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GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel)
photo GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel)
Peter Gabriel - is one of the few artists, . which not only changing with the times, . but he himself constantly throughout his more than thirty-year career has enormous influence on music, . whatever new role that he did not appear,
. His transformation, first from an eccentric, prone to theatrical effects, the leader of a rock band in the adventurous pop artist, and then in the traditional music enthusiast, mark stages in the evolution of one of the most unusual figures in rock history.

His career began in England in Charterhauze, where he tried his hand as a drummer in the rock and soul bands. In 1966 Peter, along with classmates: Tony Banks, Michael Rutherford and Anthony Phillips - founded the group, which will form the core of the future of the famous art-rock band Genesis. In 1968 their first single, "The Silent Sun" played back on the radio, and being on the crest of success, the band signed a contract with Decca Records. In March 1969 came out their first album "From Genesis to Revelation", on which Gabriel played flute and performed the vocal. At the same time Peter refused to study in film school for the sake of his promising career and concentrate on promotion of.

In 1970, Genesis signed a new contract with Charisma Records and released "Trespass", which immediately became a sensation in the cultural life of London, although not achieving adequate response from the critics and not widely in demand. By the time the album appeared on the shelves, guitarist Phillips and drummer John Silver left the group, freeing up space for Steve Haketa and Phil Collins. The new composition quickly found a common language, and soon developed his own unique original style that is so clearly manifested in the "Nusery Crime" (1971) and "Foxtrot" (1972). The Group first came to England in the top twenty. Undoubtedly, . theatrical effects, . introduced by Gabriel, . it exits the stage with a half shaved head and dressed in unimaginable in no small measure contributed to, . that the group will soon become more popular in Europe, . a fact confirmed by entering the concert disc "Genesis Live" in 1973 in the top ten,
. "Selling England by the Pound", released in the same year, was another step on the way up, and finally got a gold status in the U.S..

While Genesis sought international recognition, its lead vocalist, composer, poet and artist show - Gabriel increasingly stood out as the leader of. Seventh Project Genesis, a concept album "The Lamb Lies Down on Brodway", released in 1974, won rave reviews from critics and a commercial success, which allowed the band to start U.S. tour. American tour turned into an exotic spectacle. Gabriel went on stage in a leather jacket and trousers, unusually modest attire for him. Do not worry: performing a repertoire of songs, he suddenly turned into a glowing purple cone, and then put on a shapeless mantle, from which protruded the huge inflatable penis.

In 1975, when it seemed that Genesis finally took the place of honor in the pantheon of the most revered rock bands, Gabriel left the band, putting his other goals. His self-titled debut album, released in 1977, was made with the participation of several prominent U.S. musicians, including keyboardist Larry Fast, and bassist Tony Levin. "Peter Gabriel" (his first four solo albums have the same name) was a huge success in Britain, but remained completely unnoticed in the U.S.. This disc is also called "Rainy Windshild" or "Car" (for an appropriate cover design) and a song from his "Solsbury Hill", written as a symbol of hope for a career after the Genesis, became a British hit. The next plate Gabriel (identifiable by nails on the envelope) was produced by King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. This work was more experimental in nature, without the express singles and has been received well at home in England, but ... on the other side of the Atlantic it again disregarded. The third album (with the melting face on the cover), released in 1980, received a greater interest in the States, where entered in the best of thirty. In England, the album topped the charts, while the single "Games Without Frontiers" was included in the first five hits

. After moving into its third album on uncharted musical territory, . Gabriel finds here its new interests, . primarily associated with digital effects Fairlight CMI (computer controlled synthesizer), . as well as interest in the problems and the music of so-called Third World,
. Last manifest in the theme, called "Bico" and dedicated fighter against apartheid Steven Biko tortured in the dungeons of South Africa. Inspired by his work with African artists, . Gabriel founded WOMAD (World of Music, , . Festival, . which brings together musicians from around the world, . helping to prove themselves as traditional groups, . and contemporary focus,

In the fourth solo album (called in the U.S. "Security" for better promotion in the market) even more influenced by traditional music. The disc went gold, but for the single "Shock the Monkey" Gabriel was nominated for a Grammy. Recorded during a North American tour in 1982, the double "Peter Gabriel / Plays Live" was released in 1983, and the next two years, musician disappeared from view. He again made itself felt in 1985, recording the soundtrack to the movie of Alan Parker's "Birdy". Then in 1985, followed by exit "So", the brief excursion into pop, became his biggest commercial success in music and elevating Gabriel at the very top of the UK charts and the third in the U.S.. Untwisted with its award-video, the single "Sledgehammer" became a hit in the States and helped "So" get platinum status and Grammy nomination as best album of the year. The song also put forward on several Grammy nominations. Clip was No1 in Cisco Rolling Stone magazine and was nominated once for nine MTV awards. The next single "Big Time" also was a success and got the top ten in America

. Being engaged я-п¦я¦п¦я-я¬я-п¦п+п¦ "So", . Gabriel made a world tour, . and then took part in two charity foreign tours, . organized by Amnesty International: In 1986, along with Sting, . U2 and Bryan Adams, . and in 1988 with Sting, . Bruce Springsteen and Tracy Chapman,
. At the same time opened up his own record company and the ultra-modern studio under the name of the Real World. The first album with such a label was written by Gabriel soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ "(1989). Album brought him a Grammy for the best work in the style of New Age and a nomination for best soundtrack. In the following year saw the greatest hits album "Shaking the Tree - 16 Golden Grates".

It took another three years before the musician issued a "Us" in October 1992, his first album since "So". This CD also has "platinum", climbed to second place in the chart Bilboard. Gabriel's reputation as the best among the musicians master video was confirmed by handing him his first Grammy Award for best short video in 1992 for the movie "Digging in the Dirt" and in 1993 for "Steam". A world tour in support of "Us" was undertaken in 1994 and benefited greatly from the formation of career Paula Cole, which took part in the second part of the tour as a backing vocalist.

Although several years have elapsed since the publication of his last studio album (a double live CD titled "Secret World Live", released in 1994), Peter all the time did not sit idly by. Each year during the week he takes musicians from around the globe in his studio, where the creative exchange between them (Real World Recording Week). Above all, Gabriel is actively supports many charities, especially protecting human rights in Third World. His latest work - a CD-ROM, entitled "Eve", which enables users to mix his songs, creating their own versions. Gabriel also said that close to completing work on his latest album, which may appear as early as 1998.

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GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel), photo, biography
GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel), photo, biography GABRIEL, Peter (Peter Gabriel)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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