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Comments for The CARDIGANS
Biography The CARDIGANS
Founded: 1992

In 1992, two dashing Swedish guy Enkepinga, hitherto played in teams with heavy-metal bent, decided to realize his dream of the Great Rock 'n' Roll Invasion of the world. To fulfill the ambitious desire to Peter Svensson (Peter Svensson) and Magnus Sveningsson (Magnus Sveningsson) moved to the town of Malmo in southern Sweden, where he took up the selection of mates, reasoning about the same thing. That's a gentle story of a group started THE CARDIGANS, which five years later actually won if not the whole world, then European and Asian part of it for sure ...

Debut album "Emmerdale", which was released in CARDIGANS in 1994, allowed the young team, only a relatively small mark on the musical map of Sweden. Critics have good "perspective al'ternativshchikov from Malmo, comparing their song material from the British rock group YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS and EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL.

The next release - CD "Life" (1995) - have managed to get into the charts in Britain, Japan and even the United States. Moreover, every song on this album, being released as a single individual, necessarily flew in Top40 UK, and composition "Carnival" led the charts, Iceland, Japan and Mexico. "Emmerdale" around the world sold over 200 thousand copies, while "Life" got about half a million music lovers. And this is without counting the number of singles sold. Incidentally, an important factor for the promotion of "Life" became a British promotional tour with the stars of BLUR, as well as the presence of the plate pretty good version of "black sabbatovskoy" song "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath".

Initially, the creation of music in CARDIGANS engaged Peter. The share fell Magnus essay Lyrics. However, since 1996, its contribution to the art of poetry groups began to make and singer Nina Persson (Nina Persson). In the role of trial balloon made by several of her songs, included on the third disc CARDIGANS "First Band On the Moon". Musicians vayali the record of today has become quite famous studio Tambourine Studios (MalmцT), under the direction of producer Tore Johansson.

Album "First Band On the Moon" was released in September 96 th. The first single from it was the song "Lovefool", immediately got into the broadcasting net radio and MTV (in this case it is, of course, on video). After the release CARDIGANS went into large-scale tour, the first thing traveled all over Scandinavia, Europe and Japan. The second part of the tour, which began in 1997, lay on the United States and Japan ... again. Living in the country Voshodyashego loved the sun until the work of northerners, . that only the first week after the release of "First Band On the Moon" wiped off the counters 300 thousand records, . withdrawing, . Thus, . CARDIGANS sales leaders in the nomination "the most The BUY nenashenskaya team",

In America, kids have no less welcome than in Europe and Japan. The song "Lovefool" was included in the list of tracks for the soundtrack to the film "Romeo and Juliet (the one fought by two mafia groups), and the frequency of rotation on national radio stations during January confidently stayed in the top three leaders. Experts believe that the "Lovefool" would be a solid first place in the American singles charts, if not a "but". In the U.S. single on this track was never released.

In the spring of 97-th CARDIGANS again toured the United States, this time in a company with Beck. Then went into an independent mini-tour of Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. August 25 came the next single, "Your New Cuckoo", . and in autumn there were rumors, . that Bengt Lagerberg (drums), . Peter Svensson (guitar), . Lars "Lasse" Olof Johansson (keyboards), . Magnus Sveningsson (bass) and Nina Persson (vocals) moved to the studio, . where and are building a new material,
. However, the rumors were just rumors ...

In December 1997, CARDIGANS conducted regular tours on so love them, yes, indeed, a favorite of musicians, Japan. On the eve of the emergence of the Islands was released specially created for the Japanese population of the plate "The Other Side Of the Moon". The demo includes songs from different B-side plus a new version of the song "It` s War ", which in the original can be found on the soundtrack to the movie" A Life Less Ordinary ".

In spring, Peter and Bengt Berg Jock helped to a certain group of THE KENT recorded his personal material, after which, together with the rest of THE CARDIGANS dashed off a song "Deuce" for the movie "X-Files". And only after it was completed this work, the team set about creating tracks for the regular numbered plates.

September 14, 1998, anticipating the way the album "Gran Turismo", was released the single "My Favorite Game", and on 1 October at the official site CARDIGANS premiere video, shot on this song. Incidentally, the original version of the video "My Favorite Game" managed to see a few of the spectators, as it only after 24 hours has been removed from the site. Director Jonas Akerlundu (author of clips on "Smack My Bitch Up" and "Ray Of Light" by PRODIGY and Madonna, respectively) had to cut several versions of the video, after which one of these versions regularly and began to spin on MTV. Official release of "Gran Turismo" was held on November 3.

Nina Persson stated that she was deeply saddened by the fact that the ban on broadcast on MTV's new music video "My Favorite Game". I quote: "I think that censorship of music is even worse than a ban on certain programs or movies in daytime television. This is very stupid ... "(N. Persson). Interestingly, the ban on broadcasting is not associated with scenes of violence, sex or anything there profoundly offensive. Simply clip over the heroine, played by Persson, management believes that MTV, "too behaves inappropriately while driving a car!

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The CARDIGANS, photo, biography
The CARDIGANS, photo, biography The CARDIGANS  Music Group, photo, biography
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