "Scrabble" on the money, . and Gorbatikov all the time gets into stupid situations with women, . justifying the nickname "loverboy",

In August 1990, unable to bear the separation, and ran away from the singer, the group returned with Mavrin Dubinin, and ARIA, noting his five-year anniversary concert in DC ZIL in October 1990, began to prepare to record their fifth album. "Blood for Blood" released in autumn 1991 and demonstrates the new sound of the group, through the use of guitar synthesizer and acoustic guitars. On this album, ARIA, along with Margarita Pushkina, continues to explore his favorite theme of the struggle of Good and Evil. Album goes to the company "Synthesis of Records, but despite the change of publisher, troubles continue to haunt the team because the quality of printing and writing is even worse than before.

From 1991 to 1993 ARIA continues to tour the country and organize terrible riots in hotels, and in Tomsk even overrides achievement ROLLING STONES, throwing a TV out the window, double. In 1993, ARIA significantly reduces the concerts, as technical support concerts, and even their own organization in widespread chaos in the country, leave much to be desired. Group decides to go on the known path - the creation of own studio Aria Records.

In the same year, ARIA concludes a five-year contract with MOROZ Records. The results of this "historical" events did not take long. In summer 1994, published a collection of five CD arias, including the previously unreleased "megalomania" and "Who are you?", And the group began to record sixth album. In September, recording a drum part, ARIA the fourth time is sent to the two-week tour of Germany, giving concerts in seven cities and the legendary Berlin Hard Rock Cafe. After the concert the musicians waiting for terrible news: the money they receive. Holder declined to pay the group fee for performances, citing the fact that all the money spent on organizing tours. This gave rise to the scandal, which resulted in Kipelov Valeri, who has worked in the ARIA ten years, arrived in Moscow, has not appeared at the studio, which was in full swing work on the album. A month later it became known that he was speaking with a group MASTER. Hard going through what happened, "Aryans" have been looking for a new vocalist, while continuing to record instrument parts for the new album. But the tests do not run out. Mavrin unexpectedly announced that he does not believe in success, and left without writing a single note. All this put the team on the brink of breakdown of the contract with publisher. Having seen plenty, Sergey offered himself as a session musician, played his solo parts, and continued to drink beer, becoming a full member of the group. Thus, the tool material was recorded, but the problem with the vocalist remained open. And then its weighty word said Alexander Morozov, president of MOROZ.Records, threatening penalties for the failure of the contract. As a result Kipelov returned to the band and recorded the vocals to the album "Night of shorter days," which was released in late 1995.

While the album contains traditional ARIA numbers, such as "The Spirit of War" and "Angel Dust", the music had more majeure intonation. Lyrics written by Margarita Pushkina, differ markedly from previous. They become less pathetic and there are even quite typical for ARIA, such as "Go away and do not come back".

To promote the new album makes a video for the song "Take My Heart" (directed by Dmitry giants). At the same time, the manager ARIA becomes Sergey Zadora, who, having collected a powerful administrative group, is organizing a series of concerts in Moscow and other cities. During this tour the band is celebrating its tenth anniversary in December 1995 and recorded a double live album "Made in Russia", which unexpectedly took the charts in pretty high places.

In early 1997, Mr.. firm "MOROZ Records" invites musicians to publish the best songs in the history of the series "Legends of Russian Rock", produced by this company. The album includes such songs as "Rose Street", "Hero Of Asphalt", etc.. Bonus track of the album was the song "Give Me A Hand", previously unreleased solely on the magnetic version of the album "Hero Of Asphalt". The album also was equipped with a booklet with detailed history of the group, seasoned with previously unpublished photographs, carefully remastered and placed in a gold cover.

In the summer of 1997, "Aryans" had fled to studios and "autonomously" from each other have created a few, or rather two solo project. In one of them took part Vitvly Dubinin and Vladimir Holstinin, the other recorded the same Valeriy Kipelov with ex-guitarist "Aria" Sergei Mavrin. "Crash" and "Time of Troubles", . identified as those projects, . appeared for sale in the winter of that year and has shown versatility and diversity of the views of musicians group "Aria", . but in the meantime continued to work together and "Aryans" and for six months since the summer of 1997,
. the studio "ARIA.Records" boiled new studio masterpiece "Aria". The long agony ended with the name of the term "Generator of Evil". Before the release of this album, the group plans to visit a large number of cities in our country and in the near abroad, after which plans to give a big presentation in Moscow.

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