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Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)

( Actor, director)

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Biography Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)
photo Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)
Louis de Funes (Louis de Funes) - a wonderful French actor-comedian. Born July 31, 1914 in Courbevoie little Spanish nobility Sevilla (Seville), the Portuguese in an aristocratic family. His father Hizpan Carlos de Funes de Galarza (Hiszpan Carlos de Funes de Galarza) was a lawyer. September 22, 1943 de Funes married the granddaughter of Guy de Maupassant - Bartholomew Jeanne (Jeanne Barthelemy de Maupassant). After himself, he left two sons: Oliver de Funes (Olivier de Funes), by profession a pilot-pilot Aircompanies Air France, and Patrick de Funes (Patrick De Funes), a doctor by profession.

How was his childhood and young yunnost de Funes me to tell the truth, unknown. It is known only from scant articles (although there were many) of the Soviet time, which he started as an accountant, then became a furrier, shining shoes, traveling salesman, in general, do things that had no direct relation to art. Again, for some unknown reason to me, he starts working comedian in Parisian nightclubs and on radio. Seriously engaged in the piano (this is evident from childhood). Before coming to the cinema, he writes to the dramatic courses SIMON (SIMON). There he plays a romantic young people. Such role he clearly does not like. And again he returns to his "piano". At this time, starting World War II. By a lucky chance he does not get in the army. But, nevertheless, he experienced the fear of death. Literally in the first days of occupation in a restaurant where he worked Louis fell to German soldiers and ordered him to sing the voice of Marlene Dietrich. Perhaps, from this moment Louis finally decided to become a comedian. He coped magnificently with this role, in which German soldiers decided to save the life of the comedian.

After the war, Louis de Funes begins probyvat forces in kinemotografe. The first role he received in 1945 to Stella Jean (Jean Stelli) in the movie "Barbizon temptation" (La Tentation de Barbizon). But this is only the beginning, and to climb to the summit of glory, Louis de Funes will weigh more than seventy films during this and sleduyushego desyateletiya. In 1958, being no longer young, Louis de Funes invited to play in a film by Yves Robert (Yves Robert) "Not caught - not a thief" ( "Ni vu, ni connu") for the main role - the poacher Blair. After this movie a little Whew, Whew (so it is jokingly called it) was already known to many. Abroad, he was nicknamed Donald Duck (Donald Dack).

60's. It simply "is". He removed three or four films a year. De Funes removed from Yunnebelya Andre (Andre Hunebelle) in the famous trilogy of Fantц¦mas, a Uri Gerard (Gerard Oury) in the "long walk" ( "La Grande vadrouille"), and "Razin" ( "Le Corniaud"). These two films in France viewed by more than 2 million viewers. Not surprisingly, a partner de Funes was another popular French comedian Bourvil (Bourvil). Speaking of "Fantomas": planning for a. Yunnebelya was a fourth film, but with "bad people" this project could not even run. These were the "star" times for FY-Whew. Slowly but surely, Louis went to the top of the world. From an interview with Television 7 days "(" Tele 7 jours ") 1971. Louis de Funes describes his career: "I do not regret the slow development of my career. This slowness has helped me to understand thoroughly my profession. When I was still unknown, I tried to paint the details, facial expressions, gestures, minor roles, which I was assigned to. So, I bought, some comic luggage, without which it could make a career. Therefore, if we start again, then I would not have been waived by the way ".

In 1964 Louis de Funes to appear in the movie "Gendarme of Saint-Tropez (" Le Gendarme de St. Tropez "). The film, which marked the beginning of a series of gendarme Kryusho (Cruchot) and his team. Almost twenty years - from 1964 to 1982. de Funes many feast, starring in six films about the adventures of Kryusho. The story of the hero Kryusho on the screens is as follows: in 1963. Baldusi Richard (Richard Balducci - screenwriter), resting in Saint-Tropez (Saint Tropez), was the victim of theft - he stole the movie camera. To file a complaint he sent to the local gendarmerie, to which he is shown in the window: they say, still can not find - the bird flew. Then Baldusi together with the director Jean Giraud (Jean Girault) write a script about the arrival of a brigade of gendarmes Kryusho Saint-Tropez. The director Giraud Funes often filmed

. In "gendarmes" Giraud took such famous films:

. "Great vacation" - "Les Grandes vacances", (1966)
. "Stingy" - "L'Avare", (1979)
. "Cabbage soup" - "La Soupe aux choux", (1981)
. In 1982 Louis de Funes, by the way, as Michel Galabru (Michel Galabru) in the role of the aide Gerber (Gerber), was withdrawn in the last film by Jean Giraud - "The gendarme in petticoats" (dp
. "The gendarme and zhandarmetki is, and is the name of this movie -" The gendarme gendarmes and girls ") (" Le Gendarme et les gendarmettes "). At the shooting of the film, Jean Giraud died. He graduated from the film shoot assistant director Tony Aboyants (Tony Aboyantz).

Early 70's nothing wrong with no indication and de Funes continued to actively withdraw. Went out such well-known films:

. Man - Orchestra "-" L'Homme orchestre ", (1970)
. "The gendarme at rest" ( "The gendarme at rest") - "Le Gendarme en ballade", (1970)
. "Megalomania" - "La Folie des grandeurs", (1971)
. "The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" - "Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob", (1973)
. March 15, 1973 at the restaurant "Maxim" (Chez Maxim's) Louis de Funes ranked "Knight of the Legion of Honor, followed by a black band in the life of Louis
. He practically ceased removed, was seriously ill. He had two heart attacks in March 1975. At this time, Gerard Oury was going to shoot the film with the participation of de Funes "Crocodile" ( "Crocodile"), but the project has not materialized. The popularity of the artist had begun to fade. Writes "TV Park": "made it, Louis, of course, offended and angry. I left the cinema, has sold an apartment in Paris, left forever in his castle at Nantes, agreed to plant flowers and to write memoirs. Here and there was a sudden call from Claude Zidi (Claude Zidi) with the proposal "wings or feet" ( "L'Aile ou la cuisse"). As if nothing had happened, dignified Louis de Funes at first, as they refused. He referred to the doctors, fro. But he secretly immediately ran for ECG and followed that line in it is not quite smooth, yet long and angular. So, beating until serdchishko. That itself, broken down a bit, he still agreed to again fight for glory. He returned to Paris in the pavilion, in its way of comic idiot ". For all of the shooting of the film de Funes remain under constant medical supervision. Curiously, when asked whether he wants to now play in the theater, de Funes replied: "It's not my Role". One of the reporters Sinemonda "asked the artist a question:

- What if the Comedie Francaise "will offer you a contract?

- I refuse. For "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme" We need a round shape and broad shoulders

. Press Release ( "Megapolis Express"), . this is what the 47-year-old son Oliver to his father: "My father was terribly greedy - confessed Oliver, . - Once he forced me to exchange my athletic shoes purchased at a cheaper, . Considering, . that they are too expensive,
. He never congratulated the holidays with my mother and nothing gave her a wedding anniversary and birthdays (Note. author: something doubtful). My father always carried a belt for a huge bunch of keys for all cabinets, doors and drawers, in which, wherever possible, were locks. He carefully checked each account. Six times he made me test for a movie, and when I said that I wanted to be a pilot, was to arrange the terrible scandals. In short, in the family, he was a tyrant "(Note. Author: judging by the age of Oliver, this article has 1996, but there is information that Oliver was born in 1945.). Louis himself says ( "TV Park"): "I do not like society, I have a few friends. All free time relaxing on the fun, I spend with my family ". In private life he was a man of dark. Restaurants, hangouts and snobs could not endure: "What kind of silly things does not mean a man with a glass in hand". Aristocrat, who adored his wife, at home, at Nantes, he lived as if not in the 60 years, and in the XIX century. Reluctantly, drove a car. Was fishing, grew roses. He considered that his best film to become a comedy about his own funeral.

As noted above, along with Louis de Funes was shot by his son - Oliver. Apparently, Oliver did not like this occupation, but, contrary to the will of his father, he had to do it. As a result, Oliver starred in six films, after which he lured the heavens, and he was still a pilot

. Films with Oliver de Funes:

. Man - Orchestra "-" L'Homme orchestre ", (1970)
. "At the tree pile" - "Sur un arbre perche", (1970)
. "Frozen" - "Hibernatus", (1969)
. "Mr Major seventh Restaurant" - "Le Grand restaurant", (1967)
. "Great vacation" - "Les Grandes vacances", (1966) - (Prize of the French viewers "Golden Ticket")
. "Fantomas huffed" - "Fantomas se dechaine", (1965)
. Louis de Funes in addition to acting, wrote the screenplay for:

. "Cabbage soup" - "La Soupe aux choux", (1981)
. "Frozen" - "Hibernatus", (1969)
. "Oscar" - "Oscar", (1967)
. "Mr Major seventh Restaurant" - "Le Grand restaurant", (1967)

. In the movie "Miser" (1979, Prize "Cesar" for creativity) Louis de Funes played the role of Harpagon and acted as the director of this film
. Shortly after the filming of "The gendarme in a skirt" January 27, 1983 Louis de Funes died. During his film career, and this - somewhere 37 years, Louis de Funes starred in more than 140 films. Perhaps this is not the last digit and movies more ...

In the April issue of 2001. magazine "Caravan of stories" is an interesting article about Louis de Funes, which tells about his life and very interesting facts. You can find it in the section Bibliography.

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  • Alisa for Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)
  • Louis - one of the greatest actors of the 20 th century. Why talk about his cockroaches and ungrateful children, if the movies have seen him every. His grimaces, facial expressions, gestures - is unique. There is not an actor, capable to replace de Funes, whether in Fantomas, gendarmes or miser. Not even words that can convey his game, his talent. About some of the actors say, "They are so get used to the role that in reality will never see their true. They played all the time ". Spretsirovav word on the life of de Funes, . can understand: if he was not a miser for life, . Had he not played a miser, if he were not strict with others, . Had he not played a policeman, and not loving to such incredible passionate love his wife, . Had he not played indicative vsekontroliruyuschego family man in any of his films,
    . After seeing pictures of his involvement can be seen in only one: film and life for Louis were synonymous. PS. He specifically saved his money, he knew that one day they are investing in the most brilliant film with his participation, he may even play a dramatic role, but this time, alas, it will no longer funny.
  • Jura for Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)
  • Louis de Funes-цгц¦ц- actor who prisvyatil life kino.Takih as Louis is very small, all my movies prosmotrinnye about this actor, I remember at the rest of their lives, and probably like it I do not see it.
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    Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes), photo, biography
    Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes), photo, biography Louis De Funes (Louis de Funes)  Actor, director, photo, biography
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