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Comments for METALLICA

. Ulrich
. James Hetfield
. Kirk Hammett
. Jason Newsted

. Participants of previous formulations:

. Cliff Burton
. Ron Mc Shit
. Dave Mustaine

. Record lables: Electra

. The group was founded: 1982

. Like their predecessors Led Zeppelin, Metallica has achieved huge commercial success, combining continuous touring and selfless devotion to the music with carefully maintained around the group atmosphere of mystery and mystique
. The fact that they have become one of the world's most popular rock bands in itself surprising, since none of these teams - performing heavy, high-speed version of the heavy-metal - failed to achieve any significant success. And even those who are not interested in the music of Metallica, can not fail to recognize that there are few groups have risen to the top of fame, which would have kept good relations with their fans.

Metallica began in Los Angeles, where under the influence of a new wave of British "metal" bands such as Saxon and Diamond Head, Lars Ulrich, in 1980, began searching for like-minded people to create their own team. Guitarist James Hetfield responded to a newspaper ad Ulrich, however, during the first meeting they were not able to agree about anything. Only after two years working on the preparation of the album "Metall Massacre" Ulrich again got in touch with Hetfield. At this time, they quickly found common ground and together with bassist Ron Mc Shit formed the first part of Metallica. In April 1982 they were joined by guitarist Dave Mustaine. This happened immediately after the first concert of Metallica and Anaheim, Calif..

At the same time that the composition of the four men recorded a demo album called them Power Metal. One of the songs with him "Hit the Lights" was included in the released in 1982, "Metal Massacre", and the group gave a series of concerts in San Francisco, trying to win the audience and to promote the album. It was a good decision. The success of the public exceeded all expectations. As their popularity, Ulrich and Hetfield began to show increasing dissatisfaction Mc Shit. Once during the tour they met the bassist from the group Trauma Cliff Burton and asked him to play together. He agreed, but on condition that the group will move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Boys did not object. Later that same year, Mustaine also left Metallica (it will soon become one of the founders of Megadeath) and was replaced by guitarist Kirk Hammett of Exodus.

Like many other underground groups of the 80's, Metallica paved the difficult road to success without the aid of radio or clips on MTV, only through constant touring and uncompromising devotion to music. Note: in the decade, when well-untwisted "metal" bands such as Motley Crew, for example, often played on the audience, caring more about his entertainment show than about the content of their music, Metallica is relied on music. Speaking in 1985 on the hard rock festival in Donningtone, . England, . Hatfield unequivocally expressed directly from the stage: "If you came here to look at the effects, . makeup and want to hear the words "ooh baby" every fucking song, . you got the wrong fucking band. ",

. In their Metallica album was as uncompromising as on the stage
. Located in New Jersey record company released Megaforce records "Kill" Em All "(1983) and" Ride the Lightning "(1984), and then the band signed a contract with Electra Records. The first album, released on this company called "Master of Puppets" (1986). It showed a group that can perform music in different styles, with rich arrangements, and not just pure speed "metal". Although their songs often lasted for seven minutes or more, they began to meet quiet quiet passages, along with "thrash". Their trade mark became repetitive explosive pulses rhythm guitar Hetfield, are imposed on these quick as lightning, skillful leadership of the Party Hammett.

"Master of Puppets" is not only demonstrated a musical maturity group, it also significantly raised its popularity. In 1986 they made a tour with Ozzy Osbourne, but in September of that year had an accident when on icy road in Sweden turned one of the buses of. Died bassist Cliff Burton. Although all were shocked by this tragedy, less than a month, Metallica announced in San Francisco competition for the vacant seat. There were five bidders. One of them, Jason Newsted, knew by heart the whole repertoire of Metallica, and when the guys in the band asked him what the song he could play, he replied: "Any what you want." The first concert with new bassist was held in November 1986. In memory of Burton, Metallica assembled from home-video film about the last years of his companion, calling him "Cliff" Em All "(consonant with the album" Kill "Em All").

The next record of "... And Justice for All" (1988) was the development of heavy, uncompromising style, coupled with the rich arrangements. Despite the lack of melody, the album quickly entered the top ten Bilboard, and Metallica became one of the main actors summer tour Monsters of the Rock. "Jastice" was also nominated for a Grammy in the category "for the best performance of music heavy-metal", but lost the award to veterans of the British rock group Jethro Tull. Do not indulge in despair, the guys from Metallica have made the label "Grammy losers" who were stuck and were sold together with the plates. In 1990, Metallica still won Grammy for Best Video, "which won their first video" One ". At the ceremony, they thanked Jethro Tull, that they would not have released his video for that year. The Panel found that has a good sense of humor, but they did not forget to keep your dark and mysterious image.

In the first four Metallica albums relied on strong hard music, but all have felt that something needs to change, further development. Album of 1991, which is called "Metallica", became a new stage of their creativity. Songs are shorter and more restrained arrangements - the group tried to expand the audience and bring the "metal" in the mainstream of rock music. This has. Album a few months kept in the charts Bilboard, and has sold over ten million copies. The quartet became one of the most popular bands in the world.

Although they have changed their sound a bit, and having done that, got a big commercial success, Metallica has preserved the best of relations with his old fans. During a lengthy tour in support of their self-titled album the group suddenly arranged several special private performances for members of their fan clubs, where they can record their concerts. In 1995, Metallica released their sixth album "Load". It was the next step toward "mainstream", which also confirms a new stage image of the group and their emergence as one of the main actors in 1996, Lollapalooza-round.

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  • sewerage for METALLICA
  • Metalist, punks, Nifer ! Come guys, pobazarim about heavy music ! 1
  • KirK for METALLICA
  • MetallicA-this music will be eternal ...
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