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Larisa Sotnikova

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Biography Larisa Sotnikova
photo Larisa Sotnikova
Larisa Sotnikova - member of national team of Russia on hairdressing and decorative cosmetics (World Cup victory in Seoul in 1998).

. Winner III championship of Russia 1997 in the category "Decorative Cosmetics" (of "Doll", "Tatlin Tower").
б╥ Two-time winner of "Grand Prix" World Festival of hair and makeup "Golden Rose" in Paris in 1997/98.
б╥ Absolute champion of Russia 1999 in the category "Decorative Cosmetics" on V Championship of Russia in Moscow.
б╥ Master International class.
б╥ Stylist Beauty Center "Wella-Dolores" in Krylatskoe.

Born under the sign of the Virgin in the year of the Cat in the heart of Russia - the city of Voronezh. As a true cat be trained not only allows us to develop inherent in it the possibility of Nature. She graduated from high school with a mathematical bent, in parallel, - the music on piano. All surrounding predicted career as an actress

. Received Voronezh Engineering and Construction Academy at the faculty of Industrial and civil construction ", . successfully graduated, . enjoying, . more, . wonderful carefree years of student life, . than the subtleties of building production,
. Since his childhood was not adapted to the Soviet way of life. Parents were told that the girl fell to him on the head of no other way than from America. Attracted to beauty, preferably based on calculations (to be able to explain "Why?"), So I chose the profession of architecture, which includes both the "frozen music", not the object of construction.

After graduating from high school on "the call of the Motherland" was distributed in the city of Ryazan manufacturer works, where every morning went out at the construction site, played the role of the superintendent, learning all the charm of an independent life, and hardened nature of the. Returned to his native city of Voronezh, worked as an engineer in the architectural and construction department of Design Institute. Fascinated by the work on the computer, and at lunchtime trimmed staff in the ladies' room ". Without the-job graduate courses Hairdressers. Passed a practice in the salon, located on the main street, with large glass windows.

All employees, friends and acquaintances to find excuses to walk past the windows, where Larissa sang another, as they thought, the role in his life - the role of barber. But they were wrong. This was the real business of life. Superiors had long to prove that hairdressing is not a disgrace to the Soviet architect and art, if to it be taken seriously. With the words: "You will hear more about me!" - Went on to study fashion in hairstyles in a very strong school of Nicholas Kharkov, which she graduated with honors and in record time.
Since 1994 - work in the system "Wella-Dolores".

1997 - unexpected for others and for itself a natural fascination with the art of make-up.

September 1997, Moscow. III championship of Russia on decorative kosmetike.1 th place. Works "Doll", "Tatlin Tower".

"Tatlin Tower" - a model of the tower of the Russian artist Tatlin (constructivism). 20-30-s of the 20 century. At the present time is in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In the life of the project is not applied. The basis is taken form a triangle.

October 1997, Paris (France). World Festival on hair and makeup "Golden Rose". Grand Prix in two categories. Theme contest - "Signs of the Zodiac". Members of the international jury did not immediately able to understand that nylon stockings with lace on the young model was drawn (as an element of body-art).

"Mademoiselle Elegant!" - Admired the French. Our Russian immigrants each year who visit the "Golden Rose", enthusiastically accept Russian model, is fundamentally different from all other. It was new, fashionable and beautiful. School of Russian make-up (Coach Larissa - master of international class Natalya Sergeenkova) declared itself the first time and at the most prestigious European Championship. Grand Prix was awarded to the master, who spoke just two nominations - for hair and makeup for. Job Fiery Aries ".

October 1998, Paris (France). This time the theme - "Cinema". Created image backgrounds face "in the style of" modern modern "was again marked Prix. This was made possible thanks to the hard training, a great desire to coach and H. Sergeenkovoy. Exquisite! - Said the Great, Alexander de Paris, handed out awards. Was a good Russian model in a dress Mary Krasnov Hollywood divas of fashion designer Julia Naumova.

June 1999, Moscow. Club "Fashion House". Co-designer with S. Naumova Show "How to survive in the urban jungle," reflecting the idea of fashion turn of the century and who was a training session for the championship of Russia. In the show used the technology of applying make-up fingers.

September 1999, Moscow. V championship of Russia on hairdressing and decorative cosmetics. Prix. Two gold medals for his work "in the plane of Dali" and "chocolate candy".

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Larisa Sotnikova, photo, biography
Larisa Sotnikova, photo, biography Larisa Sotnikova  Stylist, photo, biography
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