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MOTTIOLO Gai (Gai Mattiolo)

( Designer)

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Biography MOTTIOLO Gai (Gai Mattiolo)
Guy Mattioli belongs to a generation of realists. He was born in Rome on 23 December 1968, under the sign of Capricorn. As a child, he did not sew dresses for her sister's dolls, teens did not visit the famous academy of fashion, and yet at the age of 10 years and he has already blazed "insatiable" passion for fashion. By the very same fashion, which in those days (the end of the seventies) has been rushed to the prosperity and brilliance of the famous eighties. It was a fashion which, while maintaining a raid "textbook management," becoming fashionable on the brink of art. In 1987, aged only 18 years old, receiving education, Guy Mattioli felt ready to show his first collection of pret-a-porter Milan. To start the first project in the fashion world had to ask for money from his father - about fifty million. "I did not have the slightest idea about how to create clothes and how to sell it - says Mattioli. - Understanding comes gradually, as I created my first models. Per-wai Collection "Spring / Summer" was created in 1987 - largely thanks to my father. "

. This is a practical, specific and clear collection: it presented women's suits, made of beautiful fabrics and ironic form, which would later become the palette of his taste and his style

The collection enjoyed great success, for its originality and creative spirit, she gripped the attention of professionals and has won the hearts of women, which opened in Ai magic implementer of their imaginations.

"Creatively minded, energetic, with a developed intuition" - as he describes himself on the day after the first success. This was the beginning of success - to show the displaying, Guy succeeds in imposing its own terms, error-free style.

Mattioli twenty-four hours a day. Its success has not changed, he remained as modest and entirely involved in the work: it seems to have won a bet-Vaeth - to create his own style and small "empire", which concluded with his father on the eve of the first examination at university.

Comes to him and commercial success, and his intuition provides the emergence of a new line, Guy Mattioli Couture: more attentive to detail, to furnish, to the refinement Haute Couture.

Guy finds the courage to go against the flow, and that in those years when the art of fashion was limited to serial framework, and fashion itself was frankly industrial. Guy Mattioli comes in for a bumpy path of High Fashion.

There is 1994, his work riveted the eyes of all who are interested in this issue. Talk of a crisis of style, and some have complained in this regard, the lack of "new talent" in the Italian fashion. Guy Mattioli react to these remarks of his first collection of haute couture, which he shows in Rome. It became a kind of dedication to the designer in the ranks of elected. For eight years, his status changed from "student with an outstanding sense of style" to "one of the most promising young Italian stylists" - that is is called his press

. He already has its boutiques in many cities of the world (including Rome, . Beirut, . Sanremo, . Taipei, . Zurich, . Paris), . and "rumors", . which swept in connection with his first showing of the Roman, . attracting the attention of many stars Theater, . movies and other members of the beau monde,
. In March 1997, Mr.. Line Guy Mattioli Royal, a small collection of clothing, provided only in 25 outlets around the world, making it the ideal successor to fashion trends, which always managed to escape from inflation creativity.

In March 1997, "Royal" line Gai Mattiolo Royale, provided a limited collection of clothing is sold around the world. Ideas presented here successfully develop the flow in the fashion world, which have always characterized by a tendency to avoid the conservatism in the works.

January 10, 1998 Mattioli has become the winner prize, established Jour-nalom "Madame" in Munich, where he was invited to showcase collections

Four days later, opened a boutique in Paris, at 58, Faubourg St. Honore. In February of that year, was presented the first collection of jeanswear for men and women Gai Mattiolo Jeans, and there was a solemn opening of the first Milan showroom with demonstration and sales of samples at via Manzoni 30. At the same time Mattioli creates the 19 th century black dress and a personal wardrobe for Veronica Pivetti - leading fes-Tiwal in San Remo. In April, men's perfume line launched. "Gai Mattiolo Uomo", and in July opened a boutique in Frankfurt.
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MOTTIOLO Gai (Gai Mattiolo), photo, biography
MOTTIOLO Gai (Gai Mattiolo), photo, biography MOTTIOLO Gai (Gai Mattiolo)  Designer, photo, biography
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