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Biography NIRVANA
On the back of the envelope of the first album of Nirvana "Bleach" is the inscription: "Recorded by Jack Endino in Seattle at Reciprocal Recording Studios for $ 606.17". Few, spending the first disc is a negligible amount of money sought after success. Nirvana did it, leaving a unique mark on modern pop music and pop culture in general.

History of Nirvana begins in the town of Aberdeen, Wash., where Koben Kurt and Krist Novoselic spent their youth. City sloggers-loggers - two and a half hours and a whole world separated him from Seattle - burden on the soft and artistically Kobena, who are often victims of local ruffians. The small company of artists and musicians, with its liberal atmosphere that had developed around the Evergreen State College near Olympia, was far more attractive to the young man moved there after he left school in 1985. In Olympia, together with Novoselic he played in consisting of several groups, including the Sellouts, Skid Row and the Stiff Woodies.

Finally in 1986 the boys organized their own team - Nirvana - part of which (excluding themselves) constantly changing. Two years later, Nirvana signed a contract with a small Seattle record label Sub Pop Records, and in November 1988 released his first single "Love Buzz". "Love Buzz" was also the first number in the famous marketing company Sub Pop, known as Sup Pop Singles Club. Organizers of the club collected money in advance from subscribers, and then every month they send out vinyl "sorokopyatki" various cooperating with Sub Pop groups. Singles Club allowed Sub Pop to accumulate a sufficient amount that they used a very clever: the firm paid a visit to Seattle, the famous journalist popular British music newspaper "New Musical Express". Everett True, returning to England, all praising the excellent local team, including the called Mudhoney, Tad, Soundgarden and Nirvana.

Noise, raised in England, was based not on an empty place. Nirvana gigs were wild and fierce, feedback from the room full and powerful, and the action often ended with broken guitars and jagged drums. With constant touring, popular magazines and gossip did their part: once again coming to a city, the musicians have seen that their audience is becoming more and more.

Its first long-playing record on vinyl Nirvana released only in June 1989. Although the album was, without doubt, "hatchet job," songs of Kurt Kobena already were melodious, but were not yet so perfectly polished, as he learns to do it then. In the lyric "Bleach" has appeared the main ideas of the group, as reflected in their future work.

While Nirvana is already rising star in the sky, the constant changes in the composition fairly interfered with the work. In "Bleach" not only play two different drummer, but also in the picture on the envelope album captures guitarist Jason Everman, who really did not participate in the recording. As drummers, they were changing constantly, until finally, in spring 1988 Chad Channing did not approve of as much as two years. In May 1990, after a tour of the United States, however, and he left. Again I had to look for a drummer. Only in October 1990, Dave Grohl has finally taken place at the drums, and Nirvana was completely ready for recording "Nevermind".

Much better work, and recorded than its predecessor, "Nevermind" became one of the few albums, which successfully combines uncompromising and availability of material. On the advice of his friends from Sonic Youth, Nirvana in April 1991 signed an agreement with DGC Records (one of the units Geffen Records). Received in advance 287 000 $ quickly sold to pay debts, . taxes and fees staff, . but Nirvana, . of the agreement, . gains full control over the content and a truly royal reward, . If the plate stocks run more than 500 000 copies,
. Recording took place in the town of Van Nuis, California, in early summer. Worked with a group of producer Butch Vig (who later becomes the founder of his own popular team Garbage). Vig helped Nirvana gain a more polished sound, adding clarity and depth to the sound of voices Kobena, whereas power manner Grohl gave the group additional energy, which it lacked before. Nevertheless, not everything went smoothly. Koben confided in his old guitar, which could not keep order in the sad songs "Something in the Way".

In the "Nevermind" there are moments of quiet melancholy, but still dominates this album a furious hard rock. Topics such as "Come As You Are", "On a Plain", "Drain You" are built around simple melodies, with an emphasis on powerful chords energetic and polished performance. The same applies to the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Although Koben and pronounces the text so that you understand that it is difficult, the song quickly became an anthem of a generation of young Americans who proclaim the young singer as its new idol.

"Nevermind" was released on September 24, 1991 and less than a month earned the status of "gold album" (more than 500 000 copies sold). Was strenuously hyped on the radio and TV, in February 1992, "Nevermind" rises to the top line of U.S. charts.

It was in 1992. Nirvana went on tour, when the new rumors began to spread around the group. Hullabaloo raised Magazine "Vanity Fair", and it concerns the fact that Kurt Koben addicted to heroin. The magazine published an article in which Courtney Love, on which Koben married in February this year, was charged with heroin use, although it knew that she was pregnant. Love and Koben vigorously denied these rumors. August 18, 1992 Courtney gave birth to a girl whom she named Frances Bean.

Gossip at the time silenced. The group began work on their third album "In Utero", which was released in September 1993. Less traditional than its predecessor, "In Utero" was a powerful, raw sound, largely due to the influence of producer Steve Albini, use their recording equipment to preclude duplication. After the release of "In Utero" Nirvana won the big interview in the magazine "Rolling Stone", in which Koben talked about his fatherhood, fame, future, and many then thought that the old problems are behind us.

In October 1993 the group went to a three-month tour of North America, and in November recorded an acoustic concert for MTV. In this concert as guests participate Meat Puppets, one of Kurt's favorite bands in those days, when he was still a teenager. In late 1993, Nirvana recorded in Seattle another concert for MTV, this time specifically for the New Year transfer. Despite all the problems, the year ends successfully. It seems that the group firmly on its feet and full of hope for the future.

Unfortunately, in early 1994 all over again back to square one. After the European tour in Rome Kobena are unconscious, after he took almost lethal dose of sleeping pills. Through the efforts of his friends and relatives, the media heavily reported this overdose, as the accident. Nobody knew that the number was found a suicide note Kurt. Bandmates and musician friends attempted to intervene, and Koben was sent to a rehabilitation center in California, but soon left him and returned to Seattle. He shot April 8, 1994.

The death of Kurt Kobena meant the end of the band Nirvana, according to many critics, who had a huge potential. At the end of mourning Dave Grohl picked up the guitar and founded the Foo Fighters, Krist Novoselic spent their time social life of Washington and a new band Sweet 75. Musical legacy of Nirvana was replenished in 1994 after the publication entitled "Unplugged in New York" to an acoustic concert for MTV. In 1996, went "electric" live album "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah", which is likely, and will be the last news from the band Nirvana.

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  • Mickey for NIRVANA
  • Kurt, we remember you
  • Alina for NIRVANA
  • Zodrovo people! and have someone have a translation to the song "You Know Youre Right" ??!?!???!
  • = Doberman = for NIRVANA
  • Kurt, we remember you!
  • slayer for NIRVANA
  • Kurt, you are with us forever, your songs will live forever
  • shugi for NIRVANA
  • Samyang beautiful depression and long-awaited end ....
  • siruse for NIRVANA
  • siruse for NIRVANA
  • Angell Keep for NIRVANA
  • Angell Keep for NIRVANA
  • KURT ALIVE! Remember him
  • Anonymous for NIRVANA
  • Kurt Donald, we adore you! we arrive in Aberdeen! supporters write to loshadka-1988@mail.by!
  • Lee Love for NIRVANA
  • THANK YOU KURT) Your music changed my life! YOU IN THE SOUL FOREVER !
  • Taras for NIRVANA
  • Taras for NIRVANA
  • agree Tale Kurt is the most and п╩я┐я┌я┬п╦п╧ п╩я┐я┌я┬п╣ it will no longer be Mr. Kupiansk
  • dumbbell for NIRVANA
  • kurt-shit chlenosos, if he himself jerk his dull pate not demolished some of the kid shot someone else. Dima Bilan-forever
  • B @ HO for NIRVANA
  • Kurt, you are not forgotten!
  • Alinka for NIRVANA
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit-favorite song. Kurt, I love you and will always remember.
  • Chomp for NIRVANA
  • Kurt Cobain - forever
  • Lyulbyu Nirvana song ... listen to them every day ... (and the mood is deteriorating)
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