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Mili Avital (Mili Avital)

( Actress)

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Biography Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
photo Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
It's like a fairy tale of Cinderella. Young actress, barely able to make ends meet, working as a waitress in a New York restaurant. Chance, and her appearance fascinated agent ... Soon she gets to Hollywood and played with Kurt Russell and James Spader in Stargate ( 'Stargate') by Roland Emmerich. The birth of stars and our first meeting ...
But the story of the Israeli star of the film, Mili Avital, far from the famous fairy tales. With some difficulty speaking in English, it is in 93 пЁп+п¦я¬ come to the United States to find a picture that will make her famous. She had to work hard before? 1 Israeli exports to the American film industry in Hollywood's glittering firmament.

. Miles was born in Jerusalem, . grew up in the town of Ra'anana near Tel Aviv, . 15 years she has played in the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv, . and in 1991 received the Academy Award for supporting actress in the film Me'ever Layam (Over the Ocean) and poezhe nominated for best actress in a Groupie,
. Despite recognition at home, she goes to New York ...

In Israel, everyone was sure that after the success of 'Stargate' career stars guaranteed, but the focus ... Few roles are suitable for foreign actresses, and Miles stubbornly learning to speak, like an American. Proceedings rewarded.

In 1995, Dead Man ( 'Dead Man'), an independent western with Johnny Depp in the title role. Maybe, just ten minutes, the fatal shots ... But it was after watching this film I decided to make a page about Miles Avital.

96, the main role in the thriller Anthony Hickox Invasion of Privacy ( 'invasion of privacy'). The movie I liked, but the game Miles just amazed!

. 97 year very loaded work - three films: the Israeli film Minotaur (director and leading man Dan Turgeman), . cameo role in the film Wenders' The End of Violence ( 'The End of Violence') and the role of the charming, . but strange Fatima in Animals ( 'Animals').,

. After playing in Kissing A Fool ( 'Kiss make-believe') Vanity Fair calls it one of the promising actresses in Hollywood
. Reviews of the movie are very different, but I subscribe to this: 'Avital - sensual delight' ...

In September '99 in New York, was 21-Fair Independent Films (can record the event and called differently). The audience was presented to the new film The Young Girl and The Monsoon, one of the main roles in which Miles played. Judging from the responses, the film deserves attention. The world premiere took place on 25 and 27 October at the International Festival of AFI in Los Angeles.

RECENT PROJECTS - Preston Tylk and After the Storm. In the spring of 2000 in Europe and America, was shown episodes Arabian Nights, in which the role of Scheherazade inimitably performed Miles. In Russia, released on cassette.

Also on TV (in USA) has been shown (and later released on VHS and DVD) film about the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

. 2003 The Human Stain
. 2002 Haunted (TV)
. 2002 Shabatot VeHagim (TV, Israel)
. 2001 Uprising (TV)
. 2001 After the Storm ( "After the storm")
. 2000 Bad Seed
. 2000 Arabian Nights (TV) ( "The Arab Adventures")
. 1999 Young Girl and the Monsoon
. 1999 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV, 2.19)
. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
. 1999 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV, 1.1)
. "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
. 1998 Kissing a Fool ( "Kiss of make-believe")
. 1998 Polish Wedding ( "Polish beauty")
. 1997 Animals ( "Animals")
. 1997 The End of Violence ( "The End of Violence")
. 1997 Minotaur (Israel)
. 1996 Invasion of Privacy
. ( "The invasion of privacy")
. 1995 Dead Man ( "Dead Man")
. 1994 Stargate ( "Stargate")
. 1993 Groupie (Israel)
. 1992 Me'ever Layam (Israel)
. 1992 Yael's Friends (TV, Israel)
. 199? Murder on Saturday Morning (TV, Israel)

Photos of Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • Mili Avital (Mili Avital)

Photos of Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
Mili Avital (Mili Avital)Mili Avital (Mili Avital)Mili Avital (Mili Avital)Mili Avital (Mili Avital)

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  • Evaristo for Mili Avital (Mili Avital)
  • is such a beautiful and a sweety girl i adore her so much this actress Mili Avital
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    Mili Avital (Mili Avital), photo, biography
    Mili Avital (Mili Avital), photo, biography Mili Avital (Mili Avital)  Actress, photo, biography
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