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Artyom Borovik

( Journalist)

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Biography Artyom Borovik
photo Artyom Borovik
The head of holding 'Top Secret' (Moscow)

March 9 at the Moscow airport Sheremetyevo-1 'crashed Yak-40, on board were five crew members and four passengers. Among the passengers were the President of JSC 'Group' Alliance''Zia Bazhayev and journalist, editor in chief of 'Top Secret' and the head of the holding of the same name, Artyom Borovik.
. At 8 h 40 min Yak-40 in isolation from the runway at speeds exceeding 200 km / h suddenly banked sharply to the left and the wing caught the concrete runway
. Liner deployed at 180 б¦, and he fell from a height of approximately 50 m. In place of the tragedy as soon as rescuers arrived, but save no one is able.

The plane, belonging to the airlines 'Vologda Airlines' charter flights on the route Moscow - Kiev. Crew commander Sergei Yakushkin - first-class pilot, an incident a few thousand hours - was a highly professional, experienced pilot. Himself Yak-40 was in good technical condition and out of the situation 25 years, the forth to only 24 years old.
. The aircraft was president of JSC 'Group' Alliance''Zia Bazhayev and his company employees Andrew and Nicholas Hichkar Tekto
. They also flew Artyom Borovik. Recently Borovik and Bazhaev negotiated the acquisition of 'Alliance' a substantial share of the capital 'Top Secret'. They flew to Kiev, which gives reason to think about the possibility of 'oil trail' in the history of the crash of Yak-40. Recently Bazhaev actively engaged in the implementation of the Ukrainian-Kazakh project to ensure the smooth operation of the third-largest in Ukraine Kherson refinery.
. FSB spokesman Alexander Zdanovich gave rise to talk about 'Chechen trace'
. In an interview with RTR, he said: 'According to our information, Chechen militants have tried to force Bazhayev to pay money to armed bands, in which he denied them. These facts were recorded, and therefore he had repeatedly received threats'. No less active consideration and another version: the main victim of the alleged assassination attempt was the head of holding 'Top Secret'.
. 'Journalists holding' Top Secret ', . investigating the causes of the crash, . which died on March 9 Artyom Borovik, . believe, . that the accident was not accidental ', . - Said in a live radio station Ekho Moskvy president of the holding 'Top Secret', . A widow,
. Veronika Borovik Borovik-Hilchevskaya. She noticed that the original journalists in their investigation "went back on and decided to prove that the crash was an accident ', but this was not confirmed. According to In. Hilchevskoy-Borovik, . There are two versions of what happened: the use of a special liquid oil, . which can be applied to the surface of the object, . and then that changes its structure and loses its strength, . and the impact of radiation on the fuel, . which is also a result of changing its structure.,
. 'In favor of the first version says that was never found one wing of the plane, in favor of a second - what if there was no plane crash fire, although the fuel tanks were full of', - said in
. Hilchevskaya-Borovik. According to the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets "(22.12.2000), 'fatal error crew Yak-40 crash in which the March 9 at the airport Sheremetyevo killed a prominent journalist Artyom Borovik, became the cause of the crash. This final conclusion was made by experts, is investigating the emergency '.

According to the newspaper in LII of. Gromova, which have heretofore been research on the causes of the tragedy, experts found that the failure of the aircraft with the flow occurred at angles of attack from 14 to 15,5 б¦ due to the presence of ice on the leading edge of both wings of planes. But even if, in accordance with safety aircraft deicing fluid treated in time, the tragedy still can not be avoided. This was confirmed by experts who conducted tests on a similar model aircraft in conditions as close as possible to those who were at the time of accident. They found that there had been violations of the Guide to the aircraft flight operations. Setting the flaps and stabilizer at angles smaller than the rules, as well as the lack of separation speed led to a sharp increase in the angle of attack. In this situation can be rescued only 'emergency return on a stick'. Otherwise, is 'dumping' of the aircraft.

Testers had to make dozens of flights in order to confirm this assumption. In each case, testing aircraft shestitonnik, which was prepared at the Institute specifically for these tests was removed from the critical situation in just a second before nepariruemogo kreneniya and fall of the machine.
. All previous versions of the reasons expressed by the death of Artyom Borovik, including overloading of the aircraft and a bad painting (it repainted 7 times as much), have not been confirmed during the tests.
. Why professional pilot made a fatal mistake, which killed nine people, one can only guess.
. Relatives and colleagues believe the results of examination of the infidels.

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  • Fuel Additives logy
    exists (see. cycle gear Criminal Russia). When a beam of microwave irradiation of a certain frequency cease to ignite the fuel. Death on takeoff-engine surge (bad fuel) in the fall of kerosene does not ignite, . but examination of fuel was not. random passenger Zia Bazhayev, . who stepped on the interests of BP AMACO and Potanin. What's so hard, blood feuds and calm children Champions,
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