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TODCHUK Alexander

( Stylist)

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Biography TODCHUK Alexander
photo TODCHUK Alexander
Stylist and makeup artist Alexander Todchuk works in the national show business for twelve years. Among his clients were Filipp Kirkorov and Larisa Dolina, Alain Sviridov and Lika Starr, Alex and Katya Lel, Vlad Stashevsky. Vanessa Mae retained the services Todchuka during his visit to Moscow. Today Alexander Todchuka has five in-house studios in Moscow, each of which employ his students.

Todchuk lives in Moscow a few years after finishing school in the United States celebrated stylists "Cover Girl" and passed courses in London. His style was formed under the influence of Western colleagues. Also of great importance for him was the work and studies at the Moscow office of the French stylist Jacques Dessange (Jacques Desanzha. That's where the love came to the elegance and classic, the naturalness and simplicity

. "I, . sure, . I navayat head anything, . - Says Sasha, . - But how then to live with this person? Therefore, . when coming to me, . I look at the overall look of a man, . his style, . he fit, . demeanor, . occupation - it is already talking about many,
. Of great importance played by the hair, their structure. This is one of the characteristics of my style: I look at the structure of hair, as they lie, and never try to do something against their will ".

"Harper" s Bazaar ", April 2000:
"Todchuk - one of the masters in their profession. During 12 years of successful work, he received the right to choose for myself clients. Principles Todchuka, as well as his consummate professionalism, well known among colleagues.

"I am interested to work only when listening to my opinion, - says Alexander, - just realizovavyt's ideas I'm bored. "The main thing, creating an image, think of something special (he calls it a" button "), not what others.

However, sometimes easier to think of this "chip" than her realize. One singer Alexander offered to decorate the hair crystals. In America, these ornaments can be bought in a store, and here where to get? Had to be special jeweler. In the West, the Executive is working on an entire industry. Maybe that's why there is much more trust in make-up.

Vanessa Mae, for example, meekly allowed to do with his face all that Alexander found it necessary, but made several requests, successfully entered in the general style. When working with our celebrities such an understanding is difficult to achieve. Only a true professional will be able to rely on other professionals.

Such relationships have formed between Alexander and Katya Lel, a singer with a conservatory education, a pupil of Leo Leshchenko. For Katie was created an image that is suitable the songs - a deep and lirecheskim. Alexander believes that the image - just a way to attract the attention of the audience, and then everything depends on the artist. Help is only for those who have something to say

. Address Studios Alexander Todchuka
. 113035, Kadashevskaya nab., 22 / 1
. Tel. :951-3327

. Studio Alexandra Todchuka (Branch):
. Pyatnickoe highway, 35
. Tel.: 751 68 45

. Studio Alexandra Todchuka (Branch):
. Tverskaya., 31 / 2
. Tel.: 299 36 02

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TODCHUK Alexander, photo, biography
TODCHUK Alexander, photo, biography TODCHUK Alexander  Stylist, photo, biography
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