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Biography BLONDIE
BLONDIE - Fatal blonde

His return to the great music of the original pioneers of the style of new wave punk prepared for almost three years. Almost simultaneously with the collection of remixes of their best things Debbie Harry and Chris Stein and his comrades released their first in 17 years a new album "No Exit", . consisting entirely of material svezhenapisannogo, . suggesting, . BLONDIE that came not for the sake of one or two nostalgic tour and replenish bank accounts.,

. Dyed blonde and unshorn addict

. Although, . that a group called BLONDIE officially created in early 1975, . Bit by bit, we will try to restore the whole historical picture of the ascent on a pedestal, painted blonde Debbie Harry, . her colleague and boyfriend, Chris Stein and most of their satellites.,

. Council sponsors "Heart Of Glass", "Atomic" and "Call Me".

. You'll be surprised, but Debbie Ann Harry (Debby Ann Harry) looked so impressive in the years of triumph BLONDIE, that few people could tell that she is much older than their colleagues in the group
. She was born July 1, 1945 in Miami (Florida), and it still does not know who her real parents. Then Tiny Debbie was lucky: three months after her adopted by a Catherine and Richard Harry. Her childhood was spent in New Jersey, and from the very beginning she was sure that someday will become a famous singer. In the church choir had to sing in unison, but she dreamed allocated. When Debbie "mimicked" the radio, others, and herself put in doubt her phenomenal ability to play the next note to how it sounds.

. Around 6 years Debbie thorough put on weight and acquired a first older complexes
. In 11 years she had to change schools, leaving it for the first time recognized the "need to wear underwear, which in turn affects the choice of outerwear. Generally clothing began to play a huge role in the informal life of Harry. She liked black, and she sported in the funeral Impress day and night, trying to be cool. School, she hated all my heart, knowing that the system puts it all in the same idiotic framework. Debbie began to experiment with hairstyles, makeup and discolor hair. Festering for years, a deep and protracted teen rebellion, when the only outlet from the sermon was a rock 'n' roll.

. But after 4 б+ years after our main heroine, . January 5, 1950, . in Brooklyn in the family of the artist and the seller (the failed actor) was born Chris Stein (Chris Stein), . who initially dreamed not of a musical career, . but about, . he will study the culture of Ancient Egypt,
. However, after 11 years of parents gave him a guitar, the guy got carried away a tool and soon thoroughly mastered it without help. Chris also hated the school system and became the first disciple of his school, which kicked out for yaroe reluctance to use the services of barber. Like Harry, he saw his childhood as flawed and unpleasant, where all mixed in the crowd and suppress all individuality.

. After high school, my parents sent Debbie in college, while the girl was ready to slip and go conquer the musical beau monde of New York
. She went under the tumultuous experiences of the works DOORS, . Lou Reed and VELVET UNDERGROUND, . but, . What it has done in rock music by 1968, . These services table famous JEFFERSON AEROPLAIN, . when she worked as a waitress in a bar "Max's" Kansas City, . the night before Woodstock,
. At the same time, Chris Stein had spent several months in the hospital for the mentally ill after a drug addiction.

. Dedication to Musicians

. And then, finally, Debbie gets a chance to become a singer and backing vocalist is a little-known folk group THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS
. The band records its first and last album with Harry in 1968, and Debbie dumps for the next few years of his life devoted to drugs. Course, increases the need for money, and she stoop to what is a penny in the "Playboy" seductive hare, forgetting to put a lot of clothes. Chris, in turn, comes from a black band and even entered the School of Visual Arts to become a professional photographer.

. The cost of enormous efforts of strong-willed Harry is once again becoming a normal person and returned to her parents' home to help relatives in the household
. But ambition does not leave her even for an hour, and she still goes to New York. There she falls for a concert of the famous Eldy Gentile and her trio PURE GARBAGE, then meets Eldoy and hints that could help them to become a quartet. Her perseverance gives ambulances fruit, and renamed STILETTOES group, which later became a quintet, is at the scene not only some teatralizovannost and poetry, but also vividly recalls women's groups the 60's.

. And what Stein? It also prescribes the group (THE MAGIC TRAMPS), where he successfully plays the guitar, and once Elda Gentile invited him to a concert STILETTOES the tavern "Bobern"
. It was then that Debbie and Chris for the first time come into contact with each other, but to get to know it was destined, after Elda gave the nod to the fact that Stein joined the STILETTOES. Chris and Debbie suddenly felt a strong physical and emotional attraction to each other, and they began a novel. In addition, both were very gifted authors and vowed joint efforts to modernize the music, which is with pleasure radio airplay. They had an absolute understanding and complement each other. When Debbie besilas, Chris stood quietly to one side and vice versa.

More of STILETTOES fever. First came a backing vocalist, Amanda Jones, bassist Fred Smith and drummer Billy O'Connor. After that, Harry and Stein insisted on changing the playing group, and Gentile took away with them the old guard, which would perform the old-fashioned theatrical girl rock. Debbie, Chris, Fred and Billy took his new name, ANGEL AND THE SNAKE, and became the second team, which dyhnula "new wave" on the stage of the legendary club "CBGB" (stands for "Country, Bluegrass and Blues"). By the way, about this place they have learned from the same Gentile, who saw it as just the first group that drove the "new wave". She described them as fun peasants in old clothes, and thus very interested in Harry and Stein. Speeches ANGEL AND THE SNAKE in "CBGB" began to wear a regular basis. Then the name changed to BLONDIE AND THE BANZI BABES (Harry says, . that the nickname "Blondie" clung to it long enough, . after, . as at passing truckers often shouted after her: "Hey, . blonde! Not drink there? ") And the guitar took Ivan Karala from Czechoslovakia, . and on the vocals were first Jackie and Julie, . then Tish and Snook.,


. Care medicine in their drummer Billy O'Connor at the beginning of 1975 opened the first urgent problem of the team - once again had to look for a good drummer, . and after the famous declaration ( "Requires energetic madcap drummer") was examined about fifty candidates,
. When guys have utterly despaired, they came to hereditary drummer Clement Burke (Clement Burke, p. 24/11/1955) and was taken in May, without unnecessary hesitation, as one of the best musicians in his Position with charm and solid musical ground. It is perfectly entered into the plans of Debbie and Chris, as the same supporter of classic pop-rock, but before he could get used to, as a group did not become a bass player (Fred Smith was lured TELEVISION). At the same time, competition in the "CBGB" dramatically increased, and many somehow ganged BLONDIE.

. After a short break in the speeches, . associated with the author's researches and Harry Stein, . Group stepped up in the moment, . when major labels began to quietly take an interest in the musicians' new wave and punk, . that certainly added inspiration to our heroes,
. Besides their great support Clam Burke, who in August 1975 to provide them with his good friend Gary Valentine (Gary Valentain), which was a struggling bass player, but he quickly brought his skills to the level needed. By the way, Valentine and Harry then wrote one of the first songs BLONDIE "X Offender" about a young rapist.

. With the newly regained high quotes in "CBGB" and played there for seven months in a row with future grandees, as TELEVISION, THE TALKING HEADS, THE HEARTBREAKERS and THE RAMONES
. However, they felt that too many teams have a similar sound, and the idea was to take the keyboard (if it was a great exotic). The choice fell on some Jimmy Destry (Jimmy Destri, p. 13/04/1954), which are often seen at his concerts and remember him mainly because he alone among the visitors of the club was unfashionable short haircut. Jimmy played in a group MILK AND COOKIES, but when the latter did not take him on a tour of Britain, Destry decided to quietly finish their studies at a medical college. For him, specifically solicit his sister Donna, who was familiar with Chris and Debbie, and Jimmy took even without listening. It seems to be on this issue were to end for a stubborn BLONDIE, but here they were deleted from the program performances in "CBGB" after Gary (incidentally, quite rightly) shouted at the manager of this club. Fortunately, the guys immediately found a number of alternative sites, and cut spot listeners with their new improved sound, which blended together pop, dance, punk and new wave. "

. Andrey Baranovsky

. Official site

Photos of BLONDIE

Photos of BLONDIE

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